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Man accused of raping 95-year-old woman claims insanity

The man accused of raping and beating a 95-year-old Wilmington woman is claiming insanity. 41-year-old Brian Reavis will be examined at Dorothea Dix Mental Hospital, which is expected to delay his trial by months. Reavis is accused of brutally attacking the 95-year-old woman in April. District Attorney, Ben David, said the victim's testimony has been videotaped to use in case she cannot testify at next year's trial.

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The state will have to feed

The state will have to feed and house him either way so if he is insane, lock him in a mental institution for the rest of his life. Don't just give him some pills and turn him loose again. Just get him off the street for the safety of everyone else. When they arrested him and put him in jail, someone probably said to him, "You raped a 95 year old woman? What, are you crazy?" and that gave him the idea. Just think, if his grandmother is living she is probably about that age. Wonder what she thinks?

quite a system we have

how convenient at 41 years old to only just now realize that you’re insane. i guess not crazy enough to want to go to maximum security. well, maybe the other inmates will give him the same treatment as he did when he preyed on the defenseless. One can only hope.

wow, you gotta be insane to

wow, you gotta be insane to do that!


How can this man claim to be insane? If you are indeed insane, do you know it? I always thought that if one truly is insane there would be no knowledge. Well, at least he hasn't pulled the race card yet. I am waiting for that one.

Amazing.....what some people

Amazing.....what some people will do. What a sick person.