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Malfunction leads to Brunswick County power outage

About 40,000 Brunswick Electric customers were without power for a few hours today. The company was working with Progress Energy to make upgrades to a transmission line early this morning, when a piece of equipment malfunctioned. As a result, people from Highway 211 south to Calabash in the dark. Most people had their power back on in a couple of hours.

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I woke up yesterday morning and it was officially 40 degrees in my house. Weak. I'm curious as to what kind of equipment it was that caused half of the people in the county to wake up in a freezing cold house. Did I say weak?

Outage in 2 hrs?????

Our power went off around 6:30 in the morning. It did not come back on until after 2:00 pm. My neighbors and I called several times during those hours, the last time after lunch to be told then that the outage would be reported. After that long? Didn't they already know? Several others I know in different parts of the county had their power out just as long, so I don't know why the idea that everything was over in around two hours. It was NOT!!!!

Obviously you missed the

Obviously you missed the last sentence.... MOST people had their power back on in a couple of hours.


Electricity is a nice thing to have but you should realize that it does go out from time to time. No system is perfect and living near the coast you would think that you might just be prepared for at least 8 hours without it.

Its called Politics of B.C.,

Its called Politics of B.C., gotta luv it!


"...upgrades to a transmission line early this morning, when a piece of equipment malfunctioned" is the same thing as "...Politics of B.C."??!? Please explain how problems encountered by a PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANY are the same thing as Brunswick County politics. Do tell, please....


The writer is referring to the fact that some folks got their power back on in a short period of time while others took MANY hours to get theirs. They are asking in what priority that was done. There are two disabled people on our street who really need the power on - we were without until after 2:00. The point they're trying to make is, by what priority and sequence was the power restored. Perhaps some with pull at the 'private company' got theirs back on first. Just like someone was 'smart' enough to say I missed the part of the info that said most of the power was back on in several hours. I stand by what I said. It was NOT most. That response was probably written by a BEMC employee. I appreciate the work they do, but I resent the public announcement that misinformed that all was well in a short period of time. It was not so throughout a lot of the county. You can nitpick over words all day. Many people were without a long time. I will also venture to say that the workers I saw were not busy, they were standing around talking. And as to the comments about being too used to having power, yes, we are, but we are also used to being CHARGED for power we don't GET as well.