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Louisiana Pacific laying off more employees

Columbus County is not the only area feeling the affects of the economy. A large construction based company in Wilmington is down sizing as well. Louisiana Pacific laid off 28 people Thursday. This is the company's 3rd lay off this year. Louisiana Pacific's spokesperson said, because new construction has slowed during the housing crisis, the engineered lumber they produce is not in high demand. They said the future of the company depends on the market.

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l a laying off

i'm sorry for all of the people that are going to be out of work; i'm out of work and i tried to get a job at the new harris teerted in leland but was turned down; i was told that harris teerted gave 70% of the job too other people and only gave 30% too the people that live in leland so you tell me were is it that a new store is open and the people in leland cann't get a job and now there is some more going too be out of a job;; lets take care of the people that are already out of a job first get in line i've been out for over 120 days and i cann't get a job; i'm told i'm too old [58] so were do i go looking for help just a part time job is all i'm asking for HELP ME PLEASE HELP

don't understand

I don't understand why this happening now. the government should help keep the jobs here. If people lose their jobs they will lose everything else. When are the excuses going to run out for companies and government. there is no need to blame one party or the other this has happen and we need to fix this. The blame games is over. It is said and done move on fix this and don't let it happen again. This is AMERICA people we have to step up or we will fall for anything

No one is making excuses

There is a glut in the housing market. No one is building. If no one is building, there's no demand for engineered pre-fab floor joists. Welcome to a cruel town called Economic Reality.

When home and comercial

When home and comercial construction stops this is what happens. Materials are no longer needed.You are starting to see the slow down in any business related to construction. Next in line are the restaurants, malls, car lots and all stores that rely on money these workers spend especially around the holiday season.