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Man suspected of shooting brother arrested

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington police have made an arrest in a case of brother against brother that ended in fatal shooting. Just after three Thursday afternoon police say 27-year-old Rasheed Diaab shot his brother Faheem once in the chest after an argument. It happened inside their home at 1133 Stewart Circle. Diaab is charged with first-degree murder. He's being held in the New Hanover County jail.

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The Love of My Life; Never forgotten

So Faheem still crosses my mind everyday. Just came to show you some love. I hope that his family is doing well and his children. To Daddy Grace, Pete & others I still think about all of you. I hope that everything is going well. Fox, my Dearest, you are never forgotten. I love you & see you when I get to the Gates of Heaven; you there to greet me and open them. Live, Love , Laugh.

My Love

I love U and miss you so much. Today is a special day that I will never forget. U are my Valentine always and Happy Birthday babe. I know you living up, up there. Today you are the big "41". Let's celebrate in peace for Faheem. Very overwhelming even as time goes on. Time is of the essence so let's please learn to Live Love & Laugh. That is one thing that I truly miss is your laugh. I love always. XOXO



People are evil

See that is the same attitude Rasheed had with other people. He always had his nose in the air as if he were better than everyone else, now look! You have the same attitude in your comment. The girl was just making comments in memory of her friend. That had nothing to do with you or getting to know your family. Noone wants to get to know your family!!!!!! Now I see why Rasheed was like that look at you!!!!!! He is a murderer and should be punished four to six years is nothing. He is not GOD, he is another dude from the hood that went to the ARMY. OHHHHHHH Get over yourself and allow people to mourn the way they want.


I grew up in Wilmington and we lived in Turnkey where theseguys lived. My older brothers hung out with Rasheed once he became an adult. I actually hungout with him a couple of times when he first got home from basic training. I jus want to send my prayers to the family. Rasheed had a way of coming off entitled like the world owed him something. When my brother, Robert C. McNeal owed him two hundred dollars he showed up to Robert's job threating to shoot him in front of his superiors! At that point I realized there was something going on with him. Don't get mad at anyone that has comments that knew them. We know a peice of them outside the family. Yall only know him to an extent! I hope God punishes him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago, IL

This is the woman from Chicago, IL. I really do not care how you feel and I never wrote anything about you so why are you mad? I will contine to do as I please and express my feelings for Fox in the way that I choose. You did not have to know about me and I think he would have kept it that way. To be honest, while you are conducting yourself in this silly manner, he did not care too much for some of you anyway, so you should stop. You shared what you did with him and I did as well. I will continue to write/display as I choose. How rude and unkindly you are. Seems as though you are a little hateful and bitter and maybe if you change you can have someone to love you just as much as he was and still is. Worry about things that need to be changed in your life and stop focusing on others. Thats the problem I see and the reason he is not here. Have you not learned anything from this great lost. You do you and I will do me. Thanks and seek God, because it is obvious you have not.



A Wonderful Man!

Faheem, how I miss you. I would like to thank everyone who is keeping him alive in mind, body & soul. Days are so hard sometimes & I know that he appreciates all the love and memories that I hope will never be forgotten. I am so glad I was able to spend his last days with him but it also makes me so sad. Please lets not take time for granted. We are all put here for a purpose and its to love and Faheem Diaab I truly love. Lets give back all he put in. XOXO

Faheem was someone I once knew and loved

we both used to live in atalnta. we worked together at a place called harrys farmers market. he was younger than me and i used to flirt with him all the time. we started a relationship and were once engaged.i used to bring him home with me to louisiana to visit my family and of course they fell in love with him especially my garandmother. i still can't believe such a wonderful person is gone but i will always treasure the the times we shared and the memories we made. rest in peace. i will love and think of you always.

The Love of My Life: U r not 4gotten.

I just wanted to post something for u Fox baby to let u know u are always on my mind and maybe u will get this message through the wires. It has been so hard to go on with my everyday life because I never imagined that I wouldn't be able to be with u. For anyone who keeps Faheem's spirit alive I thank u. I know he sees us and hears us, so lets please stay positive and focused. Everyday I awake I thank God and Fox because I now he is the angel who is watching over me now. To his family I pray for u always. I know the pain I feel is nothing compared to yours. I lost My True Love and Friend and the heartache still rest with me like it was yesterday. Fox I know u in Heaven without a doubt which gives me some closure. Fox will never be let go of and I pray at night that he does not let me go. I am a strong believer and I know he feels my spirit because there are days I feel his presence. Many may not know me or know what we shared, but for those whom do have that signifcant other in your life, PLEASE do not take these days here on earth for granted. My Love I Lost, whom was took from me I will LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

To everyone: Faheem was a

To everyone: Faheem was a blessing to everyone's life, everyones path he crossed. he did nothing but help everyone he could. he only wanted the best for everyone. he loved life and he lived it to the fullest. i know he has gone to his grave with no regrets, and thats the way it's supposed to be.god has definetly opened his doors for him and i am at peace. My brother was life a father to me from childhood to the day he died. He was my protector, my big brother, my heart. we will forever be bonded by february 14. As for Rasheed, he killed hisself when he killed faheem. A man who did so much for me as well as him. I fell that the envy hatred and jealousy played a big part. I have no feelings what so ever for rasheed i lost two brothers on january 17. I hope he pays for what he did in this life and the next....................the devil is a liar.... fareedah diaab

Faheem: The Love of My Life (True, Genuine Love)

May the LOVE OF MY LIFE soul rest peacefully. I am Faheem's girlfriend, THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE from Chicago,IL. We have been together for what would have been a year on Feb.16,2008. We met in Las Vegas, ALL-STAR weekend, Bally's Hotel. From the moment I met him we were inseparable. I have talked to him everyday from that moment on. We were long distanced but it worked. He made it his priority to make sure we seen each other every month; whether I traveled to NC(Raleigh, Wilmington, Charlotte) or whether he made his trip to Chicago. I would like to thank his sister Lanita Granger, brother Eric, friends Daddy Grace, Carlos and Pete for their support during my trip to NC for his passing. They say God does not make mistakes but I know he made one with taking Fox. He took away my Heart, my Friend, my Companion,my Protector and my Provider. My heart goes out to his family and esp. his sons(whom I did not meet, but planned to this very weekend 2/15/08). I know your dad for the oldest son, would want u 2get it together with school and not 2linger towards the streets(so u did not like your job @Dunkin Donuts I think that was it, can't really recall. Your dad told me he had u doing a little grill cleaning also). As 4 the youngest I feel sorry 4u & esp your mom(u know how u played him). Now u really do not have to worry about letting him see his son, whom will not have the chance to know just how crazy his dad was for him. And as for Anquinette Dickerson, u & I both know what u & he had was over(how sad to ruin his orbituary). I am just so glad that I was able to spend that weekend(1/11-1/14) with him b4 this tragedy happened. We were in the process of opening up the kids shoe store 'Kreativ Soles' on Castle next to the daycare & we had plans on me moving to NC at the end of April. Today is your B-Day Love and our Anniversary on the 16th, when we promised to get friendship bands. The greatest I have ever known has been taken & I do not think I will meet another. I cannot wait until we reunite in Heaven where I know u will open the Gates for me. I long for his touch, to hear his voice to & wake up next to him. As for Rasheed, the brother I seen from the car & glad I never met. U have detroyed & hurt so many with the jealously and greed u possess. My confidence in Christ is strong and I trust & believe that when God comes b4 u, it will DEFINITELY NOT BE A MISTAKE. HOW COULD U?

Faheem: The Angel

They were my only brothers and I have always done everything that I could to let them know that they were at loved and appreciated. Being the oldest sis and closest to Faheem out of everyone, I know that he was a loving person who did everything he could to make people smile and always experience new things. He was larger than life. He wouldn't have wanted people to worry about anything, but would've wanted you to succeed. Your success was his happiness. Faheem was always trying to strive towards positive things. I am proud of what he accomplished. He will always live on in spirit. AND WHAT A STRONG SPIRIT! Thank You for all your LOVE AND SUPPORT EVERYONE! We love you, Fah

Love for faheem

Fox and sifadeen were like brothers to me. I lost two loved ones with one shot. Whenever unk and pap got locked up niño bud and fox treated me like a brother . Take me to atl and ball out,even when i had no money fox or nino would make me go. Watching them growing up made me wAnt more for myself. I probably was closer to sif then fox was and also closer to fox then sif was. Me and sif grew up together and had stupid confrontAtions but i never thought he would go this far DAMN!!!!

We Lost a great person

Fox, will always be miss you. The world has lost one of the few people that was good.

A Great Man Has Gone Home to be with the LORD!

I know Faheem for many years growning up. He was a very quit man didn't talk much. I will miss see him in T&J MAX doing a little shopping we will away run into each other there. They said all great man gone early. I know his gone home to be with the Lord. I hope this open the eye of all (Black Men). That life is ever promise today and life is to short. I will Miss you Fahemm.

Knowing Faheem the way I

Knowing Faheem the way I knew him was to love him. He would truly be missed by all of us. We love you Faheem R.I.P You will always hold a special place in my heart.wild cat

2 My Best Best Friend

To the Diaab family: I am so sorry 4 the lost of your sons,my prayers are with u all. Faheem was my best,best friend,we grew up 2gether in Turnkey,we never had a argument,we never had a disagreement about anything,we always agreed about everything 2gether. Faheem was a very nice man,always giving and helping people that needed help,if u ever partied with Faheem and u didn't have any money oh yes he would take care of u. It's a-lot of things I can say about Faheem but time wont let me. 2 all his children your father was a good,good man who loved life and loved his Mother,Father, Sister's,Brother's and Children very,very much. It's such a shame that his life came to a tragic end by the hands of one that he loved so dearly. Faheem you will be greatly missed by me(Stevie Joe)and my daughter's Passion Hyman, Ebony,Kim,Beasley and Shacoqoya Hines. I Love U Faheem!!! R.I.P Your Best Friend Stevie Joe

Faheem-I'll Miss Him

Faheem will be greatly missed by many.He was like a brother and one of the most wonderfull people I know.I will always remember that beautiful SMILE that you can ever see on a person.WE LOVE YOU. Elaine

I loved Faheem Diaab

For the family, just know that Faheem made a huge impact on so many lives, and so many folks are hurting. The world has lost a wonderful man. It was truly an honor for me to have known him. I loved Faheem! My heartfelt prayers go out to you and yours. Sincerely, Nika

Faheem Diaab

Yes, he was a very good brother. Yes I am his sister. He was a passionate person and ready to make a difference in the world. He was a strong leader. And loved very dearly by all that knew him. I was really just getting to know him but I truly loved him.

faheem Diaab

Faheem was a very good friend of mine and everyone he came in contact with. He will truly be missed by a lot of peole in our community. It really saddens me to be writting about such a good friend, man, brother and someone's son that we have lost to violence. I pray that one day our young men will learn how to love and embrace each other with heartfelt love and respect. .PEACE.

What about the other brother?

Alot has been said about the victim being a nice guy, but what about the killer? Was he the black sheep of the family that was in and out of trouble or what? Why did he kill him? You said you were his sister, please help us to understand.


im not the sister im 1 of the best friends of both brothers rasheed(sifadeen) maybe was smarter than fox. He graduated NCSU enlisted in the army with everything going good for him . I think a small argument turned big and thing he had ever been mad jealous or upset about boiled over. Sifadeen(rasheed) just had a problem letting things go. He felt he was always right cause alot of times he was.


The reason the family has not said anything about Rasheed is that we're hurting. I'm Faheem's cousin and I had just attended Rasheed's graduation from NC State and his commissioning ceremony as an officer into the US Army. None of us understand what really happened to Rasheed and why he took his brother's life. I'm in Utah and I move back to NC in a few weeks, so I'm not there with the family, I have only spoken with my mother and don't know how his sisters are handling it. I only know that it seemed that Rasheed was gonna bring hope and honor to our family, being young, black and on his way up. Faheem was always good to me, however distant I was. My mother would tell him I needed something and he would discreetly support me. I don't what will become of Rasheed, but I pray our family can love him even though we hate what he's done. Faheem didn't deserve to die like he did and I love him, miss him and regret that when I heard he was in town, I didn't try to see him. I thought I'd have more time. Don't expect the family to say much about Rasheed for a while.. Right now, there are no words..

GOD does not like Ugly

I hopwe Rasheed goes to hell!!!!!!!! Who is he the Judge and the Jury?


I hate to say this, but that man killed more than just his brother. All of his family are now forever his victims also. I'm sure they all died a little bit too when that happened. My prayers are with the family for strength.