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Man sentenced for raping stepdaughter, mother allowed assault

WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to allowing her husband to sexually assault her then 11-year old daughter. Because of privacy for the victim, we will not identify the woman's name. She pleaded guilty to one count of accessory to first degree sex offenses against a child and felony child abuse. She was sentenced to at least five years in prison. The woman's husband was sentenced in 2005 to at least 30 years, for raping his stepdaughter.

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i am the teen

I just want everybody to know that i am fine and that i thank yall for all the comments!

Law Enforcement...

This kind of crime is what LE needs to be focused on. Not so many of these petty, non-violent drug charges. Put more money and man-power on catching pedophiles and child rapists and send them to jail for a long time! There are people with drug charges that go to prison a lot longer than these bottom feeders. That just doesn't seem right to me!

Heard a rumor that she was

Heard a rumor that she was already out of jail.

Just wrong

This woman is just sick. I cannot even imagine letting something like that happen to my child. I hope that women is abused every day she is in that jail ways she cannot even think of. She can then live her horrid life knowing how it felt to be abused!

It is very obvious to see

It is very obvious to see that these laws are not tough enough. We as a community must protect our children from evil. Judges that impose sentences this lite should not be on the bench. These little ones have no voice. I hope that everyone who sees this comment will pray for that little girl. She has been abandoned by her Mother if you can call her that, her sick stepfather and now our justice system. Judges,Lawyers, D.A. where is your conviction....


Lady, I know that your conscience is eating away at you!!!!!!!! This reminds me of the movie "Bastard Out of Carolina". This is could a real mother side with a man over her own should at least look into the accusations/ check on your child. I know that there have been a few cases where the child has lied. I don't care how old my children are...I will always ask if everything is okay. Teach your children(boy or girl)from day one that no one should touch their private parts inappropriately (explain what that means to them). Evidentally mom stopped helping her child wash. I believe she would have detected a problem long ago or maybe she denied what she saw and allowed the abuse to continue. Parents wake up...nobody is excluded from commiting this type of crime these days. (uncles, aunts, cousins, dads, moms, grandparents, step-brothers, step-sisters, etc...) FOR ALL OF THE PERVERTS OUT THERE!!!! You have plenty of grown women to choose from or men...if you prefer, so you don't have to take a child's innocence and ruin their life.

real mother?

"FOR ALL OF THE PERVERTS OUT THERE!!!! You have plenty of grown women to choose from or men...if you prefer, so you don't have to take a child's innocence and ruin their life." Nice comment~ did you really think about what you said in this statement? If you did, you are wishing abuse on all women. Or men if you prefer.. Thanks a lot. 'Preciate it sister!! If you did not, what exactly are you trying to say here? New Flash for you: "Pervs" come in all shapes/sizes as far as their preferences. No one deserves to be a victim.

5 years for this. where is

5 years for this. where is the justice for this child? this mother should have been beaten to death for allowing this to happen. how does she justify allowing this to take place for so long, especially after she walked in and saw it for herself. i am a mother and it would have only taken a verbal accusation for me to act. wow, she will answer to a higher power one day and it wont be pleasant.

bye bye

WHY do we not put these people in PRISON and throw away the key? I've said it before and I'll say it again, write child molester,rapeist on their uniform and give them lots of recess (should only take a week) and lert the other inmates have at them since our so called justice systems FAILS! Absolute scumbags!


For a mother to allow this to happen to her own child is absolutely sick. She should serve as much time as her husband for what was done. Five years is nothing compared to what her daughter has and continues to go through. How can a mother allow anything like this to happen to her child. Just thinking about what this so called mother allowed to happen to her child makes me truly sick. I pray the young lady has a strong support group around her to help her overcome the trauma caused by years of abuse.

mother allowing child to be raped

If the rapist got 50 years how come she didn't get the same thing for allowing him to do it

Kill them

Why can't we just kill both of them? They have proved they don't care about anybody except themselves. Why give them the chance to do it again once they get out? Anybody that says the death penalty doesn't stop crime answer me this... Have you ever seen a dead person rob, rape, shoot.... If these thugs see that people are tired of their crap and they will be put to death after being convicted, I'd be willing to bet most will change their ways.

guesty I agree

I agree with you, however.. we all know that with North Carolina's hesitancy to enforce the death penalty that these people would still be in prison for 50+ years before it was carried out. I think we should go WAY back in the day and turn them over to the public for stoning. Hey, at least we'd feel more like something was being done instead of giving them a free home, cable TV, provided meals, and don't forget their nice weight room to stay physically fit it. It's no wonder people have no regard for the laws anymore. Maybe we should go back to digging ditches.. have a crew of men and women dig a ditch, then have another crew cover it up, then the first crew has to go back to the exact same spot and re-dig the ditch, on and on... So much for "liberty and Justice for all..." This little girl has gotten no liberty or justice from this situation. It's disgusting. Please tell me the court system won't give the mom rights when she gets out in a measly 5 years (probably 4 for good behavior).


This women should be beat to a pulp. She should be chained to a street corner and let her daughter beat her for hours with a 2x4. I understand the mother is still married to the stepfather. How could she even look at this monster that did this to her own flesh and blood. Mother and stepfather are the devils children. God bless this child that went through this torture and her own mother allowed it.