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Man pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter

WILMINGTON -- Last year a young man was gunned down while unloading groceries with his father on Tenth and Rankin Streets. Tuesday the man charged with killing him admitted to mistaking his victim for someone else. Carl Clark Jr. died shortly after he was shot in the neck. Tuesday Carl Fennel pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the shooting. He was sentenced to five to seven years in prison.

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man died

i just cant believe the da. they just letting things go right pass there nose. how could someone get 5 to 7 years. so u tell me i can kill a person and say oh i thought that was someone else and they give me nothing the court system is messed up.. the da must felt sorry for him

i cannot believe the da

i cannot believe the da would let someone kill someone and get out of jail just for 5 to 7 years. so i guess i can go shoot someone and say. oh i thought it was someone else and get 5 to 7 years. that mess is not right. and they know it. if it was there famoily how would they feel. do unto others as u would want them to do intoyou

Why does this shock you?

Peyton Strickland's killer walked, Gary Rumor's killer walked too. It was an accident, right?

Get your facts straight

Maybe if you knew all the details of the Strickland and Rummer's case you wouldn't make such comments. If you remember, Strickland and his thug friends jumped and stole from another student. They set the actions of the NHSO ERT team into place. If Strickland hadn't done what he did, he would still be alive. As far as Rummer goes, he was drunk and combative inside the jail and refused to follow orders. He acted violently towards the officers working and they took him to the ground. He died because he hit his head. But again, his actions are what led to his death. It's sad what happened to both individuals, but they put themselves in those situations by their own actions. Not only that, the DA had nothing at all to due with the deputy getting off without charges. The grand jury decided not to pursue charges But, I do believe we need a new DA. I for one will be voting for someone knew

New DA

This is sad...and it will only get worse. We need a new DA. I, for one, will not be voting for our same DA

I am so appalled by this

I am so appalled by this ridiculous sentence! Why didn't they just go to the family of the victim and say "Hey, your loved one was not very important so we are pretty much going to let his killer spend a few years in jail and then let him back out to kill the person he was REALLY trying to kill!" Our government sucks bad.

are you kidding

so you mean to tell me that, your first intent is to commit murder, but because you got the faces mixed up and kill an innocent person,and pretty much saying "ops-my bag," you get only 5-7 years but if you would have gotten the right person you get twenty to life or even the death penalty. please tell me what's wrong with this picture!!!!


I cant believe this...some innocent bystander killed by some young punk and he basically walks, what is this world coming too..?


This is an absolute outrage...who in the hell accepted this offer? Somethings gotta be done this. So you mean to tell me if he would have killed the guy he intended to kill the outcome would have been different? He would have gotten more time for drugs...things like this deeply saddens me! I hope the family of the victim wont let this stand.An innocent by stander killed over some young punk trying to be a thug, what is this world coming too?

5 years?

He only got 5-7 years for killing an innocent bystander? You got to kidding me. I don't think I would have even posted this on the news. The POS should have gotten life without parole!

Why wasn't he charged with murder?

This plea bargain makes no sense this sounds like murder to me


this is very hard to believe


Now lets see if you kill someone and say oops wrong person you might as well just open the cell doors and let them out. The DA must have been in a hurry to get out of court. Who in his right mind would let a murderer just serve 5-7 years because he shot the wrong person. Are you nuts. It doesnt matter who he was going to shoot what he did was go out looking for someone to murder and his excuse was wow I shot the wrong person. Gee! It was a mistake. we put pot smokers in jail for 2 years but just kill someone to get your jollys off because they did you wrong and 5 years whoppee! It is time our judiscial system gets a makeover. you are suppose to be for the innocent not the criminals. What makes it worse is that he admitted that he went out gunning for someone else. What if it was someone you loved.JUST THINK ABOUT HOW THIS FAMILY FEELS. You have to live with this the rest of your life your family still with you and they have to live with this the rest of their lives how they got stabbed in the back by this