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Man left kids in car while accused of shoplifting from Walmart

A man accused of shoplifting from a Walmart, found himself hit with an additional charge after leaving his children in a parked car. Joe Harvin, Jr. was arrested for shoplifting from the Leland Walmart over the weekend. While being arrested, Harvin then told police he left his kids in the car in the parking lot. The children were alright; they'd been in the car for a little over an hour. The officer filed a misdemeanor child abuse charge in addition to shoplifting. This is the second time in a week that police have charged a parent with leaving children in a car. Two young children were found in a van Wednesday night in sub-freezing temperatures in the parking lot of the Motel 6 on Market Street. The parent, like Harvin, was charged with misdemanor child abuse.

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Misdemeanor and Child Abuse

Misdemeanor and Child Abuse should not be in the same sentence...Felony would make more sense

I hope this guy loses his

I hope this guy loses his right to take care of these children

There is NO EXCUSE

for a parent being so devoid of parental feelings or instincts that children, regardless of age, would be left in a vehicle in a parking lot while the parent apparently is doing his shopping on the down low. I suppose he did not want to wait for the first round of wealth redistribution or entitlement increases. Pathetic

Wow......What is wrong with

Wow......What is wrong with the people in the world today????SO SAD....

thats what happen


Its wrong, but...

What was he shoplifting? If it was sporting goods or electronics, I would call foul, But if this was his last means to feed his children, Perhaps he needs a slap on the wrist and guidance towards and some sort of social program.

Yep! I knew there would be one!

Resident sob-sister that is. Just like the postings about the woman who left her kids to freeze while she trolled the Motel 6 looking to make a few bucks or score some drugs. There's always some weak sister crying the blues about how they need help. Yeah, the KIDS do need help. They need help to get away from their worthless trash parents. Make them wards of the court and send druggie mommy and thievin' daddy to prison.

My dad knows this man. He

My dad knows this man. He prob. cant afford to buy anthing for his kids and family, because of the messed up government-they are the ones that need to be charged.

Guess he should have thought

Guess he should have thought about that before he had kids

I sure hope that you're a troll...

...because if you sincerely believe that the government is somehow responsible for this man and his family, you have far bigger problems than we can ever hope to solve here.

there is always

that jogging range you mentioned in a previous post. Give them a head start and ...