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Man offering cash reward for information in attack of elderly woman

WILMINGTON -- Many people had strong emotions after hearing about a 95-year-old Wilmington woman who was attacked, assaulted and robbed in her home Saturday morning. One local man is taking money out of his own wallet to help find the attacker. Wilmington resident Peter Koke said when he heard the story he felt sick to his stomach and knew he had to do something to get the guy who did this. The attack happened along the 400 block of Nun Street Saturday morning. Detectives say a man pushed a 95-year-old women into her home after she went outside to get her newspaper. He stole cash, then sexually assaulted and beat the woman. Since no one has come forward with information Koke is posting $5,000 for anyone who can give information leading to the arrest of the attacker. Police say the attacker is believed to be a black man with no facial hair. He's about five-foot-five, about 160 pounds. He was wearing dark pants and a wine-colored jacket with yellow or gold writing. If you have any information call the Wilmington Police Department at 343-3600.

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Mr. Koke!

I think it is wonderful what you are doing and what you have done! You don't know me and I don't know you either; I am in Brunswick County but I think by you offering the reward and all is just wonderful! It is such a wonderful feeling to help others and put this perve in jail where he belongs! Don't let others bring you down; the ones that try to bring you down are the ones that have insecurities about themselves; rise above it all! You will be thanked in more ways then you have even known! You are a wonderful and amazing human being and I only wish that I have one day the opportunity to run into you one day! God bless you always! ~M.R.~

I don't understand.

In terms of anybody willing to provide a $5K cash reward to help identify and incarcerate the person who committed this act of violence and theft against the victim; in my opinion, that person should be commended for doing so. In terms of Mr. Koke's integrity and moral conscience; given that I know Mr. Koke personally as well as vocationally, I have found him to be without question a person who is a rare breed in regards to having an exceptional moral and social conscience. Therefore; Mr. Koke's action and reaction to this hideous act is not surprising to me!

A man steps up and offers

A man steps up and offers his own money because he wants to do something to help and in return his character is attacked. What have you done to help? Who are you to slander his name and suggest people do a background search on him? He isn't soliciting for anything, just simply said what he would do to help find the attacker. I must have missed where he stated he wanted to start collecting and holding donations. The focus should be on finding this monster that is preying on the elderly...not your personal vendetta against someone trying to help the situation.

To the MAN offering..

To the man offering a reward with his own money, May God Bless you in many ways! There seems to be more and more cowardly attacks on the elderly because they seem to be such an easy target. I hope to see the scum bag who did this on TV soon, where he has been arrested! For God's sake, the 95 year old woman has probaly outlived most of her relatives! Why would anyone want to harm a completely harmless elderly person?

I don't have any money to

I don't have any money to offer a reward, but I think this guy is a great person to be doing this. What goes around comes around and i'm sure he will be rewarded in many ways.

Reward offer

I will give fifty dollars to the person that drags the attacker over to my house. Please just dump him over the fence but be careful not to alert my 3 large, angry, big, hungry dogs.

95 year old attack victim


This is Unreal

I also will put up a $1000 dollars,for anyone who can give information leading to the arrest of the attacker.

Justin LaNasa - 95 year old attacked

Justin, You should get with Mr. Koke and pool your money. Maybe we should consider a pigpicken to raise money for a reward.

Raising money

I definitely would love to help to try and raise money to find this dirtball.

Additional response to my critics

I want to additionally address another erroneous claim by my detractors...specifically, I am not soliciting funds from anyone to aprehend this criminal. I have already posted my money. I would ask my detractors what THEY have done. I know it must be upsetting to them to see someone like me stepping up and doing ten times what they have ever done to make this a better city. I am embarrassed for them. Their cowardice is only exceeded by their own shame for the way they conduct business, by their own inability or unwillingness to reach into their OWN pockets to make a difference and catch this predator. I can guarantee that my detractors will not be posting their phone numbers because they are cowardly roaches who scatter when the light of the truth shines in. I think their comments being offered behind the curtain of anonymity speaks for itself. I could care less about this cowardly hatchet job. The truth always wins out and these guys actions speak for themselves and define THEM, not me. If anybody wants to make a difference, pass out fliers, provide information or anything else OR if anyone doubts the veracity of anything that I have said, I encourage you to give me a call. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with anyone. Peter Koke (910)520-7191

For the moment

No matter what you may have done in the past, what you are trying to do here is a good thing and I applaud your efforts.

Peter Koke Critics

I have first hand knowledge of Mr. Koke and his business dealings and I have never heard of anyone who has ever has felt anything but positive after doing business with him. I think that these folks are folks who were maybe beaten at the negotiation table, if they had a legitimate beef they would have posted their names. Be part of the solution guys, quit whining over sour grapes....


To those who have criticized my posting reward money I can only say that I really do not care about people who are so jealous that they need to make up stuff about me. I am not running for public office or trying to promote my business. I just heard of this tragic crime against a 95 year old woman and thought that because I have been blessed with so many blessings that I would do what I felt in my heart would help in every way possible to catch this guy before he hurts another elderly woman or child. What I am sure of is the people who speak against me have know problem stealing from old ladies. I caught them red handed. They fear me exposing them and they will stop at nothing in their efforts to tear me down. What other POSSIBLE motive would someone have to speak out against someone trying to help in a situation like this? Peter D. Koke


Cause they did an internet search of your name and came up with a lengthy record of misdeeds...was that you?

Critics of Peter Koke

I have lived in Wilmington since the '80's and have known Peter Koke since he came here. He is a conributing member of this community and is trying to do some great things for the city. I have personally known him to do countless acts of kindness to people that never reach the paper. He has given away food and clothing, has offered housing to people who needed it. I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen Mr. Koke confronted with someone in distress where he did not respond and 99.9% of the time it NEVER makes the paper. There are only two people who speak negatively of Mr. Koke. One is Todd Taconis who is reputed to be one of the biggest ripoff artists in town and the other is Dave Nathens. Those guys have horrible reputations and have each, as a matter of public record, been sued for repeatedly trying to rip people off. And speaking of track records, I looked up Mr. Koke on the web site reference above and his offenses are nothing in comparison to what these guys are accused of. He has some very minor infractions and there is nothing there unless you consider him taking the punishment for one of his workers pushing down trees in another state to be a huge deal. I know for a fact that, in the pursuit of this criminal Mr. Koke has gone to homeless shelters and fed the homeless asking for information leading to the arrest of this perpetrator, passed out over 100 fliers personally and basically done more than anyone else in the city to capture this criminal. Also, I have PERSONALLY VERIFIED the $7500.00 that he has ALREADY POSTED for capture of this animal, so once again, these small minded detractors were wrong. The interesting thing is that he is in front of the public for doing something good and trying to help and these jerks who try to attack someone for doing some thing good are hiding behind their own anonymity. Let's see them strap on some (obviously borrowed) balls and post their names along with their criticisms so we can do a little internet research on these critics. It is interesting that the person who is hiding like a coward after making criticism is calling somone who put up money to catch a violent and dangerous criminal a JOKE. Well, I think any thinking person can see who the joke is....These critics should channel their energy into doing something positive instead of simply tearing down someone else who simply is a smarter business person.