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Man in critical condition after being struck by 18-wheeler while riding his ATV

An ATV driver was hit at intersection of Shipyard and Carolina Beach Road shortly after 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning by an 18-wheeler truck. The victim has been identified as 32-year-old Ronny Ballard of Wilmington. He was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for his injuries and is in critical condition. Wilmington police are investigating the accident. It's not clear why Ballard was riding his ATV in the road, but it's illegal to drive them on public streets under most circumstances.

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You should watch what you say!

Guesty..I'm Paul's sister.. And I'm just seeing these comments of yours! You are a horrible person for saying that. Why couldn't you just keep your comments to yourself? It is beyond hurtful. He died, but you have to say mean things about him. You don't know the story so don't assume anything about my brother. Karma will get you for that. He made a mistake that cost him his life. People like you are what make this world such a cruel place. I love and miss him everyday. One day you'll lose someone close to you and you MIGHT(if you have a heart) understand where I'm coming from!!!

Don't worry about me

Wow, I feel so badly. Nope, it was just gas. To ride a 4 wheeler down either Shipyard or Carolina Beach Rd one has to be either drunk or stupid (or both)

Man struck by 18 wheeler

Wile all you people site around passing judgment, you might want to think about the three small children Paul left behind. Not only did this one mistake cost him his life, it will affect them & all the people that loved him for the rest of ours. Oh yes he had a family to, & if everyone was not so worried about that tourist dollar they stop & think young people have no where to ride these things. Or skateboards either. Their some food for thought.


If there isn't anywhere to ride ATV's, why buy one? That still doesn’t justify riding down Carolina Beach Rd at 1am. As far as the skateboarding comment, what about the skate parks at Greenfield Lake, the one at Carolina Beach or the one in Ogden?

wow this was a terrable

wow this was a terrable accident, but to say they need to "man up" is uncall for. When you lose a famliy member what ever they did to get in that perdicument is besides the point. A lost is a lost

There is of course, two

There is of course, two sides two every coin and what some of you seem to overlook is the guy who hit him is probably pretty torn up for knowing he was part of an accident that ended up killing a man. There is a huge problem with ATVs on public roads in southeast NC and this won't be the last issue like this. There are complete morons who ride them around Leland all the time. Usually little kids who's parents are to dumb and ignorant to realize how much trouble their kids can get into with these things in such populated areas. My condolences to the family and friends but regardless of the emotional factor, this is in the same area as a drug overdose. The man was doing something clearly dangerous and paid the price for it. There is nowhere to point a finger at and blame anyone. These atvs are fast and offer 0 protection in the case of a collision. I hope whoever hit him recovers from the mental stress they will most likely have to endure.

Pick me, pick me

From the story:"It's not clear why Ballard was riding his ATV in the road, but it's illegal to drive them on public streets under most circumstances." Let me guess, he was in the street because he was drunk or just plain stupid.

I agree with you. Don't let

I agree with you. Don't let these over sensitive people bother you. If it was my family I would tell them the same thing. It is stupid to ride an ATV in the middle of the street at 1:30 in the morning. I feel sorry that some one was hurt, but they were breaking the law so man up and deal with the consequences.

They don't bother me

They don't bother me one bit. My friends and family all have enough sense to know you don't ride ATV's on the road. They are for off road only. Just like the criminals that get caught and have family members come out and say what a great guy he is.

Pick me Pick me

Your comment is just plain stupid and hurtful. There is a family that is suffering, whatever the circumstances are. Have some compassion. We all need it. Keep unkind comments to yourself.


Thank you. It is very hard to hear People say Paul got what he deserved. He was a good person. And we, his family loved him dearly.It's nice to know so many of you out their are perfect & never do anything against the law. I guess that's why their are so many people in prisons & jail.

To me it doesn't matter WHY

To me it doesn't matter WHY he was riding the ATV, fact is a really great person died. Maybe the person who hit him was drunk, and you're the stupid one, "guesty"

RIP Paul and Roxie !! I

RIP Paul and Roxie !! I agree with the comment above!! He was a friend and my thoughts and prayers for his Family!

wow, you should probably

wow, you should probably think about things you say before you actually say them. what if he was your family or friend. Think about what his family and friends would feel when they saw your comment? and just so you know he passed away. so think twice or maybe more before you speak ill of someone like that.


It is a real tragedy. RIP Paul and Roxie!! My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time!!

This is a very sketchy and

This is a very sketchy and incomplete story which has elicited some very spirited exchanges. I can only hope that the accident victim's family has not seen some of these comments. A reading of this news item fails to tell us why the victim was on the road at that hour riding an atv. My "advice" is directed at the journalists and editorial policymakers at WWAY. Next time, please refrain from publishing s victim's name until all the facts are present.


Who is Roxie?