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Make a Child Smile a success at Murrayville Elementary School

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office helped make Christmas special for almost 100 kids. Wednesday was the Fifth Annual Make a Child Smile Celebration at Murrayville Elementary School. Santa, with help from deputies, handed out gifts to 97 kids whose families need a helping hand this holiday season. County and sheriff's office employees shopped for the presents. "It's what Christmas is about - our children, a precious resource that we must take care of and they're our next leaders," said New Hanover County Sheriff, Sid Causey. Sheriff Causey said he hopes events like this teach the kids that those who work in law enforcement are their friends, and they can turn to them for help.

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What a great gift that Sheriff Causey and the Sheriffs Dept gave

nearly 97 children. Not only do they enforce our laws and protect us, but they raise money for the needy children. Santa is watching and giving a big (Army) HOORRRAHH!!

It is inconceivable

that you would go to a school with gifts for only 97 kids. Your heart was in the right place but your brain did not engage.

Sheriff discrimiates?

How is it that only 97 kids got presents when the school has over 400 children? Now I got nothing against poor kids but wehen my kids ask me why santa didnt get them anything what do I tell them? What is poor anyway? I think it is discrimination against kids whose parents are too proud to ask for anything.

Santa aint a deputy

Im not the one that cant get presents for my kids, they will be fine Christmas morning. What's NOT fine is how all other kids NOT getting presents from deputies will defeat the public relations purpose of this foolish self grandizing act by the sheriff. Kids get jealous. I think thats where Po Person is coming from. If Causey truely wants to help the poor how about selling that helicopter and give back some of that 40 million dollars he takes from the county budget every year. Two chief deputies at over 100k each? A million dollars back to the county will go a long way to providing aid and assistance to hungry kids.

My son goes to Murrayville

My son goes to Murrayville and when I picked him up that night, he asked me what was going on - who the presents and stockings were for & why all the police were there. I told him that they were going to give presents to kids who's parents couldn't afford to get them any. His answer was "That's a good idea". If a 6 year old can understand why this was a good idea, why can't all the adults here?

You can tell them a couple

You can tell them a couple of things. You can tell them the truth (relative to their age); that money is tight, and that keeping a roof on their head and food in their mouths is more important than "things". Or, you can tell them that they won't get presents from charity because you are too proud. Not that it's a bad thing, but I suppose if you were TRULY that proud, you wouldn't be feeling sorry for yourself and whine about what others are getting when you may have had the same opportunity for your kids.

Discrimiates?? What????????

Are you kidding? You are saying they discriminated against all the students that attend that school? So if they couldn't buy presents for all the students they shouldn't help the ones that needed it? What kind of backwoods uneducated logic is that? First, you need to find out the facts before you start yelling discrimination. Those kids were not all students at Murrayville. They were kids from across the county's elementary schools. They were submitted by counselors who were familiar with each child's particular situation. The Sheriff's Office then screened them and provided for many more children that they had originally planned for. The Sheriff's Office did not accept anyone outside of that process. They took limited resources and helped as many as they could. How can you yell discrimination? We should be applauding their efforts. If no one knows you need help, hello! you won't get any. You should tell your kids what the true meaning of giving is; tell them that those kids needed the help. Tell them that some of those kids don't even have a place to call home. You know why? CAUSE ITS TRUE.

QUestion for you Po Person?

QUestion for you Po Person? Did you step forward and ask for help? The kids that were helped were not all students from the same school, that is just where he event was held..Secondly all the gifts were bought with money donated by officers and other persons. Those same people that gave to get the 90 plus children gifts didnt have to do it at all, they did it out of the kindness of their hearts. Instead of posting negative comments on a positive thing people tried to do for the community we all live in. Everyone in need unfortunetly cannot be helped, but at least individuals are stepping up in these tough economic times and trying to do some good where they can.If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the PROBLEM

Wonderful program

"I think it is discrimination against kids whose parents are too proud to ask for anything" This is an ignorant statement to make. The program I believe is based on what families the school social worker recommends. The Sheriffs department should be commended that the Deputies take more time away from their families to contribute to such a wonderful program. Many children only deal with Law Enforcement when there is trouble, this program shows kids that Law enforcement is very approachable & do take time out for them. If you need help & are too proud to ask for it than that is your hang up & has nothing to do with the Sheriffs Department.


Maybe you should tell them that Santa didn't bring them anything because you, the parent, were too proud to ask for anything. There is no need to cry sour grapes over such a nice gesture simply because your kid was excluded.

How to know?

Since you are too proud to ask for anything, please tell me how the sheriff's office is to know you need anything? I don't think their mind reading skills are up to date.

re po person

i wanted to write a long answer to your questions but what a waste of time it would be the only thing i can and will say is if you can't get something for your child for christmas, even tho you have known that it was comming for atleast364 days. turn off your cable and internet access that will give you almost $1,200.00 for next year as for this year tell them the truth that you were to sorry to think ahead