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Man turns self in for pulling gun on Hardee's employee

WILMINGTON -- A man accused of pulling a gun on a Hardee's employee has turned himself in. After seeing his picture on TV Corey Jones is now charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Wilmington Police say after an argument in the parking lot, Jones followed a black female into the Hardee's on Carolina Beach Road on April 7. Then, police say, Jones walked up to an employee who was calling 911, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire.

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Scum of the Earth Punk

Just look at his face. He's ready to kill, and probably meant to. Tell the whole story, WWAY. Why didn't the gun fire? Corey Jones should get the same sentence as if the gun had gone off. When the victim lives because of a miracle, it should not benefit the would be murderer. I wish the Hardee's employees had doused Mr. Jones with five gallons of hot fryer oil. I would have turned him into an eight piece chicken dinner with free biscuits. What a surprise, he didn't have time to run off to Philly or N.Y.C. like most of them do. There is no place in society for people like Corey Jones. Rot in prison.

No need

You don't need to have a logical or reasonable reason to use racism for an excuse.We have seen this over and over again.Doesn't make sense now or never has.

Has anyone remembered what

Has anyone remembered what is written in the Bible "An eye for an eye". In this situation, I would pay to watch a public execution of this person. This was a blatant act of killing someone. Is the reason hes not being charged with attempted murder because the weapon was not loaded or did it just not fire for mechanical reasons? Give us the full story here. This isn't even a black white thing, this is just a human who shouldn't even be allowed to live in our town, much less even be here on Earth. Again WWAY gives us the half story, would like to know the whole story for a change.

Can you say.....Typical ?

Another thug in town. Look at his facial expression. Oh Yeah.... he was dead serious. Both the girl he was chasing and the employee are very lucky to be alive. TYPICAL........Put him away and let the con's deal with him.


He does not look like much of a man to me,looks more like a punk with a big gun in his hand

"After seeing his picture on

"After seeing his picture on TV Corey Jones is now charged with assault with a deadly weapon". _________________________________________________ How about making that charge..."Attempted Murder"! He pulled the trigger next to that man's head even though the gun did not discharge. Case closed...and don't drag this out in court for months...nail Corey Jones to the wall. The judge needs to keep in mind what the Hardee's employee felt when he heard that click of the trigger. Question we still have any judge's in the court system that will hand down a sentence to remember by us all?...a proper sentence and not one that is (i.e.) 6 months probation or similar.

It was the intent

This guy needs to spend the rest of his life in jail. So what, the gun didn't fire. But he wanted it too and that should be enough to place him behind bars for the rest of his life. Awe, but you might ruin this poor young man's life? So what! He was more than willing to END SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE! If every person that did this got put away for life or worse then pretty soon this wouldn't be a common crime. This is the type of hothead that pulls a gun in traffic or on the road and then turns up dead when someone else isn't the least bit intimidated by a punk with a gun. And for all the anti-gun crowd. That handgun didn't go into Hardee's by itself did it? That gun didn't pull it's own trigger did it? That gun didn't do much of anything, but the guy did. Guns don't kill people, guys like this do!

Imagine if the gun did fire

Imagine if the gun did fire and that was you with the gun to your head. Let's get these criminals off the streets and in jails for the rest of their lives where they belong. I will pay an extra $2,000 a year to build more jails to lock them up if everyone else is willing to. I would rather be poorer than see one of my family members killed because we did not have enough prison cells for these criminals.

He won't get anything..

Some jackass lawyer is going to actually defend this waste of DNA and probably use a racism defense causing this sadistic puke to get off clean.

He won't get anything.....

Right is right and, wrong is wrong.....his criminal history will determine what amount of time he receives for this act. However, what part does racism play in this? Please explain intelligently how someone could use a racism defense in this situation?