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Man tased and arrested at his father's funeral

READ MORE: Man tased and arrested at his father's funeral
Five New Hanover Sheriff's deputies have been disciplined after tasing and arresting a man at his father's funeral this past Saturday. Gladwyn Russ III was wanted on a domestic warrant for a threatening to kill his wife. The plan was for deputies to arrest Russ after the funeral, but a miscommunication at the sheriff's department resulted in two plain clothes detectives taking him in to custody while he was acting as a pallbearer, and sliding his father's casket in to the hearse. From the New Hanover County Jail, Russ told the story of how sheriff's deputies arrested him at his father's funeral. “I was just in awe. I didn't know what was going on because I was watching my daddy's casket pass through my hands for the last time," he said. Startled, he fought back. That is when Russ was tased, cuffed and taken to jail. "It just amazed me the show of force they had for just a little crime,” he said. But the New Hanover County Sherrif's Office said it’s more than just a little crime. Russ is charged with threatening to kill his wife; a domestic related charge that Sheriff Causey said, isn't taken lightly. “He had avoided us, he promised to turn himself in, but he just simply would not,” said Causey. Arrangements were made for Russ to report to the jail last Monday. When he did not, a plan for his arrest began to take shape. The plan was for deputies to arrest him after the graveside service. “They tried to arrest him as they were leaving the funeral home. That was our mistake. I take full responsibility for that. I'm sorry for any interruption this caused,” said Causey. Since August, sheriff's deputies have made 19 visits to Russ's house. The majority of visits were failed attempts to arrest him. In fact, the last time they tired to arrest him, Russ barricaded himself inside a home, and refused to go peacefully with law enforcement.

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at a Funeral

I'm beginnig to wonder if have hired some deputies with slight mental retardation. This is re-donkeyulous !

- CC


OK keystone cops, ya think he was gonna drop the casket and run? Should of had a little respect for his dad. Are we shure Ronald Hewitt wasn't in charge of this?

Wow you can certainly tell

Wow you can certainly tell the criminals and the law abiding citizens by their assumptions and the remarks they make. Simply *saying* something does not make it factual. Were YOU there...those of you that are repeating things over and over again? I for one hold NHCSD in the highest regard - let someone be hurting YOUR family or after someone you hold dear. WHO do you call for help? The criminals? Sure, that and $4 will get you a cup of coffee. Come on people of Wilmington wake up. We've hired these capable men and women to do a job, one they are highly trained for. Please allow them to do it every day, not just when it suits your personal agenda!

Read again

There was miscommunication, there is a apology, I'm not standing up for him but again while he was carrying his dads casket? come on now

Bad Call

Let's take a moment and look at the apprehension of Mr. Russ. This issue should not even concern Dep. Jordan and Cpl. Brown. The issue at hand is the poor decision making capabilities of Sheriff Causey and his administration. This matter clearly went wrong when Mr. Russ allowed to dictate the conditions of his apprehension. This sends a message to the criminals of New Hanover County by saying, do whatever crime you want, barricade yourself in and we will allow you to turn yourself in when you are good and ready. The second issue what if Mr. Russ would have killed his ex-wife during these two days he was granted to go about his life. Sheriff Causey said that this was a serious charge, which in fact it was. But, the command staff at the Sheriff's Office must not have thought it was to serious of a charge by allowing Mr. Russ to freely roam the streets of New Hanover County. Sheriff Causey said that he accepted responsibility for the incident. If Russ would have killed his ex-wife would the Sheriff have assumed the responsibility then. Yes, he would have then. Sheriff Causey would have not necessarily wanted to assume the responsibility, but would have no other option when the law suit was filed. These clearly shows that Causey and command staff are clearly not able to make the decisions that the voters of New Hanover County thought they were able to make. These that should be disciplined are not Dep. Jordan and Cpl. Brown, but Sheriff Causey and everyone of the command staff that participated in the decision to allow Russ to dictate his apprehension. Will Causey suspend himself for a day without pay. I think not, he will not miss a days pay of his $117,000.00 salary. Sheriff Causey, how does it feel to PUNKED, because that is what has happened to you and the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office. You have made your deputies look so good in the eyes of the public. Sheriff Causey, if you take responsibility you should suspend yourself, be a man and do it.


So is this the way the black community thinks they are supposed to act with law enforcement? You will turn yourself in whenever fits your schedule. Sorry doesn't work that way, if you are wanted you should be apprehended whenever you are spotted. Period. You all want to act like animals, Good job Wilmington Police Department.

Honey, for your information

Honey, for your information the perpetrator was white. A criminal is a criminal, no matter the skin color. However, you went on a tirade about what you thaought was the color of the man's skin. Jeez!

The article clearly states

The article clearly states that it was the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department. The Wilmington Police Department had nothing to do with what happened to this man. Before you go off and start writing comments about a news article, make sure you read it first.

he's white!

he's white!


did the black community come into all of this? The guy is white. Why does some low thinking creetin raise a color issue which was not even present or an issue?

If you read

some of the national news items or even the Star News article, here are a couple of disquieting thoughts. 19 failed attempts to take him into custody. On the last failed attempt, he barricaded himself in a house. Apparently the end of the attempt. His was to turn himself in on 11/10. His Dad is in the hospital and dies on 11/11. Per all of these national reports, he did contact the Sheriff's Department and an agreement was made to allow him to turn himself in after the funeral. The funeral is held on 11/15. He's taken into custody at the Funeral Home as he has his hands filled with his Dad's coffin. They nearly drop the coffin; that would have been real nice. He's booked on a $5,500 Bond. That bond amount hardly seems sufficient for all he is accused of. He may well be released on bond now. Who knows. But a $5,500 bond requires about $600 out of pocket to a bail bondsman. Is that amount really going to keep him from taking off if he chooses to run? Hardly There just seems to be an awful lot of conflicting issues. And the bond amount certainly does not communicate the suspect was a dangerous desperado. Something just smells about this one.

Your logic has too many holes to be considered credible

You noted that there were 19 attempts to bring this criminal into custody so that the judicial process could begin. You also noted that he contacted the Sheriff's Department and arranged to turn himself in after his father's funeral. After 19 unsuccessful attempts, why on earth would the deputies have believed he really planned to turn himself in? Miss the appointment once...okay, maybe. Miss it're pushing your luck. Miss it 19 TIMES and you have proven your word is no good. Since he agreed to "turn himself in" - AGAIN - after the funeral, deputies had every right to anticipate that he would be at the funeral. HE put himself in that jackpot. He started us all down this road when he first engaged in activities that resulted in warrants for arrest. He further heightened his own plight by refusing to turn himself in on 19 ATTEMPTS. No one to blame but him for that. You noted that his bond was $5000 and you state that it is not enough. Hmmm...wonder what would have happened had he turned himself in at the first opportuniy? Even after committing crimes and following them up with numerous attempts to evade and delay the justice process, the Sheriff's Department showed restraint by agreeing to a low bond figure. You noted that the low bond amount would be little or no deterrent to prevent him from dodging and running away again. Can you really not see how that fact further justifies the actions of the deputies? You are correct when you say that something just smells about this one. However, you are dead wrong on your assertion of what smells. This man shows complete and utter lack of respect for our nation's justice system by committing crimes and then evading what he's got coming to him. Therefore, he does not deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.

Get Your Facts Correct

I quoted NATIONAL news reports; and I made that very clear. The only comment which can be attributed to my brain is concerning the smell factor. And I DID NOT point where the smell was coming from.

The problem is he did not

The problem is he did not agree to turn himself in after the funeral. The only agreement that was made was he could turn himself in after his father had surgery which meant he was going to turn himself in on Monday. His family is saying he made an agreement to turn himself in after the funeral but no deputy has confirmed that yet. But like you said, after 19 attempts and an already broken promise, why should the Sheriff's office give him any breaks what so ever

The "Spin"

is already beginning. Read the report on AOL News. He was kneed in the back and hit with the tazer. A deputy dropped his pistol. The ex-wife does not even live in NC; she lives in another unnamed state. His Father died on November 11. He had agreed to turn himslef in after the funeral. Those are not my words or suppositions. That's what is reported. They name witnesses who were there. By no means am I defending this Gentleman. But here come the Plaintiff Attorneys. Here come the lawsuits.

get real

are yall not getting this. THE COPS HAD BEEN LOOKING THIS GUY FOR THREE MONTHS. IF HE HAD BEEN THAT DANGERIOUS THE COP SHOULD OF GOT HIM BY NOW. IF HE WAS THAT MUCH OF A THREAT HE COULD OF DONE A LOT OF DAMGE IN THREE MONTH.the promble is the cops are ashamed that the couldnt catch this guy. and had to show off how bad they are. one day maybe they will learn that their brain is a better weapon.

No, YOU need to get real

It isn't just about the level of his crimes. By committing the crimes in the first place, he demonstrated a complete lack of respect for our nation's justice system. He exacerbated that by dodging arrest 19 TIMES. Maybe you are comfortable with the knowledge that people who commit crimes and then repeatedly dodge the justice system roam the very streets we live on. I'm not. I say catch him and any others like him by whatever means necessary.

Boo-hoo... Criminal Rights---NONE!

Did he deserve to be tased? YES---why should a cop have to "wrestle" a person to arrest them. This is the real world, not a wresting match. It was unfortunate that mourners had to witness this arrest and disruption to the funeral---however, the cops didn't randomly pick a funeral to disrupt. THIS MAN WAS WANTED AND HE 'BROUGHT' THE COPS THERE.

Thats good another donkey

Thats good another donkey off the streets. NHCSO is doing a great job at catching these criminals. Maybe he will have time to think about what he did in JAIL...

at the funeral

Now lets see what the Mayor and other local officials say about this. Wilmington has made the national news again, and again it's because of the sheriff's dept. Go onto AOL news and see what the nation is saying about Sheriff Taylor and Barney.. This is a disgrace to Wilmington the way the sheriffs dept handled it.. It will be great for tourism too.. Now, say your sorry and that's going to make it all better... stop saying sorry and train you deputies....

is this

a City related issue or NHC?


wow... you can tell who is LEC and who is not posting comments.. Citizens=Cops Always Wrong... Cops=Always Justified... Both groups need to calm down and have a little bit of common sense.. The deputies should have had active survalience on the perp suspect the end of the funeral and as the suspect was leaving,after he said his peace, then arrested him... by force if necessary... Come on guys... While he had a casket in his hands of his father? Lack of training wpd -0 ...lack of training county - 23 .. County looses.... Trophy for a real lec goes to WPD!

Why not

Why don't we just do away with all Law enforcement in New Hanover County, and let the criminals run the county ( because you all are not far from it)

Way to go NHCS!!! You just

Way to go NHCS!!! You just got ripped by CNN Headline News. I hope you are proud of yourselves!

What is wrong with society

What is wrong with society when people have more respect for a criminal than for for the people that are hired to protect them. Everyone is crying how disrespectful the police officers were being but has anyone even thought about how disrespectful this idiot is towards the law? Come on people, how is it that you have such a complete lack of respect for the first people you call when you have or get into trouble? I have big concerns when society worries more about the rights of a criminal than the rights of the victims of the crimes they committed. As for any lawsuits that may come from this, I hope any judge that may be called upon will use more common sense than the idiot we as a society paid to say that you can beat someone half to death and take their property and it's OK as long as you are not harmed when it's time for you to pay for that crime. Then again, how can you expect common sense from people with authority when society will act like this. Why not get rid of the justice system if we don't allow justice to happen. This is INSANE!!

Why is everyone upset with

Why is everyone upset with the law officers. They have a job to do. The man should have turned himself in as he promised or at least asked for additional time because of his father's death. All of you who seem to be angry undoubtly have some law enforcement issues or some type of skeleton in your closet. I applaud the law officers for the excellent job they do. The next time you need an officer think of how you have slaundered them in your comments.

Lt. Price NHSO - remember him?

Anyone recognize the name Lt. Price as one of the 5 sheriff department deputies that was listed as one of the ones involved in the tasering incident? That is the same guy that was in charge of the SWAT operation that caused the "accidental" death of Peyton Strickland and cost us taxpayers $2.45 million. Someone needs to check his blood for steroids, this guy seems out of control.

Get Real

Lt Price had nothing to do with this incident. The only reason he is getting in trouble is because he is the Division Commander and is overall in charge of the ERT unit because they fall under the Patrol Division. He wasn't there and had nothing to do with the planning of this. The same can be said for the Lt MacNeish who is in charge of the ERT team

Lt Price Is a walking time

Lt Price Is a walking time bomb just ticking away - someday he is going to explode. He is an angry man...not the kind of person that needs to carry a gun!