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Man jailed on what some call torture

One man is behind bars charged with what some are calling a case of torture. Nicholas Lofton faces numerous felony charges. Police say he and two other suspects broke into a home off Sharease Circle last week. Investigators say the suspects tied up three children and two adults then sexually assaulted the two adults. The male adult victim also received other serious bodily injuries. The children were not hurt. Police say one of the victims knew the suspects and that the general public is not in danger.

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Nicholas Loftin needs to go........

He has proven over and over and over again that he is unable to live with us in a Law abiding society. He is a true Mutt, a true thug, a very real and dangerous criminal. One can only hope that if granted bail, for god knows what ever reason, that he is run over by a Mack truck as soon as he gets out. Mr. Lofton will commit further crimes, he will, if not already has, commit a murder. He has no business being able to walk around with the rest of us. This guy has blown the three strikes rule along time ago and has struck out more times than a little leauge batter in a Red Sox game. Put him down before he kills one of us.

How the can community know

How the can community know that something like this would happen, must less even imagine something like this? Who would think that somebody would break into somebody's house and rape 2 people and do what they did? That is awful and they need to be put under the jail!

Who would think?

That a little wayne concert would cause a problem as well? What if a 16 year old high school student knocked off someone for a ticket price, robbed a house or sold some copper from new jervey construction? Nope, don't lead to nothing good. It happened in Brunswick County when there wasn't a concert to drive them. Garbage in = garbage out. Why fed you kids this crap when you want better for them? Bill Cosby tels you this fact!

what a shock

Wow, another mutt criminal. How unusual. This shitbird has proven he can't live in civil society. He is a prime example of the need for more death penalty usage.

(TORTURE) There ARE no words to describe this HUMANLESS crime.

My heart goes out to main victim, and all of the victims of this crime. For those who don't understand the sensitivity of the case I just ask that you be patient with the WPD. This was a very serious crime that has to be solved with no leaks in the case to make sure that the correct people are served. I never would have thought that anyone from this town would have the heart to do those things to a person. This and all other murders in the past years should truely be an eye opener to the community. This is what the children of our future have to look forward to. All of the negative energy for the WPD should be put towards cleaning up our community and the minds of our youth for a better life. In conclusion god bless the offended family and heal their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.

God Bless

Although this appears to be an isolated incident, the community as well as the county should have known about this...they should know that people are in the midst of them that could commit such a gruesome crime. It's just like having a serial killer next door and the people that should be warning you, keep it a secret. I hope it not because of who it was or where it happened. I don't know and don't really care to know why in the world they felt that this was necessary. NOONE deserves to have this done to them. GOD BLESS THOSE POOR CHILDREN AND THE MOTHER AND EVEN THE FATHER...I don't really think that people understand what they are getting themselves into these days. Young women wake up...this could happen to any one of us who is dealing with these types of dudes (wanna-be-thugs, drug dealers, bums that don't want to work a real job) Be careful who you deal with and have around your children. I never would have thought that these guys were capable of being so cruel. ALL GOD'S PEOPLE ARE EQUAL, UNFORTUNATELY NOT EVERYONE FEELS THE SAME

How can you expect us to

How can you expect us to beleive that the general public is not in any danger. Two people were assaulted for what reasons and in front of innocent children. My heart goes out to those children, they will be forever affected because of what those people did to their parents. You seriously have to have no sense of right and wrong to be able to commit a crime like this in front of babies. I only hope that the other suspects are caught and receive the proper punishment for what they did. Those children are in my prayers.