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Man removed from North Carolina's death row set to go free

RALEIGH (AP) -- A man who spent 13 years on North Carolina's death row is set to become the state's eighth man to be spared execution after charges against him were dropped. Prosecutor Dewey Hudson told The News & Observer of Raleigh that he will ask a judge on Friday to drop all charges against Levon "Bo" Jones and let him go. Jones had been sentenced to die for the death of Leamon Grady, who was robbed and shot in his home in 1987. In 2006, a federal judge overturned the conviction after declaring Jones' rights had been violated because of poor attorney performance. Jones has been in prison awaiting a new trial, set to begin May 12. North Carolina's death penalty has been on hold while capital punishment is examined. --- Information from: The News & Observer, (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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I can't believe he..........

I can't believe that guy went through all that trouble for doing nothing that was wrong!

Hang the Lawyer

So his lawyer forgot to file something, I think the lawyer and "Bo" needs hanging. So did he kill the victim or not? Have we lost our mind, why should he be freed, if "Bo" committed murder. Must have had a Democrat lawyer.

This didn't have anything to

This didn't have anything to do with being Republican or Democrat. That was an ignorant comment. This issue is dealing with an attorney that didn't know how to do his job right the first time. Had it been done correctly, "Bo" wouldn't be getting to walk free for murder.

"So, is he getting a new

"So, is he getting a new trial or just being let go???" = "spared execution after charges against him were dropped." I would assume he is getting to walk out the door!

So, is he getting a new

So, is he getting a new trial or just being let go??? I think it will be a very sad statement just to let him go because he didn't have good representation. At the very least he should be awarded a new trial.....that's it

"....after charges against him were dropped."

He's walking out the door, a free man. This state is starting to rival New York and New Jersey for its ineffective criminal justice system. The police can't do it by themselves and the judges won't back them up anyway. We're getting like the Old West, where law and order isn't going to be restored until the citizens band together to get it done.

Reading Is Fundamental

WilmMan, Did you miss the "charges were dropped" section of the report? Poor representation may be the reason he was falsely imprisoned, or accused of the original crime. It takes years to correct mistakes, but some die before justice is served.