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Man hangs in there, staying in tree

The Wilmington man who climbed up a tree to keep it from being cut down is still up there. Charlie Joyce Junior said he does not plan on giving in to the chainsaws anytime soon. The Federal Aviation Administration ordered Wilmington International Airport to have the Joyce's yard cleared of trees, because they are safety hazards for planes. The family was paid $44,000, but Charlie's dad claims he was conned into signing the papers. ILM said the trees need to come down by the end of September, but they are hoping to remove the oak well before that.

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Cutting Down Major Trees

I say, STAND YOUR TREE! I realize the airport authority feels the tree is hazardous to flight safety, but know this isn't the first time someone has fought local government to preserve a healthy tree. There used to be a huge oak tree partially in the road at 311 South Church Street, across from what used to be Tileston School. The City of Wilmington wanted to remove the tree to pave the road. Owner Doris Failles Bowden, who had been born in the house at 311 South Church Street, fought City Hall saying the tree posed no threat to the traveling public. She fought hard - and won. Years later, lightning took its toll on the beautiful tree and it had to be removed. No, I don't fall into the category of "tree hugger," but I do believe they are one of God's many gifts and should not be treated cruelly by topping - nor should they be removed unless it is absolutely necessary. And perhaps this time, it is. But I applaud the young man's efforts to save his tree.


Its great to see some one stand up and do the right thing more power to you man hang in there!

No its not

No, its not good to see people sign contracts and then just ignore them. These people were paid $44,000 for these trees. For them now to just throw a tantrum AND risk public safety at the airport is just wrong. He should be forcibly removed and they should have to give back some of the money for the time they have wasted!

give it up Charlie, you

give it up Charlie, you already signed the paperwork and got paid. You're asking to be arrested and whom ever gets in the way of removing the tree! You can't beat the law. My suggestion, take the $44,000, buy a few seedlings of oak and replant them after they chop this one down.. In about 40 years your grandchildren will be asked to have them chopped down for well over $100,000...


Foolish people...someone gives you $44,000 and you allow your (adult)child to throw a temper tantrum? I don't sad that the trees need to be cut down but $44,000 would ease my pain. I don't feel sorry for these people.