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Man fires shot at robbery suspect

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- A New Hanover County man who tried to help his neighbors after they were attacked by a masked man almost got into trouble with the law himself. According to the 911 call, the man heard his neighbors being attacked, ran outside with a rifle and fired a shot at the suspect. As deputies arrived on scene, the 911 dispatcher wanted to make sure officers didn't confuse the neighbor for the robber. The 911 operator said, "Tell your husband he needs to secure the weapon, meaning, he needs to put it on the kitchen table and he needs to stand at the front door with you with his hands up in the air so when the officers get there so they know he is not a threat." Investigators don't think the neighbor shot the suspect. The suspect is described as a black male between 20 and 30 years old, about five-foot-ten to six feet tall, wearing a brown shirt and camouflaged pants. Investigators say around 10:15 Monday night a masked man broke into a house on Seaview Road off Myrtle Grove Road and attacked the two women who live there with a stun gun. One of the women regained her composure and was able to run to a neighbor for help. If you have any information on this case please call the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office at 798-4260. Detectives say in cases like this it's really not a good idea to shoot at the suspect, for one because you don't know what kind of weapon they may have, also, if you do end up shooting the person and the suspect was not personally attacking you or threatening you, it's possible that you could be criminally charged.

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you should be relieved

You should be relieved then Scally scabb. Nobody will be trying to break into your trailer. I live in a house on a slab that I guess you must be envious of. But you have it easier to decorate for Christmas, just turn on your hazard lights!

I assure you

I assure you that I am envious of your "house on a slab", and I'm actually proud of you. You are a very productive citizen of society all things considered. You are a testament to all who rode the short bus to school. Congratulations!


Heeheeeee , you 2 are funny.

Gun Control!!!

We need gun control. Gun control means being able to hit what you aim at. Then there would be one less welfare deadbeat on the streets manufacturing more welfare deadbeats. Practice makes perfect!!!

"Detectives" know better

The application of deadly force is allowed if you believe that death or grievous bodily injury is about to be inflicted upon you OR AN INNOCENT THIRD PARTY. In the case at hand, the fact that the suspect was committing a burglary (which them turned into an armed robbery) and USING a weapon that has been known to cause deaths, the neighbor would have been justified in using deadly force to prevent the assault inside the victims' home. What he should NOT have done was fire a shot once the attack was over and the suspect was fleeing. The justification for deadly force had ended at that time. You cannot use deadly force to prevent the escape of a fleeing suspect.... ..and no one in their right mind should use a rifle in a residential area. The neighbor needs to invest in a good shotgun and review the state law on deadly force.

Its dangerous to expel fire

Its dangerous to expel fire in the heat of the moment but I wish he would have hit that guy.


I bet he won't be back though! Seriously....I still wonder why we try to protect people like this. Fleeing, in your house, whatever...a good ole bullet would end the cycle of taxpayers wasting money.

Robbery on Seaview

Lucky no one was killed in this incident. We have to stand up and protect our homes and family and the only way to do that is to be armed. I don't agree that the shooter could have been charged. When do we have the right to protect ourselves and friends in our neighborhoods. I say shoot if the intruder is on your property and he's not supposed to be there......

Too bad

Yes, it's too bad you missed him sir. Let's not forget that the New Hanover County sheriffs office is RESPONSIBLE for allowing the 2nd highest violent crime rate per capita in the State of North Carolina while procurring one of the largest budgets. Hmmm. Their sugestion... don't shoot at the criminal perpetrator. I say... protect yourself and your neighbor in whatever way you feel is best and live to tell in court... that's right. I shot a criminal perpetrator, thank me very much. Recividism rate of ZERO.

amen to the budget

amen to the sheriffs dept. budget....and please, whatever you do don't steal a playstation! they'll really show you what some of those tax dollars are being used for!


Kill the criminals stop the crime...too bad he didnt drop the crook