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Man charged with DWI after hitting two parked cars on Market Street

A man is charged with DWI after Wilmington Police said he hit two parked cars early Wednesday morning. It happened a little before 3:00 a.m. on Market Street between Fourth and Fifth streets. Police said the man was driving away from downtown when he crossed the median, hitting a light pole. They said he then hit an El Camino parked on the other side of the street so hard it flipped onto its side. The suspect's car then landed on another parked car. The driver was taken to the hospital. There is no word yet on his name or condition.

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Stop drinking and smoking, and this will fix itself.

Drunk Driver

I just can't get over that picture! How drunk to you have to be to drive your car on top of another one?!



Downtown drinking

This is absolutely not surprising. Where are the police at night when the bars are getting out. Almost every night of the week there are so many people downtown drinking in the bars that the City could absolutely get rich with the DWI's that could go out. Think of the revenue the lawyers and substance abuse counselors could make.We live downtown and every night it starts and then when the bars close all you can hear is people hollering and screaming, trashing places along the way, keeping the downtown residents up at night and making the downtown residents lives miserable. Can the city not put a curfew on those that walk the streets at least after hours from the bars and clubs. In living downtown I see so many people drinking in bars and clubs then climbing into their cars and drive home. If you call the police they don't even respond. If you want people to live in downtown Wilmington you have to make it where it is a place people want to live. Those of us whom put up with this nightly deserve to live in peace and quite just as others in neighborhoods do. If you live in a neighborhood and residents are making a lot of noise after 11:00 pm you can call the police and they will come out. What about us Central Business District residents? Where is our peace and quite!!!! This accident juat goes to show that this is going to get more and more common as the weather warms up again. I think that all of our city officials should come and spend a 3 nights in a Front Street apartment and just see what we have to deal with each and every night. My neighbors don't even come anymore because they say they can't sit in their living room at night and watch TV because of all the noise down on the street. Being on the top floor of a building doesn't keep the noise away either. I say let them all come and spend time downtown. They might think about what we have to put up with.


Invest in a good pair of ear plugs or move.

You chose...

You CHOSE to live in a business district. If you signed a lease or purhcased property in a COMMERCIAL BUSINESS DISTRICT surely you did not have the expectation that you would have peace and quiet as if you were living in a residentially zoned area. You are being a NIMBY. As for the DWI, the bartender(s) could be and should be charged with overserving. ALE could and should pull the ABC permits of the establishment(s) where the drunk got drunker. As for the police, well that is another story all together. They never seem to be where they are needed when they are needed.

Some of you are

Some of you are unreal....police are all over the place. Maybe an officer turned right coming up from 3rd street instead of turning left which would have put him right behind that vehicle. I don't know why some of you think LEO can be everywhere. Look at how many DWI's LEO have and then tell me they aren't out doing their job


I don't agree with drunk driving...and this peron was an idiot. but YOU ssir are the idiot for moving downtown next to a bar!!!!!!!!! Any fool that moves next to a bar then complains is an idiot. Sorry I feel nothing for sympathy at all..... MOVE!!! We lost one of the best bars in town The Ice House, because idiots like you complained about noise from a bar THEY moved into..... Good grief!!!!


I loved the Ice House! Oh, to be able to go there on a beautiful Saturday evening and listen to some music. Too bad there isn't a place like that here anymore.

RE: Idiot

I have to agree with the fact that the person that moved in downtown next to a bar is a total idiot. You want peace and quite...move to the country. Who moves downtown, and on Front St. of all places, and expects peace and quite. Wow...some people?? Its like moving to Alaska and complaining about the cold. Huh? Not to mention that this segment is about drunk driving, not your personal problems.

downtown bars

Were these bars not opened when you moved into your apartment? Of course they were. In college, I moved into a house by the beach bars because that was the place I wanted to hang out. I knew about the noise, the big signs that read "BAR" kind of gave it away. After that phase, I moved inland. Might I suggest you study the area you're moving into before moving into will drastically lessen your complaining. ...but something tells me you knew about it.

Abi, didn't you know you

Abi, didn't you know you were buying/renting a home that was in close proximity to bars?

Downtown Drinking

While I don't advocate all of the drinking and associated actions that go on in regard to the bars downtown, the previous comment made one clear statement, "What about us Central Business District residents". You moved to a Central Business District not a residental district. What did you expect, that the bars and clubs were going to close down at 9 pm and everyone go quietly home? You moved there for just what you got, but it just happened to be more of it than you wanted.

are you serious...

if it really bugs you that much then leave.. anybody in there right mind knows that living (downtown) around nite clubs in is going to be noisey... if you want peace and quiet move to the suburbs.. thats like buying a house with a bad water leak then complaining about it to all of your neighbors. NEWS FLASH.. DONT BUY IT

Downtown Drunk and Driving

I agree with you. I live downtown as well and witness things of this nature on a weekly and sometimeas nightly basis. Just the other night I was woken up by an idiot below my window fighting with his girlfriend, but oblivious to the fact it was three in the morning and they were in public. He then proceeded to beat up a broken couch for reasons unknown. I wish there were more street patrols from at least sixth st down to the water front. The PD's horses could do alot of good in these areas, but it doesn't seem to be a priority because none of them are directly affected. I am mostly concerned for the foot traffic leaving downtown because someone walking on the sidewalk could have been severly injured or even killed since that is where the El Camino landed. I don't expect this incident to have any affect in the way of more patrols, it will take someone dying for them to get the idea and by then its already way to late for someone...