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Malpass gets nine years for Holloway murder

READ MORE: Malpass gets nine years for Holloway murder
A Wilmington woman pleaded guilty to murdering her boyfriend. Betty Malpass will face up to nine years in prison for the second-degree murder of Shane Holloway. It's been a year and a half since the murder. It happened at Betty's mother's home on Flemington Road. She shot Shane Holloway once in the chest with a 22-caliber rifle. "The only one to blame is Betty Malpass,” said Jasper Parker Holloway IV, the victim’s brother. It's case closed for Betty Louise Malpass after she pleaded guilty to shooting her boyfriend Shane Holloway in their living room. "They were in an argument, he had the weapon, her gave it to her, and she shot him,” said Assistant District Attorney Joy Alford-Brand. Betty's family said Shane was abusive. They said she felt threatened, and was simply defending herself, but Shane’s family couldn't disagree more. "It can't be self defense when you are sitting in a recliner,” Jasper Holloway said. Shane's brother Jasper said his brother was a great guy, and doesn't know why anyone would want to kill him. Shane and Betty were dating for about five years; she was twenty years his senior. According to her family, Betty had been in and out of mental hospitals her whole life. They said her mental state at the time might have contributed to Shane’s murder. Jasper Holloway said he doesn't think nine years behind bars is justice served, but he's happy to see Betty Malpass be put away for now. “I'm just glad that it's all over with, and things are going to be the way they are going to be."

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I am Betty malpass's only child

I have been through a lot of crazy stuff in life. Also after going in the army and dealing with death and other stuff. I have come to the conclusion that it was an assisted suicide. I heard that my mom could not really work a weapon he did everything but fire it. I got hurt state side meaning I never deployed. I hurt my legs and back and ended up with ptsd from walking in on a guy who hung himself and a few months later I lost a friend through a friend. I also lost a friend who hung himself cause his wife hauled tail and took the child and one of the vehicle's. I am now on the right meds and I got my gi bill and I am going to college for computer engineering technology and make 80,000-110,000. I didn't ask for this. I also plan to get a barret 50 cal sniper rifle cause jasper said that he was going to shoot my mom well I guarantee that the barret 50 cal sniper rifle can tear him up its got a shotgun and a regular rifle beat. I also learned a lot while I was in. I was stationed in fort Stewart Georgia and on the weekends I'd fight rangers and marines in savannah. I have seen jasp treat his wife like pure crap. I heard a drill sergeant say to a private that he should have been a blow job. The only good thing about it was I met chuck Norris and got his autograph. I got smoked by my sergeant cause I was a minute late to formation.

I know this is old and i did

I know this is old and i did read it several years ago and have been unable to get it out of my mind. Jasper may remember me if he can get someone to read this to him. I saved his life back in the early 90's. Myself and a group of friends were fishing and swimming at a local rock quarry and Jasper showed up. I did not like him but after he stole my little sisters bike i hated him and i knew in my heart he would bring NO good to the world. When jasper decided to get into the water i knew there could be a problem. You probably guessed it, He couldn't swim. This water was like at least 12 to 15' deep. With jasper clinging to a rock he suddenly lost his grip and was surely going to drown. I thought what a service this would be to the world and was then overcome with the feeling that it was not my choice. I saved his life that day and for that i am truly sorry. Letting him live eats me now as bad as the thought of letting him die at the time. His brother might have been different if i had just let him die. I will carry this quilt with me forever

Don't Worry......

Don't worry about not saving this piece of crap, he is not worth the effort you have to put into it. Shane would have been the same piece of worthless crap he was. I did not learn until later how this family was, but they found out very quick I was their worst nightmare. I exposed every thing bad about them to the world, I put Shane, his sister Ellen, and her husband Steve Phillips in prison for molesting my two children. Shane and his sister are regestered Sex Offenders, and now thanks to Betty Malpass Shane is burning in Hell dead. Karma is a bitch, and all of them suffer everyday, and there is a special place in hell for all the Holloway family, and after they are gone everyone should piss on their graves.

I hope

I hope someone is reading the comments that are posted on this website to the Holloway family. I say this because most of them can barely read and write. I hope with all I have in me they suffer and morn everyday of their natural lives for what Shane and Jasper Holloway,and Ellen and Steve Phillips have put people through. I also hope when they get to Hell where Shane is now the suffering multiplies 10 million times. I'm sure there are many other who feel the same way I do please feel free to comment at you leasure.


I watched the video of that pathetic interview Jasper did. Nothing has changed, he like that whole bunch are still as dumb as asphalt. It also looks like Jasper has meth-mouth way to smoke doofuss.


The only one to blame is Shane Holloway and his whole family. Poor Jasper now you don't have any one to fight with any more. I guess you'll just have to hit a woman, oh wait a minute you are a woman.

To Bad

To bad she got any time for shooting this piece of trash. Any one know where he is buried?


Does anyone know where Shane Holloway is buried? If so where?

When Is it going to Stop

Well for the first time in 10 years i am not afraid.I will not live in Fear because of the Holloway's. Jasper is no one specail and his father is no one special.his mother is not a witch or something would have been done years ago.all they are is nothing special.I think that was WHAT has happen to shane is really about all the damage he has done to other people and he got his life for jasper i really think that he has done alot of damage to family's and he will end up in prison one day for life.I really think this REDNECK family needs to leave the world alone. oh Jasper PAY YOUR CHILDSUPPORT. GET A LIFE.LOSER. IT SURE IS TIME TO LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE ANYONE CAN TAKE JUSTICE IN THERE OWN HANDS AND END UP IN PRISON.FOR BETTY WE WISH YOU THE BEST AND THANK YOU. GET R DONE YOU REDNECK

I Like what you said

Your are right they are nothing at all just a low life bunch of trailer trash who deserve everything that comes to them. Do you really think Jasper would pay child support when he could use that money for drugs. That's pretty funny. Betty got the shaft in this deal and I hope they let her go soon with the help she needs, because after being connected with that family she will need it. They all made the mistake of crossing me and my family and their sister lost her children forever and her and Shane are convicted sex offenders for molesting my children. People think they are so big and bad because they talk big and run their mouths but as you said they are nothing special. You see when decent people stand up to trash like them there is no way they can ever come out on top. My wife and I have raised our two oldest children to be productive citizens my oldest son is now doing Federal Law Enforcement with the United States Coast Guard and our daughter will graduate from high school next year and go off to college, which is something none of them could ever do. Our third child will be an even bigger force in this world. No one should be afraid of the Holloway's because none of their crap can stand up in the light of day. Anyone who thinks this family has any power wake up, take off the blinders and realize what liers,criminals,cheats, and scum they really are. Call their bluff and they will crawl back under a flat rock where they belong.

I guess their FAMILY HAS

I guess their FAMILY HAS DEEP POCKETS!! Jasper has 17 pages of charges filed against him, DRUGS, DWOL,Several Driving Violations,DWI/DUI, ASSAULT, ASSAULT ON A FEMALE,ASSALT WITH WEAPON, SHOPLIFTING, Communicating threats, and the list goes on and on with these REPEATED OFEENCES and the only thing that wasn't Dismissed by DA was shoplifting. I believe he pulled 24 hours for that! I wish I know this DA who let's him off the hook, I wonder if their related and why no one has ever checked into it. Maybe WWAY could check into that.What a Great Crime Stoppers report that would make! I am so sorry Betty and her Family have had to endure the Wraft of the Terroristic Brothers Holloways' My Deepest Apologies to you, I'm Sorry JUSTICE WASN'T served for her. I am Grateful that at least one of them will no longer terrorize innocent children or women again. I cannot wait until the day he crosses the wrong deputy and gets put away for life. One would think that Our Justice System would work for the community and it's victims,instead of for the criminals.


Jasper is a convicted felon for arson. he did several years in prison for that. He is now facing charges for threatening someone. Your right one day he will cross the wrong LEO and that will be the end of him. His family is the same way,

I can say this

All i know is that if my child had been abused sexually by some predator I would lose my mind and want to do what she did. BUT it isn't right what she did and that is what I try to focus on. I know that it isn't right. She took justice into her own hands and played vigilante. If she shot him out of self defense (meaning he was attacking her or her someone with her at the time of attack) then it could be seen as that. But she just plainly up and killed the man. I know his record states that he was a criminal but two wrongs don't make it right. I am sorry for what happened to her and her kids but law enforcement men and woman are here for a reason. Hence why we have cops, lawyers, and a courtroom. Our justice system may not be perfect but it does work on most levels.

Dream World

Do you live in a dream world where the justice system can fully protect the victims. The Pender County Sheriff's Department and the Wilmington Police Department were wonderful when dealing with my children and family and gathered all the information to bring the charges against them. They did all they could. Yes she shot him but you don't know if he was beating her or had beaten her a threatened to do more and worse. I hope your children never have to go through what mine did but if God forbid it ever does happen I would bet every penny I had you would be elated if someone shot down the trash who did this to your children and you would not care about the circumstances under which it happened.

A great guy???? Only a

A great guy???? Only a brother could say such things about Shane Halloway. IT's a shame that Betty has to endure being punished for doing society a great favor.

My Post?

Did you read my post? Have everyone you know read and comment on the article.


I am the Father of the children Shane molested. He did this unspeakable act along with his sister Ellen Phillips who is my ex-wife. They both pled guilty to these crimes. Her second husband Steve Phillips pled guilty to aiding felony child abuse because he knew what was going on but did nothing to stop it. Jasper says his brother was a "great guy", how great can a child molester be? Many people came out at the time of his death and posted what a great guy he was, I guess there are alot of people who think what he did was ok or at least it seems that way. Shane and Jasper Holloway both have extensive criminal records and both are convicted felons. The proof of this can be found on the NC DOC website. Personally I can see how Betty felt threatened and could have thought her life was in danger. I'm sorry she and her family must go through this pain because of this animal. Many more agree with my view on this matter and I hope you will post your thoughts on this subject. That whole family is a bunch of filthy, nasty, worthless, animals and Shane got exactally what he deserved to bad it was at Betty's expense. I'm sure someone will post how great Shane was but public record and anyone who has ever had any contact with him or his family knows what he is and they are still.

Great Pain

The only thing great about Shane was the GREAT PAIN he caused from small children to adults. I think Shanes record speaks for its self and great isn't one of them. I know the parents of the children that were abused by him and I know first handed how it effected them, the GREATEST thing is that they have grown up to be very health and happy young adults.


Wow jasper, aren't you just a great guy? Your record is longer than most of the mutts from the hood. Guess that is the first time you have been in court without sitting at the defendants table. Mr. NCDOC #0188732

He was a registered sex

He was a registered sex offender. If he was in prison where all registered sex offenders belong, he would not have been killed. Maybe they should have prosecuted the NC State Prison System instead.


So she killed a registered sex offender? Geeee what's next?

Amen,one less we have to

Amen,one less we have to worry about..


have given her the sentence...then given her a reduction on preforming a community service!

Dear Betty and her

Dear Betty and her Family, If you or any of your family should read this. I want you to know you are a wonderful person! Its terrible you still have to suffer in jail after suffering all those years with the Holloway abuse. I know how those men are. I wish I had the curage to do to my abuser what you did to yours! I think (and so do so many) wish you could have taken out the whole worthless family. But thanks for taking out one of them and I am sure the rest of them will get whats comming to them. We will be having a party when you are released! Take care of your self and Thanks. A Aunt, mother, sister,of a loved one known by the holloways