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Man convicted in Frinks murder case released today

READ MORE: Man convicted in Frinks murder case released today
It has been nearly 14 years since 18-year-old Amy Frink was brutally murdered on her way to Myrtle Beach. Now, one of the two men who were serving time for being an accessory in the murder was released early from prison. John Paul Counts was eligible for a program called MAP -- the state's Mutual Agreement Parole program. He was initially sentenced to 30 years in prison, but based on his good behavior, he was released after spending only nine years behind bars. The murder happened in June of 1994. All offenders who committed crimes before October of 1994 were sentenced under the fair sentencing law, meaning, they could be paroled if deemed appropriate. Frink's family found out the news from a community member. Amy's mother Birdie Frink said, "We knew that he was in the MAP program, and we knew that it would be coming soon. But the fact that we had to hear from someone in the community that he would be released on July the 11th, that was very upsetting." The Frinks wrote a letter in response to the news. Neither the Frinks nor the district attorney received notice of the parole release. The Department of Correction said there was a mix up in the mail room, the place where notices like these are sent from.

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No one should really be

No one should really be surprised about this and if you are you're nieve. Haven't you figured out yet that NC just lets them out to do it again.

What a shame

This story is sickening! The man gets 30 years, serves 9, and is out. It is time to look at the judicial system!!!!!!!!!!!!!I truly hope this man has been reformed, but only time will tell.My heart and prayers goes out to the Frink family. I have watched this story over the years, and this family, especially Birdie, has taken what was a tragedy of enormous devastation, and made it into a positive service of helping others.

Parole Law

The sentencing laws have been reformed already. But this guy's crime was committed before the new law took effect. He was sentenced under the old fair-sentencing laws. For offenses committed after 10/1/94, the person has to serve their entire sentence. As an example of the new law, if someone is sentenced to 10 to 12 years, the absolute earliest they can get out is 10 years. At the same time, if the person has lots of infractions while in prison, they can not be held a day past their maximum date. Your outrage at the system is why the laws were changed back in 1994. Now, when someone gets sentenced to 30 years, they will be in prison for 30 years.


is the type of thing wrong with our Judicial system....he should have done a MANDATORY 30 years...this girls life was only worth 9 years of this guys time? Should have BURIED him under the prison and threw away the key.

Counts parole

Counts should have had to serve the entire thirty years. Inmates display good behavior in prison to gain privileges or to get early release. Then they get paroled back into the community to simply take up where they left off. No one kills a teenage girl and then is totally reformed nine years later. Neither has he paid his debt to society and certainly not to Amy Frink or her family. The family and the local DA should have been notified of his release by the prison system. How convenient that every time there is a controversial release, there seems to be a mix up in the mail room.