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Man leads police on chase Tuesday morning

A car chase that started at the airport this morning led to one man's arrest. Airport officials say around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, a man realized he was getting a ticket for leaving his vehicle unattended. He then jumped in his car and sped off before the ticket could be issued. Sheriff's deputies were called for back up and when they tried to flag the man down on Martin Luther King Blvd., he attempted to run them over. Deputies chased him to a dead end on Eastwood Road, where he was arrested and slapped with six different charges.

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Way to go ILM Public Safety

Way to go ILM Public Safety Officers and NH County Sherrif Deputies!!

I don't get it

Why were deputies called over a parking ticket? You already have the tag #; mail the ticket.

read all the words

He ran from the police before he got the ticket. Running from the police is a crime. Yea, so you have the tag number. Then you find out that the tag is stolen, or maybe the car is stolen. Then what? You run, you go to jail. Normal people don't run from the police just for fun, there is a reason they don't hang around.

I was on MLK at the time

I was on MLK at the time this incident happened up to Racine Dr. I couldn't believe the suspect wouldn't stop when the police were behind him with their lights flashing and was amazed that he continued to drive when the cop was in front of his car telling him to get out! I'm glad they apprehended him!

Dear Albert (as in Einstein)

You can't outrun radio waves.

parking ticket

All this over a parking ticket? I am guessing there was more going on; or the guy just snapped. I have seen people snap before and this looks like that is what happened.