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Man jailed after alleged molestation at fair

WILMINGTON -- A man is behind bars after a woman said he molested her child at the Cape Fear Fair and Expo. Officers arrested 23-year-old Reyaldo Martagon. The victim's mother says he was working at the fair Friday night when he touched her daughter inappropriately. Martagon is charged with indecent liberties with a child, sexual battery and assault on a child under 12. He is currently in the New Hanover County jail under $100,000 bond. Martagon's first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

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Parents need to think

I was at the fair with my daughter Saturday afternoon, she is 10. She either stood right next to me or held my hand the entire time we were at the fair. I saw kids between the ages of 10-14 running around with other friends and no parents in sight. Parents need to smart up and realize there are people out there that will do disgusting things to kids. If you've ever been to a high school football game here in town it's the same thing. Parents give their 12 y/o kids $5 to get in the game. They drop them off and leave. It's the cheapest babysitters they can get. Leave the kid at the fair for 5 hrs for only $15, can't beat those babysitters. Things like high school sporting events, county fair, movies, should be mandatory for children to be escorted by their parents

Poor Girl

I feel sorry for this little girl but I'm not surprised the fair is a real sleaze fest, I would never take my child there, the attendants and patrons alike are very sketchy.


Have we not learned anything from the Duke fiasco. Let's wait until the evidence is in before we hang this guy. And if he's guilty... well there is no punishment to fit that crime.


I wonder if he is the same pervert working the flying bobs ride!!!!

I am sorry that this

I am sorry that this happened to this child. Don't people realize that perverts are everywhere...nowhere is excluded...unfortunately. Where was her mother? A child that young should not have been out of her eyesight.

anybody but me notice that

anybody but me notice that of the 4 complaints on this blog that 3 involved hispanics? wonder how many were illeagal?