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Man left bloody and beaten in streets of Wrightsville Beach

READ MORE: Man left bloody and beaten in streets of Wrightsville Beach
A brutal attack is Wrightsville Beach over the weekend left a man in intensive care and a family with many questions. His attacker is still on the loose. Jud Gee was riding his bike home from the bars around 2:30 Saturday morning. He didn't make it back to his beach house. "You always say it won't happen, but obviously it has happened,” said the victim’s brother Carlyle Gee. Jud, a 41-year-old from Charlotte was riding his bike back to his beach house after a night at the bars when a man on South Lumina Avenue assaulted him. A witness said the suspect walked by looking very angry. She said he was even hitting his fist like he was looking for a fight. Minutes later, she heard the attack. "He walked down the street and he kind of disappeared for a minute, which makes me think he might have hid in the trees or the bushes then we saw. We heard a loud noise and we looked down and he looked like he was hitting somebody then he flew off on a bike." Gee was left in the street. The witness said, "He was on his back and his arms were spread out and there was a puddle of blood around his head; you could tell that he was choking on his blood. He couldn't move, he couldn't talk, he couldn't do anything." Carlyle said of Jud’s condition, "He has broken ribs, a broken collar bone, a fractured jaw and fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, a punctured lung." The suspect is described as a white male in his twenties with dark hair. He was wearing plaid shorts, a dark shirt, brown shoes, and a Carolina blue hat. He's described as medium build, between five-seven and five-ten. "There was an angry person that night at this beach that was looking for a victim. Somehow my brother became his victim,” Carlyle said. The suspect ditched Gee's bike just down the road from the attack and fled on foot. Police fingerprinted the bike, but no arrests have been made. If have any information, you're asked to call 911.

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I wrote a comment earlier and it wasn't posted. This one may not be either. I was attacked August 1977 and to this day the emotional scars remain. As I stated in the previous comment, I died and was resusitated. The reason I think the first one didn't pass is because one of the attackers was a brother to an up and coming politico at that time. This I say; print this please so others may know that alcohol is a dangerous drug and I would venture a guess the assailant was under it's influence as were mine.

This is what messes it up for everyone else!!!

This guy needs to be caught and let Judd Gee do the same to him. I know Judd, he is not the kind of person who starts fights. In fact he's a helper, kind person. The police really need to catch this person and make him pay! If I could help I will(information on the street)best bet! Do unto others as you would have done unto your self. This person will get his one way or another!

Wrightsville assault

The assailant probably used a weapon (steel pipe, random loose brick etc..) to inflict that much damage. By implication,he should be charged with attempted murder. The police can't protect you most of the time, we need to take our safety very seriously. My thoughts go out to this guy & his family.

good grief!!

This is horrible. I am so sorry this happened. I hope someone will turn this guy in because that is disgusting. It just goes to prove safety in numbers, even with guys.

SAD and SCARY. many thoughts

SAD and SCARY. many thoughts and PRAYERS.