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Man charged in connection with sewer spill

READ MORE: Man charged in connection with sewer spill

A Wilmington man has been charged with reckless driving in connection with a sewer spill on Saturday. Dennis Earl Davis was also charged with hit and run. Police say his vehicle crashed at the pump station on Pine Grove Drive.

The collision damaged a temporary wastewater pipe which caused the 3,000 gallon sewer spill. 1,500 gallons may have ended up in Hewlett's Creek. The Northeast Interceptor force main was not involved in the accident.

Davis is out of the the New Hanover County Jail after posting bond.

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Well done sir, you have

Well done sir, you have avoided a DWI.

Too bad...

we can't "charge" the City of Wilmington, current and past council members with "reckless endangement"...of our lives as well as our natural resources.


A new word in this think that council members should be accountable to the residents, and the area they represent, is a growing idea. We realize that special interest is an interwoven fabric of all politics, and that often a small group of voters is responsible for a council member, well becoming a council member. Yet also remember if voters keep informed, and vote accordingly, things will improve for all. We can stop "Tax & Waste" in our own small area, if not nationally. Let's keep our taxes, especially property taxes, which can hit really hard--down--by not wasting our precious dollars on unnecessary and losing proposition projects, well like the convention center. This driver was certainly held accountable.

Tax and Waste

I was wondering if anyone has seen the art deco at the intersection of college and mlk.It is welcoming visitors to the city of wilmington.Maybe the homeless can tie sheets to it and make tents.Looks like someone's buddy made a big chunk of change off this one.


I thought it was some steel left over by mount a new traffic light, or one of those electronic billboards that said "System Test" about a year ago, and have never carried a single word since. Art! Who'd a-thunk it? I wonder how much the "oh we're so broke we have to raise taxes" crowd paid for THAT little gem....? (Are you really sure it wasn't just a prefabricated piece of an overpass or something, that fell off a trailer during an accident and was pushed to the side of the road?)


Council members are only accountable to the dollar that goes into their pocket, and the people who put it there.