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Lumber truck driver had revoked license

Beware of some debris on Highway 421 from the lumber truck that flipped over Tuesday afternoon. The truck was driven by William David Ridge of Asheboro who was driving with a revoked license. He owns his own trucking company called William Ridge Trucking Inc, but the lumber was owned by a company in Louisiana. The lumber was insured, but after appraisers assessed the damage, they determined the lumber load was a total loss. Also, after a post crash inspection, the truck was charged with $980 dollars in violations which means the truck will be taken out of operation.

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grow up

you people complain all the time about how it inconviences you. first when an accident happens which this one happened around 11:30 miss my husband went by and no one was working its not like the firefighters and police know what to respond with when a tractor trailer loses its load. you have to get in touch with someone who has the equipment and manpower to do the job its not like oh well go ahead and call them we are here we dont wont to inconvience anyone . it take time people thats the problem with this country now no one knows how to be calm anymore its oh no i cant run 60 mph from wilmington i gonna sue grow up people

Maybe you should learn to

Maybe you should learn to read - I was not talking about the day the accident happened I was talking about YESTERDAY! I don't think it was much of an issue the first day because everyone know what happened of course realize they needed time - I was talking about yesterday when then was no reason at all for that to happen. Maybe you should grow up know what you are talking about before you post.

Your telling me that the

Your telling me that the backup yesterday was due to someone driving a truck with a revoked license and all he was charged with was $980? The driver needs to get out on the road and do the cleaning up all by himself. He needs to be charged way more than that and serve jail time for a revoked license. He should apologize to all of us drivers that was caught in that mess yesterdy.

why so much later?

Why in the hell was cleaning up going on at rush hour Wednesday? I know they started late in the afternoon, but you would think once they realized it was getting close to 5 o'clock and that traffic in Wilmington and on 421 was backed up for miles they would take a long dinner break and open the lanes? They should have been out there with portable lights and the equipment last night working the scene. Talk about a cluster.

I feel ya.....

the traffic in the morning and the evening getting into and out of Wilmington is horrible. Who is the knucklehead who hasn't ok'd the contruction for the extention of I-140. I would really like to talk to him or her. Come on what are they waiting on? Us to start riding horses to work since driving is becoming such a hassel. If they started the contruction of other way out of and into Wilmington that would bring "jobs" to the area. Who do we need to start calling or writing to? I've got pen and paper handy I just need a name and address.


I am extremely upset after spending yet another two hours trying to get over the bridge. What is the problem with getting an accident cleaned up - I understand it was a bad accident but come on -- WHY are they doing this work at rush hour! My husband passed by there @ 11:30 this morning and there was noone working. Are they working so late to get overtime? Meanwhile maybe they can compensate for the 4 hours the past two days it has taken me to get out of town, the gas wasted and the tempers flaring. I saw at least 6 people make illegal right turns trying to cut in front of the people who were already in the turning lane. These people are IDIOTS!!!!!! You make the traffic worse trying to cut in - do you think your time is more valuable than others, are you to good to wait and be respectful like most other people. I felt what happened yesterday even after 6 hours had gone by unacceptable, but come on 18 hours later and it is still going on - WHAT IS THE PROBLEM! I can't wait to see how this new wonderful convention center will improve our city when we can't even get in and out town in a timely manner. While on the subject at the same time why does Brunswick County feel it is okay to repave parts of 87 at rush hour. What do they do all day long when there is not as much traffic. Give us a break, after working all day the only thing we want is to be able to get home and spend time with our families, not being in a car for two hours when it is not necessary. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way - SHOUT OUT! It's the only way to let people know how we feel!


Cheaper labor.

I concur, it is absolutely

I concur, it is absolutely ridiculous that DOT allows clean up to start at 5pm rush hour. Absolute non sense. Anyone who lives in BC knows how fragile a merger the 421-74/17/76 junction is. There can be an empty car on the side of the road and it creates grid lock because of all the rubberneckers. Whoever ok'd the clean up to begin at 5pm and not utilize the non peak hours of the day should be fired for complete incompetence.


I got out of school at 3:30 and i didnt get home until 6:30. I wasted my study time in the car while my mama was running out of gas.If we would had ran out of gas then what!we'll have walk across a bridge to get it because surely my father couldnt get to us. What yall need to do is start doing stuff when everyone is at work which is mostly from 10:00 to 2:00. not when eveyone is getting off from work! SENSE PEOPLE GET SOME!

i have one comment on that

i have one comment on that driver and the dot when you drive a truck that big you have to go through weight stations and they do check for your license, so the dot is to blame with that wreck

They don't always check your

They don't always check your license. If the weight is within limits, most of the time you go straight through with no problems