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Man attacks women during crime spree

READ MORE: Man attacks women during crime spree
It was a dreadful Mother's Day for one family in Tabor City. A neighborhood crime spree ended with the rape of a 78-year-old woman and the kidnapping of her 58-year-old daughter. The Stanley family said they want justice after two women in their family were attacked on Mother's Day. “Helpless, I felt helpless man. I couldn't do anything. I needed help, and I needed help quick,” said the victim’s son Steve Stanley. Blood still stains the walls and carpet of the home of Steve Stanley's mother. Pieces of a broken teapot scattered across the ground, a weapon used in the attack on his sister. Steve Stanley, who was just a few hundred yards away from his mother's house when the incident occurred, said he heard his sister scream. After that he ran over to find out what had happened. He said what he saw next changed his life forever. “My sister was laying right here on the floor with the side of her face bashed in and it was pouring blood. My mom was sitting in that chair, I don't think she had her clothes on because that blanket was over her, and that black man was over her in that kitchen saying I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.” Police say that man was 47-year-old Arthur Leon Stanley of Nakina. Authorities said Arthur Stanley admitted to breaking into three other homes on Seven Creeks Highway before sexually assaulting the elderly woman and kidnapping her daughter. By the time Steve Stanley returned, the attacker had fled the scene. ‘When I came back here, my mom told me he had my sister and was gone with her vehicle.” Steve's brother Eddie followed the car through Brunswick County and tried to run the attacker off the road. After a high-speed chase with Columbus County officers, the suspect wrecked his car just over the state line where he was arrested. Friends of the family still can't believe it happened. “She's in there eating the lunch her son brought her on Mother's Day, and somebody does this to heart,” said Wendy Dorman. The accused, Arthur Stanley, has a rap sheet dating back to 1978, and has served time for larceny, burglary and assault. He is now charged with multiple felonies including rape, kidnapping, burglary, assault, and larceny. The victims are recovering at area hospitals.

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In defense of the son who

In defense of the son who left to get help, the story does not say what kind of weapon the man had. If it was a gun it was the smart thing to do. An unarmed man doesn't stand much of a chance against one that is armed. The prudent thing to have done would have been to dial 911, grab something to defend yourself with and then run over to Mom's house. However, in the heat of the moment who knows what you would have done.

Another case...

This story is heartbreaking. A man who shouldn't be on the streets, has caused heartbreak and fear that will not go away. My heart goes out to these two women and I pray that God will comfort and strengthen them. As we were watching the news last night on this story, I was really confused as to why the son left the house to call the police instead of picking up whatever he could and knocking the man out cold! Shock has a way of making us do things we might not do, but my husband said that he would not have left that house - he would have found some means of keeping the guy down and then calling the police. We can only hope that this time, the criminal winds up behind bars and stays there!