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Man to serve time, lose property for burning motel

BELVILLE -- The man who once ran the Town and Country Motel in Belville will now serve at least three years behind bars, and will likely lose all of his property. Authorities arrested Sid Boney in 2006 for selling cocaine out of his motel. About a week after his arrest someone set the Town and Country Motel on fire, but no one ever faced charges for arson. Now that Boney has pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine, prosecutors say the US marshals will auction off a large chunk of the property where the motel sat. Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore said, "Belville now has the potential to be a much prettier place." Nearby employee Patricciar Loftin said, "It's going to bring much better business to the area and I'm looking forward to that." The town of Belville has already shown interest in buying the property so it can revitalize the area. Since the motel was shut down and cleared out prosecutors say there has been almost no crime in the area.

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They Got What They Wanted, His Property

Mr Boney did what others wouldn't he provided a place for the homeless and outcasts of society. He even hired some as labors and housekeepers. The real issue was the location of his property, right off the highway. Prime real estate. Now that he has been charged with a crime(s), he loses his rights. For eight years, there was a drug and alcohol problem between the hotel and Citgo (1998 - 2006). You can't possibly blame it all on Mr. Boney.

Bingo! Prime Real Estate

Bingo! Prime Real Estate

Belville Hotel

If the owner had killed someone in the hotel, would he have lost the hotel? If he had kidnapped someone and helt them in the hotel, would the hotel have also been confiscated? Can you lose your property for arson of same property? I am against drugs, especially one as destructive as cocaine, but should someone lose their property for drugs? Or for any crime?

Drug money

These days anyone can lose their property for even being suspected of having something to do with drugs. Look at the illegals that are stopped on the highways of NC with large amounts of cash. It is condemned as drug money just because of the large amounts (forget they are paid only in cash) and then the money is distributed among a counties law enforcement (if not pocketed first like in Lumberton.) That is why the state of NC Law enforcement personnel like illegal aliens working and living in this state. Otherwise the Federal government would have to seize any money if they got involved with illegals. Simply your county and city police do NOT want to know if they are dealing with an illegal.

Yes they should, When they

Yes they should, When they use Drug money to run the Rat Hole.

Taking of property is a

Taking of property is a deterent for having anything to do with illegal drugs, i assume. But, when you think about it, what is the percentage of drug related cases that actually have "real property" to take? Probably not very high because all money is spent on drugs.

Taking of property goes for

Taking of property goes for vehicles also. I think it's a good idea. Take away the places drug dealers sell their drugs and you can cut down on some of the selling. There is always the street so you can't cut out dealing altogether, but anything that hinders their dealings is a good thing

Big difference between "real

Big difference between "real property" and vehicles. Who doesn't have a vehicle? But how many have "real property"? Probably not many.

I'm sure they all have

I'm sure they all have places to live. If drugs are being sold from their residence, then their residence needs to be confiscated and sold off. Same goes for their vehicles if they are selling drugs or have so much drugs in their vehicle

Taking Property For Dealing Drugs

I am strongly against drugs. We must fight the prevalence of drugs in our society, especially among the young. Are we losing more constitutional rights by allowing our government to confiscate property for the conviction of a crime? That is different than a fine. And, where do you draw the line on which crimes to punish by confiscation of property? We need to go after the big dealers that bring the drugs into the country to begin. I see many small dealer busts, but what about the drug importers that regularly bring in the large shipments that fuel the industry. Stop them, and stop the drug industry.

True...but if you also stop

True...but if you also stop the small dealers, the big dealers won't have anyone to move their stuff. It's hard to get the top dog's of a drug ring. They are usually sitting pretty and don't have their hands dirty. If the small dealers start losing their property for selling drugs then maybe the big dealers will start to lose some of their small dealers

Seems you have a much better understanding

Seems that you have a much better understanding of this scenario. Why is that? Personal involvement? The cops needs to work on the drug problem like a boat sinking. Stop the big leaks first and then bail and plug the small ones. Elementary but yet so strange a concept for LEO's.

Only problem, there are too

Only problem, there are too many small dealers to take their places. They need to go after big dealers. Constantly going after these nickel and dimes is ok, but it's like we are stuck on the first rung of a ladder.

Little Dealer/Big Dealer

Well maybe...but after 40 years of widespread drug use and street dealing, the ranks of small time dealers remain strong. I almost think drugs are more available than ever. Most small dealers, I would think, do not own property. And, I think the big dealers are too connected to get hit, so the drug problem continues.

Absolutely correct. My

Absolutely correct. My thought is that they probably rent, stay with "unsuspecting relatives", or government subsidy. That would be a very cruel turn of events to have your residence seized because of someone staying in your home that you didn't realize had something to do with drugs. You should always know the people you are with, but sometimes we don't know everything.

I got what you are saying

I got what you are saying now....and I agree

the part about no more crime

the part about no more crime in the area does not tell that the other motel was also tore down during this time that had its share of problems,,,but your story points that his motel is where all the trouble was at

burning motel

you story says no one was charged with burning the motel,, but you headlines say man serves time for burning motel,,,so which is it i think you got your head lines wrong,,,,,

no doubt he didn't burn it,

no doubt he didn't burn it, he was in jail