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Man charged with assaulting 95-year-old woman

WILMINGTON -- A major break in a big case: a Wilmington man is charged with last month's brutal assault on a 95-year-old woman. Police said physical evidence links him to the sexual attack. The man in custody has a long criminal record. Police said he had been out of prison for only four months before attacking the elderly woman on April 12. Forty-one-year-old Brian Reavis served 11 years in prison for armed robbery and other violations while behind bars. He violated parole about a year ago and was sent back to prison. He completed his sentence and was released. Wednesday night US marshals arrested him at his mother's house on South Seventh Street. The victim's neighbors said they're relieved to hear police have someone in custody. Ray Pearce is friends with Reavis' mother and was at the home when he was arrested. Pearce said, "He's a very kind, quiet, polite, subtle young man." Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said, "By the grace of God and some good work and some good luck, we got him in custody and we hope to put him in prison for the rest of his life." Pearce said she was surprised to learn the allegations against her friend's son. Reavis is at the New Hanover County jail, being held under $1 million secured bond. The group Residents of Old Wilmington had been offering a $1,000 reward in connection with the attack. A member said as of right now, that money isn't going to anyone -- police tell them there were no tips and it was physical evidence that linked Reavis.

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Everyone, look back at the comments on this story you are writing. Some of you forgot who is the victim here. You began bickering back and forth about you think that poor women cares right now about that? She was violated to extremes and my heart goes out to her. Maybe, you people bickering back and forth to each other should find a way to help her....huh...theres something. And you mr. attorney, maybe you should go offer to help her FREE OF CHARGE because you just have a heart...imagine that!!!!!! God Bless Her!

target practice!

looks like we got got ourselves another potential target practice candidate. but there again.....why waste a perfectly good bullet on such a lowlife! he needs to be fed to the hogs!!!!!

Personally I believe if we

Personally I believe if we went back to public hangings people would think twice about treating others the way they do sometimes. Cause and effect. But no nowadays people gets life in prison where we feed them and cloth them. Or they stay on death row for years and if they don't die of old age they get a peacefull farewell.. I don't believe they need peace that is not what that guy gave the 95 year old woman..


HIPAA.. Funny..!! Ignorance is bliss and everyone is wrong.. The "attorney" is incorrect and needs to brush up on health law.. The patient's confidentiality has not been breeched in violation of the HIPAA act. An irresponsible statement was made and I probably would not have been specific as to they type of appointment but not a HIPAA violation.. But that is minor... Now on to HIPPA.. What.. do you put your hands up on your HIPPA and when you dip we dip you dippa? Having specialized in HIPAA security within the health field for the past eight years... You are both apparently equally uneducated and juris doctorate degrees in the health field must be on the back of cereal boxes now. Wait.. a real attorney would not bother taking the time to post something as negative as that post... Thanks for the laugh from both of you! I am glad the sleaze was caught, but knowing our crummy judicial system he will be out again in a few years...

he is just TRYFLING!!! thats

he is just TRYFLING!!! thats all i have to say.

There needs to be a special

There needs to be a special place in HELL for people like him. Really evil, horrible, painful & torturous for all time cause the "justice" they receive here on Earth is just not good enough sometimes...


Thank God that this man was caught! I see where there was a $1,000 reward offered by the group Residents of Old Wilmington. What happened to the man that offered to put up his own personal money for the capture? $5,000, I'm sure someone will correct me if the amount is incorrect. Just curious. In the end, I hope the 95 yr old woman will have peace of mind that this thug is off our streets!

Race has nothing to do with

Race has nothing to do with it! Sick crimes like this unfortunately happen all the time to all people and they are committed by all people... This situation could have easily been totally reversed... That aside, I am so glad they caught him because like everyone else has said, she is definitely one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met....

who said it did

don't make me riot!

Oh yea, well

If it was reversed, you better damn well believe sharpton and jackson would have already been down here. AND THAT'S THE TRUTH!!!

95 year old woman assaulted

I am a God-fearing person with respect for life but I have no sympathy for this demon who assaulted a dear, sweet patient where I work. She came in today for a follow-up visit to her eye doctor and I wept for the brutal abuse that had been done to her. There is no punishment that is severe enough for the slime that did this to her. I hope the judge that resides over his case sends him to prison for the rest of his sorry life. Please spare me that he was abused as a child. He is scum of the earth and deserves nothing more than to suffer for the rest of his life. This woman is a saint and all of us should be so lucky to have known her. Thanks, Patty Wirtel

A second violation

Horrible crime aside, if Ms. Wirte is an employee of this optometry practice, she has violated this victim's privacy in a blatant HIPAA violation that could cost her employer upscale of $10,000.00 and Ms. Wirte her job. While her compassion and outrage is commendable, there is no excuse for such disregard of patient rights.

reply to "attorney"

You may be right about the "hipaa" law, but you don't have to get on here and try to cause someone to lose their job as bad as times are right now! You did that crap hoping you will get the case and make some money off someone. You must be a miserable person! as miserable as this Reavis guy to be so hateful. You aren't concerned about that woman's rights you just enjoy making people as miserable as you know the saying "misery loves company"!

Get it right.. It is HIPPA NOT HIPAA and neither is ur statement

It is not HIPAA... It is HIPPA.. That shows you do not know what you are talking about. Also learn about the fine numerics becuase you are wrong about that as well.. "I work at Dr. John Doe's OBGYN office and Sally Smith came in today for her annual." is NOT (while perhaps not politically correct) a HIPPA vilotion Now adding that she had a procedure done and if you gav out results othat test is a blatent violation. So besides getting HIPPA correct, and apparently needing some education about HIPPA, your stiking down someone who cares about her patient is cruel and heartless. I am glad they caught this beast and I hope they they throw him away and throw away the key. SO before you strike with cruelness and undecuated comments when you do not even know the correct abreviation of HIPPA... Shows you ignorance and lack o human compassion.


Geez..... Your post is horribly written . What are you talking about?


is it HIPAA... Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act--- HIPAA Who's uneducated and ignorant now?????

I Love It!!!

Way to go Guest 7898776! A spelling/grammer policeman stuck his/her foot right in their mouth! Yup, we know who is the stupid one!

Thank You soo much for

Thank You soo much for correcting ms. perfect!


Actually it is HIPA. Health Information And Privacy Act. Some of the other acronyms may have their own place but not in this issue. Now if the optometrist lady had disclosed a social security number, divulged a diagnosis, or compromised 'other' "pertinent personal information that was obtained by others that would have been used to cause damage or harm" then there might actually be something to this. But since you seem to know everything already, I'm sure you knew of this. Don't quit your day job, unless it is a law practice. For you clients sake.

Get strict

This is absurd. This should not have happened, just as the murder of the Duke grad student and the UNC student body president. Something must be done to ensure that people who commit crimes serve longer sentences, and are not released unless rehabilitated. this man should never be able to get on the streets again. there are too many violent crimes by repeat offenders. it is time to crack down. i hope this man pays dearly, and thank you residents of old wilmington. while no one came forward, you're offering for a reward is greatly appreciated, and it is nice to know that some people can still come together as a community. how about wilmington neighborhoods start establishing neighborhood watches that meet every month or so, and patrol the neighborhood at night?


if found guilty, i hope he gets the same kind of treatment in prison that he inflicted on that frail woman

And in the long run

He'll get off easy when someone claims racism was involved...

allegations versus convictions

I am in no way a supporter of anyone who commits a violent act against another person, regardless of its nature or its victim. I do believe however in the fact that a person in this country is innocent until proven guilty. an arrest and a statement by a police official that some un named physical evidence links a person with a history to a crime is NOT a conviction. Cases should be tried in court and not in the media. That said, if this person is proven or pleads guilty, then hopefully no one saves him. People like this should be put up, like a bad novel on a summer house shelf. Never to be opened again.