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Malpass Corner Elementary students not able to return to school

The Pender County Board of Education now says students will not be able to return to Malpass Corner Elementary School until Monday, December 15th. A fire that appears to have been started by a student in the boys’ bathroom forced administrators to close the school for cleanup. Some working parents have been thrown for a loop, trying to find last minute child care for their displaced kids. At least one local church offered to let the kids go class in their facility, but a spokesperson for the schools said providing an alternative place for students to go in the meantime makes no sense, and would be a logistical nightmare. Make-up days will be announced at a later date.

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I think its great how Ms.

I think its great how Ms. Whitmore opened her home and her purse-strings to the parents of the children she voluntered to keep. This close to the holidays and with the economy the way it is, someone ought to do something nice for her. Daycare is too expensive and most family members want you to pay them for watching children in their own families. Even though what happened at Malpass is tragic, its nice to hear about something good through the tradgedy, like Ms. Whitmore's free child care. Not many would do that so, Thanks to her for it. And I dont have kids!!!

How ridiculous

This is a ridiculous situation at best. For whatever reason, a young man or woman, decided to set fire. Was it a prank gone bad? Now so many lives are affected by one minute of sheer stupidity. Children are out of school for almost two weeks, parents are struggling to find someone to take care of them, and racking up child care costs that many can't afford. I hope that when this case comes to court or whatever happens, that this young person realizes the havoc that he/she has done. I can already see lawsuits happening to recover unexpected costs. Get the child some help,, but again, there should be some type of severe punishment so that the child understands the seriousness of the situation. Public humiliation such as having to clean the school or some type of community service would be appropriate. The school boards of any county should have emergency measures in place just in case something like this happens. Surely there would be a way to spread the children around some other schools temporarily or make arrangements for them to meet elsewhere. The parents need to realize that the children will probably lose their spring break and some others days in order to make up this time, and start planning accordingly.

This is crazy!!!!

I think that in order to keep this from happening again, they should have classes about gangs here like they do at West Pender Middle and other schools. They also need to have a backup plan as to where the children will go when emergencies like this should arise. As a close friend of Mrs. Whitmore, her household has been very busy with children coming and going, finding food for lunch and dinner, trying to keep a clean house, etc. That can get very expensive!!!! If they school wouldve had a backup plan (such as the church after being verified with the parents) then Mrs. Whitmore wouldnt had to open her house to several parents. This should be avoided for the future.

I think that its crazy how

I think that its crazy how the school board is just going to make the children make up the days, most likly at the end of the year. the thing is, they go back to school on dec 15 only to get out for christmas break on dec 19. pender county needs to make better plans for this type of situation in the future. even if they never need them!

Happy Spring Break!

Happy Spring Break!