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Man arrested for allegedly shooting stepson

READ MORE: Man arrested for allegedly shooting stepson

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A scary situation after a shooting in a New Hanover County neighborhood. The shooting stemmed from a dispute between a man and his stepson and it landed the stepson in the hospital.

Investigators say the trouble started when 38-year-old Frederick Jermaine McDuffie became angry with his stepson. Deputies say McDuffie then shot his stepson in the arm. The shooting happened at their home at at 4210 Lockwood Drive

The victim's name is being withheld because he is a juvenile.

Neighbors we're terrified.

"I was initially in my bedroom, and I was cleaning up, and I heard just the loudest gunshots in the world, and I told my daughter to please get down because I didn't know which direction they were coming in," Latonia Greene said.

There was some confusion as to whether Sheriff's deputies or Wilmington Police would respond to the shooting. That's because McDuffie's stepson went to the nearby Greentree Apartment complex off North Kerr Avenue after being shot. The complex sits right on the city-county jurisdiction line. Sheriff's deputies were eventually dispatched to the scene.

McDuffie was arrested not long after the shooting when deputies talked him into returning to the scene for a peaceful surrender.

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16yr old shot by a 38yr old

This is considered Attempted murder on a minor. This is not Frederick Mcduffie's first violent act in life we all know he has many this is the first time he got caught so keep your so called UNK. I hope and pray that the 16year old recover's well.


I feel that all reporters need to get the true facts of a story before sharing it with the public. When all of the story is not told it makes a person look bad. Please get it together.

Don't blame the reporter's

Don't blame the reporter's for Frederick Mcduffie's stupid mistake ............

That's my cuzo that was Shot

That's my cuzo that was Shot I'm just finding out about this today! His mother is horrible... smdh! He is only 16 and that sorry excuse for a man is 38. What kind of grown man pulls out a gun on a 16 year old boy... Smh.... I might have to come down there and see about this guy...... I hope he is put away for a very long time.... My lil cuzo has been in the hospital for a week and i'm just hearing about this BS! I cant stand his Mother Marsha!!!!!

This is WWAY, the motto is

This is WWAY, the motto is 'Report first, ask even the simplest, most routine questions later'. Details just get in the way of poor, shotty, uneducated story telling, and that's the LAST THING WWAY wants.

The truth just gets in the way.


It's amazing how story's can be change...
I love you Unk Keep your head up
I pray that GOD works things out for the best....
Wrong is wrong and right is right...
Two wrongs don't make a right...

Grown Man Pulls out a Gun on a 16 Year old

Right is right Wrong is WRONG its still some bs let me guess nobody sees anything is wrong with that ?? Thats amazing but if the Boy would of DIED den what ?? 38 VS 16 Year old what the hell is the world coming to ?? SMDH God will have the last say. It amazes me how far a sposed to MAN will go when it comes to a child .

There was a shooting - no

There was a shooting - no time for the Sheriff vs. City cop dispute on boundaries...What? Does "to serve and to protect" only apply to certain citizens?