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Man arrested for having gun, fake credentials

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A Brunswick County man who brought a gun onto Shallotte Middle School grounds is behind bars Friday. When Perritt Alford picked up his child from school on Wednesday a student noticed a gun on his belt. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office was notified and agents arrested him yesterday on the school's campus. Agents searched Alford's house and found several fraudulent US Marshal and police badges, IDs, and other items. Alford is not a US Marshal and has not been a police officer since 1992. Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett said, "I, myself, as sheriff of the county, my credentials are not as authentic looking as them and they're very good. They were reproduced very well and they appear to be well made and well founded and very credible but in fact they were non-credible." Hewett says he doesn't know what Alford was doing with the fake credentials. Alford is in Brunswick County jail under $30,000 bond.

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ex police officer and shallotte middle school

I'm guessing we aren't getting the full truth in this story. I prefer not to jump to conclusions. I wonder how these facts will play out? Apparently the neighbors of this man said he was a collector of law enforcement items which would make sense, since his profession was as a police officer. Also, they said that he is a good person. Good people make mistakes, like forgetting that they are carrying a weapon for which they are fully permitted. We are all so anxious to condemn people. This man has a child in that school too, and has no record of any criminal acts or irratic behavior. From what I know of the family, they are good people and contribute in a positive way to society. I think that people who choose to call people "nuts" before getting the whole truth, should look a little closer in the mirror. If we are so concerned about the children in that school, we should remember, he was there picking up his child. Doesn't his child deserve some consideration too??

My Dad the one you have Incriminated!

Thank You so much whomever you are I know this man for he is my dad. Just reading this makes me sick and Im sorry what you people are thinking about him but he's my dad and I love him for who he is and not some lie that Our SO CALLED Sheriff Ronald hewwet says about him. But I know him for who he is a man with a good intent to keep our country safe and as for this credintial crap EVER HEARD OF BEING A POLICE OFFICER? So think what you want I dont care but just so you know YOUR WRONG! So get your facts straight and ask the people like Ronald Hewwet who worked with my dad for a long long time! My dad knew Ronald when he was just a patrolman! O and as for the heffer who told your blind! My dad carrys aconcealed weapon sure, but he knew the rules and never carried a gun in the school. So this matter really is'nt important because god will do what he wants done! love, M. Alford

I've forgotten

I have forgotten many things, but I've NEVER forgot that I was carrying a concealed weapon. Glad to see people trying to make excuses for bad behavior. Just remember, when somebody breaks into your house, it isn't their fault. It was due to them not getting enough attention, getting too much attention or whatever. Just keep making excuses and don't hold people responsible for their behavior. The phrase "Gone to hell in a hand basket" keeps coming to mind.

Good people make mistakes?

Let me assure you that you simply do **NOT** make mistakes where a firearm is concerned. When you carry a weapon, you are totally, 100% responsible for your actions regarding that weapon, and when you are issued a concealed carry permit, you agree to follow the law regarding where you may and may not carry that weapon. You simply don't "forget" that you're carrying a firearm on your hip. I, too, carry a concealed weapon. When I enter the post office, I carry an empty holster - the weapon is locked in my truck, its magazine tucked in my back pocket. Federal law prohibits carrying weapons into post offices. If I have dinner at an establishment that serves alcohol, the weapon is locked in the truck, as required by state law. I will not take a shortcut through UNCW because I am armed. There's a virtual shopping list of places that you cannot carry a concealed weapon, and every person receiving a permit knows where he or she cannot be armed. Now, as far as this man being a collector, give us a break! Did you watch the video? I used to collect stamps, but oddly, I didn't have them printed up with my picture on them. "They say he is a good person..." Sure...that proves a lot, huh? Go over to the story about the three brothers who make a living stealing from people, and you'll find no shortage of people claiming what good guys they are.

Fully permitted

Fully permitted to carry a gun does not give a person permission to carry a gun onto school property, no matter how good one's intentions may be. And to "forget" one is carrying a weapon is reason enough to revoke that permit. Anyone who gets a permit must demonstrate knowledge of the laws governing where the weapon can not be carried (banks, government buildings, educational institutions, venues with paid admissions, venues where alcohol is served, to name a few) and violation of that law should be hard and immediate. And of course his child deserves some consideration, but hard fact to accept though it may be, daddy broke the law and daddy has to accept his consequences for his bad behavior.

I agree with what you are

I agree with what you are saying and by no means making excuses for what this guy did, but I will say this....I wear a concealed weapon just about everywhere I go. I am so used to wearing it, I sometimes forget I have it on. But on that same note, I always make sure I take it off before I go into the post officer or places I am not allowed to carry. I will sometimes have it on me say at Buffalo Wild Wings, but only if I'm not drinking...and it's not so late the place would be considered a "bar."

WilmMan, if there's one aspect....

..of the CCW law that needs changing, it's the part about carrying the weapon into establishments where alcohol is served. Virginia tried to amend their law a few years ago, and the bill basically differentiated between a bar and a restaurant that happened to serve alcohol. Unfortunately, it didn't pass. It's amazing that legislators cannot understand that people are not going to get bagged and shoot up the George or Port City Chophouse. More importantly, they can't see that the weapon has a far greater chance of being stolen and used in a crime when it's in a car in an unattended parking lot, than on the person's hip.

Then you are in violation

If you carry into BWW you are in violation and risk criminal charges, the seizure of your weapon and revocation of your permit. 14‑269.3. Carrying weapons into assemblies and establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to carry any gun, rifle, or pistol into any assembly where a fee has been charged for admission thereto, or into any establishment in which alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

shouldn't even be able to get in the building

that is the key word there SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GET IN THE BUILDING. Until the schools realize they need to stop these people from getting into the building. They should be stop at the gate (if not a gate put one up). they shouldn't be able to enter. We need more officers on school grounds. and we need the office to be in the front of the buildings not on the side or back of the building. Schools have got to realize this. Parents we have to go to the school board meetings and tell them how we feel about this. It will never change.

shouldn't even be able to get in the building

I totaly agree the offices of these schools need to be set up where you have to enter the school through the office have a seperate entrance for students. Also metal detectors aren't a bad idea either.Wake up people these are our children and we send them to school to learn. These things happen everywhere we as parents and teachers have to do everything in our power to protect these children and right now things aren,t looking to good for our schools.

Kudos the the kid who saw him

Under the second ammendment we are aloud to have guns, but man what was this guy thinking? Thank you police force for keeping people safe and catching this man who seems like he could have done some serious damage!


What a total tool. Hope he gets a long jail term for having a weapon on school property.

Job well done!

I am a grandparent of a student that goes to Shallotte Middle School. I just want to say thank you to the student who was brave enough to come forward and report this. I also want to thank the school administration and the school deputy for a job well done! From what I have gathered this situation was handled perfectly! I am sure some will critize and second guess things but again you all deserve a huge pat on the back for helping get a wanna-be l.e.o. off the streets. I have been to the school before and I was overwhelmed at just how busy you guys stay and you are never in just once place. It is a huge building!! I am glad we have officers in schools. I think there should be more of those officers in schools or add some "security guards" to help monitor the school grounds. The deputies in the schools have alot of responsiblities other than just walking around. The school administrators have to many responsiblities. Maybe we can get the school board to help place people in our schools that just have to be the "hall monitor"

Ok, a man was caught on the

Ok, a man was caught on the SMS campus with a gun...thankfully before anyone was hurt or killed (we don't know his motives, do we?). Now, would someone tell me what the principal and the superintendent intends to do? You can walk through any outside door of the school and gain entrance...a welcome opportunity for anyone wishing to enter the school with a weapon intending to do harm.

The sheriff may not realize....

...that this guy could be a super-secret, double-naught Jethro Bodine... ....or...he could just be a run-of-the-mill nut...


I would say nut case. A spy would be way smarter.