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Man shot by Soles says he was leaving property

READ MORE: Man shot by Soles says he was leaving property
The man shot by State Sen. R.C. Soles Sunday around 5:00 p.m. told WWAY he was walking away, when he was shot in the back of the leg. Kyle Blackburn is recovering in a South Carolina hospital and wanted to set the record straight about what happened. Law enforcement was called to the Senator's Tabor City home shortly after 5:00 Sunday afternoon. The Senator told authorities two men, both believed to be clients of his law practice, were trying to kick in his front door. Soles shot 22-year-old Kyle Blackburn. Blackburn was taken to Loris Community Hospital in South Carolina. Monday WWAY was able to speak with Blackburn who wanted to tell his side of the story. Blackburn says he and BJ Wright were sitting on a pier behind the Senator’s home when they noticed Soles looking at them from a window. Blackburn says he knocked on the Senator’s back door, but got no response. He then tried the front door. When the Senator answered, Blackburn says Soles was carrying a shotgun and fired a warning shot in the air. Blackburn says he put his hands up in the air, told the Senator he was leaving and started to walk away. It was then Blackburn said the Senator shot him in the back of the leg. Senator Soles has a surveillance system on his property, which Blackburn says will confirm his story. Our Durham affiliate caught up with Sen. Soles on Monday, but he had little to say regarding the incident. "There's an investigation going on and I’m not in a position to make any statement at this time," Soles said. "I'm sorry you made a trip down here to get that comment, but until it's cleared up I wouldn't want to say anything that would prejudice anybody's investigational rights." Blackburn scheduled an appointment to speak with us on camera Monday afternoon, but when we called to follow through Blackburn’s mother told us he "acquired representation and would no longer be taking phone calls." As we've previously reported, Sen. Soles has filed several complaints against his clients for trespassing. Last year, Blackburn and another legal client of Soles were arrested for trespassing while the Senator was away. A neighbor reported the suspicious activity, but allegedly Senator Soles declined to press charges.

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Too many questions still...

1. Will they look at the surveillance tapes 2. I read somewhere else that Soles shot Blackburn with a hand gun, not a shot gun 3. 911 wasn't called 4. Wright took Blackburn to the ambulance 5. No other witnesses Forensics, surveillance footage, and hospital report (if obtainable) will be the deciding factor in this one

I totally agree with you..

I totally agree with you.. You know the surveillance tapes will show IF the boys were kicking in the door.. Where are they and why no mention of them, just when Soles fired the gun they have reported that Blackburn was out of view. and according to NC law you can not shot someone that is walking away, because your life is no longer in danger.. This just keeps getting better and better

Jailhouse Paycheck

So the mighty esteemed Senator SOLES gave $8,000 to BJ Wright when he was in jail...and Kyle Blackburn recently was released from jail. Maybe Kyle was upset because he didn't get his JAIL HOUSE PAYCHECK like BJ did??? Eight Thousand dollars is ALOT of money in jail!!

It's not O'K just to arrest someone!!!

How does Citizen of CC expect someone to be arrested when the SBI has not concluded it's investigation? In this country, people are arrested and prosecuted based on evidence and law. If the SBI investigation shows that either Soles, Buffkin, or Wright committed crimes, then I look forward to seeing any or all of them prosecuted. Until then, I'm thankful I live in the USA and not the world or mentality that Citizen of CC does!!!


Blackburn is lucky the senator is either a very good shooter or a poor one. His injury could be much worse. The injury to the Senator's reputation is going to be much harder to fix. The Star-News states the senator is representing him currently in a different case. Mr. Blackburn's short time on earth has been punctuated with many run-ins with the law. Here's hoping Senator Soles writes off this pro-bono case.

poor coverage

This reason WECT-TV and the Red Star provide such poor coverage of the R.C Soles saga is because they always favor the Democratic officeholder til the very end. They are a part of the mainstream media's fascination with liberals. Hopefully, R.C Soles will suffer the same fate as Thomas Wright and Jim Black.They could use a little company in prison! Mike Easley you are next!

Its not ok just to shoot someone

Its not ok just to shoot someone, because you are a elected official. if the boy was shot in the back of the leg it shows he was leaving> I guess its a good thing he didn't aim for this head or back> RC should be arrested for shooting someone. What else is going to happen before the DA gets their eyess open. Instead of turning our heads i guess the citizens need to step up and take charge when election time rolls around and put both of them out. Being they are using their authority for their use not for the best of the county!!!! Enough is enough!!!

Defending yourself

Mr. Soles did better than I. If someone was on my property and I felt threatened enough that I grabbed my gun, I would have not aimed low. The fence, the no tresspassing signs, the warning shot, was not enough to get these kids to go. This whole thing is shady on all sides. Neither party has clean hands.

His accomplice...

...says otherwise. Wright stated Blackburn was making threatening gestures at Soles. Even if Soles was arrested, no jury would ever convict him, regardless of his standing as a Senator. Blackburn was trying to break into Soles' home, and was allegedly threatening Soles. Juries have repeatedly sided with the homeowners in these situations. As an extreme example, a teenager was caught by a homeowner breaking into a garage in Durham. As the teen ran away, the homeowner shot him in the back with a rifle and killed him. He was found not guilty. This is typical of juries verdicts in cases like this. No jury will ever side against a homeowner on his own property - especially an elderly homeowner confronted by a much younger, agressive man.

Yes it is true that Wright

Yes it is true that Wright said things against Blackburn, but now think about this Wright just got out of jail a few weeks back and had a new suv waiting for him at his mothers house, a gift from Soles. There are also records that while Wright was in jail Soles put over $8000.00 into Wrights prison account. Now doesn't that sounds like Wright needs his SUGAR DADDY

Doesn't matter for the

Doesn't matter for the shooting. Just because Soles gives him money (for whatever reason, good or bad) doesn't give Wright or Blackburn permission to try kick in the door of Soles' home and threaten him. Now, I'm not a supporter of Soles. I lived in Columbus County and heard the constant rumors about him. I didn't vote for him, but I will support him if he was defending himself against agressive intruders trying to break into his home. Even if they were unsavory friends of his.


to the issue at hand. Those incidents took place weeks prior to the shooting. They would have no merit in court. Set your emotions aside. This my be entertaining; but no way will it get to trial and it is not likely charges will be filed against the Senator.

why not

identify yourself and read the posts completely. The other young man, Wright, has stated Senator Soles defended his person and property. On the basis of that statement, it is highly unlikely any DA would bring charges.

This is the stuff

Reality Shows are made of. If I understand the setting, 2 young men were sitting on a pier at the rear of the Senator's property. Now, if the pier is actually on his property and the property is posted against Trespassers, then they were breaking the law. They went to the back door and then the front door to get his attention. Now, add in an elderly Senator, living alone, who thinks they are trying to break in and his safety may be in jeapordy. Perhaps throw in some impaired hearing for a senior citizen. He opens the door; fires a round in the air; and then shoots one in the leg. He must be a poor shot if he only got him in the thigh with a shotgun blast. The young gun shot recipient calls the Station to set the scene and explain his actions. The station returns his call to schedule an interview; but wait, his Mama announces he "has representation". One must ask, is that for crimminal or civil action? Stay Tuned. Who knows what can follow? Let's not forget, in an earlier appearance, another young man claimed "on camera" the Senator had molested him when he was 15. Fast forward, he recants his interview statement alluding to drugs ingested the day of the interview. This sure beats anything Retro TV is showing.

bj wright

B.J Wright told the news point blank that him and blackburn was tring to get in the door at the soles home and that blackburn act as if he was goig to hit sole. so why are bj wright , kyle blackburn and wrights girlfriend being charged with a b & e??? Why is tcpd putting this under the rug? Why wont the tcpd do anything to what is known as rc's boys?? Why dont someone bring that up at a town meeting?? come on .. whats the deal with tcpd and rc soles?

BJ Wright

First of all TCPD is good at brushing things under the rug and charging people who shouldn't be charged and letting the guilty go. But the slight problem is that Senator Soles's residence is actually located outside the city limits. So not taking up for TCPD, but the Columbus County Sheriff's Office is the one dropping the ball. And if you think that Chris Batten is going to allow one of his people to charge the right people you are not living in the real world. An outside agency such as the SBI needs to do the charging. However, I doubt that will ever happen.

Anyone know why WECT and

Anyone know why WECT and Star News has not reported the same side of this story as WWAY. Last night WWAY interrupted normal Sunday night programming to talk about the story but WECT waited until 11:27 to report on it, and as always, it was worthless. WECT is an absolute joke of a news organization and I'm saying that with friends of mine working there. Good thing we have organizations like O'Reilly and Hannity to bring us the REAL story. Had this been a conservative republican, WECT and WSFX would have interrupted American Idol to bring you the story. Shame on you WECT.

You'd better

go look at WECT again as well as WRAL in Raleigh. WECT has an interview with B J Wright in which he states Blackburn was somewhat drunk and waving his arms around as though he might hit the Senator. He, and remember this is the other youth on the scene, is clearly quoted as stating the Senator was merely defending himself and his property. This is better than Springer.