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Low Country Oyster Roast coming in October

If you like oysters, this is your chance to put your taste buds to work for a good cause. Airlie Gardens' annual Low Country Oyster Roast is coming up next month. The event includes music, dancing, barbecue and, of course, oysters. All the proceeds go to support Airlie's Environmental Education program, featuring field trips that are free for New Hanover County schools. "We do a second grade program, which is our butterfly curriculum for life cycles. We also do a third grade, which is soils,” said Airlie Gardens director Jim McDaniel. “Most importantly is the eighth grade, which is water quality, which, of course, the oyster roast ties right into that water quality mission." Airlie's oyster roast is Friday, October 16th from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. Tickets are $75. For more information call 798-7700 or go to

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Ok, so let me get this straight... "All the proceeds go to support Airlie's Environmental Education program, featuring field trips that are free for New Hanover County schools." If the county owns the park, why would the field trips be anything but free for students, or even county residents at that? $75 a person? are you kidding? What a big scam to compile more money for the already crooked & illegitimate city council, local government and its naive supporters. Why would there need to be a program to let children enrolled in county school attend a county park? What a crock. This town is more and more corrupt as every week goes by...from the annexation, the convention center, the con artists/ liars on the city council (with all with their relatives & own companies winning the job bids because they approved the convention center) to the OUTRAGEOUS prices of EVERY social event at Airlie Gardens, year round.

reread b4 ranting

Anita, next time please reread the articles for content before ranting about them. This is a fundraiser BY Airlie Gardens FOR Airlie Gardens so they can afford to have FREE educational programs for the students. Frankly, as a taxpayer I'm thrilled there are such fundraisers instead of hitting us up for mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!

What Planet

are you from? Third rock from the sun? What would you propose? Free tickets to those on entitlements? Maybe limo service for those who choose not to drive or who may want a frosted cold one?

Why would you consider this crooked?

Perhaps you misunderstood the article. This is a FUNDRAISER event for educational purposes. This means they charge for the event to have PROCEEDS to donate to the function. The proceeds aren't going to any of the corrupt liars that you have accused in your post. You know, they do make medicine for that condition!