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Man found after Silver Alert issued

READ MORE: Man found after Silver Alert issued
A statewide Silver Alert has been canceled. The missing Ogden man was spotted on the downtown trolley this morning. It started as a typical morning for downtown trolley driver, Marilyn Bristel, but things changed. "One of my passengers, he was sitting right here with me and he was like, don't that guy look familiar, and I looked through the rear view mirror and I was like, you're right! And he says, that guy was on television last night.” “All I can say is I’m fine. And hopefully everything will come out just fine,” Paul LeBeau said. LeBeau would not explain why he left home. Investigators said it may be an issue with his marriage. Details of the Silver Alert included that he may suffer from dementia or memory loss. According to detectives, LeBeau was alert, and answered simple questions accurately. Sheriff's deputies say LeBeau didn't want to go home. Since it couldn't be proved that he was mentally ill, he was returned to the shelter where he was staying. LeBeau's wife, Michaela said she is concerned for her husband's safety and he was diagnosed with dementia ten years ago.

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Man Found after Silver Alert Issued

Michaela I understand what you are going threw. My father in law was diagnosed with dementia also. To the people who did not know he had it, he appeared normal. He could answer questions, carry on a normal conversation, and behave as if nothing was wrong with him. But to spend a day or two with him you could actual see that he had it. We were concerned for him all the time because it was very easy for people to take advantage of him in his condidion. Then later he would not remember anything that happen or that was said. He would walk out the front door and go a few blocks down the street and could not find his way back to his front door. In a day and time like it is now, it is dangerous for them to be left alone...yet they refuse help. There is so much going on now in the streets. You have a right to be concerned for him. I pray that you can get the help you need for him and that everything works out well for you. God Bless