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Man jailed for selling pain pills

WHITEVILLE -- A man police say was trafficking large amounts of prescription pain pills in Whiteville. He is now behind bars on more than $1 million bond. David Brunelle was stopped Monday for not wearing his seat belt. Investigators say when they searched his car they found more than 100 doses of prescription pain medicine such as hydrocodone in his car. Brunelle, a Wilmington resident, is in the Columbus County jail on $1,000,500 bond.

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first of all they have to

first of all they have to have a warrant to search the vehicle so what the officers did was illegal for number one. number two they cant jail you for a seatbelt they searched his car because these cops had nothing better to do except search, they violated federal law, but luckily they found something. okay the man did something wrong but 1,500,000 dollar bond what the hell no one except a celebrity, movie star or donald trump can afford that bail. sentances today are way to harsh penalty for the man should be a year max jails are overfilled with this problem and not for the really bad criminals

LORD!! 1 Million, Come on Columbus County

Excuse me, but after reading that article I am appalled. My first response was in a country tone, "they oughta be ashamed of themselves, thats a damned shame!"


Why was the car searched for a seatbelt violation? 90 days worth of pain pills and he gets a million dollar bond? Hmmmmm.

I can't believe you have a

I can't believe you have a problem with what LEO did. You would rather support a drug dealer than accept LEO did a great job. Maybe LEO asked to search the vehicle and he gave them permission. This guy needs to be locked away for at least 20 years. There's no telling how many people he has help die (kill) thanks to selling those pills

somebody got to make the

somebody got to make the money