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Man wanted by FBI arrested on UNCW campus

WILMINGTON -- We're learning more about a man who was wanted by the FBI and arrested on UNCW's campus Tuesday. The suspect allegedly has connections with domestic terrorists. According to reports Ronald Cole has connections with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, and the Waco massacre in the early 1990s. Ronald Cole, 38, was arrested Tuesday at UNCW as he dropped his wife off at graduate school. The US Attorney's Office indicted Cole in November for fraud and reproducing government identification documents. According to Cole's neighbors undercover agents have been watching Cole's house for the past four months, and some neighbors who didn't want to be identified say they've been weary of Cole ever since he moved to Brookview Road in Wilmington six months ago. One neighbor said, "When he first moved here he looked suspicious. Just the way he was, just the way he acted, I said to my mom, there's something wrong with that man." We checked into Cole's past and found he was one of the branch Davidians who survived the Waco massacre in 1993. In 1996 Cole handed out fliers outside of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh's trial -- asking for McVeigh to be treated fairly. A year later Cole was arrested in Aurora, Colorado, where FBI agents found illegal guns and explosives in his home. Cole was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for his arrest in 1997. He's now in custody of US marshals. They declined request for an interview with Cole.

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Not a Branch Davidian

Whomever wrote this article is WAY off base stating that Cole was ever a survivor of the Branch Davidian massacre. Only nine people survived the inferno and Cole was *NOT* one of them. Looks like somebody better get their facts straight before they write up a "news" story. Checking facts is the first step in writing a story and apparently nobody bothered to do that. He was merely a supporter who believed the governments actions were wrong, he certainly never was involved with the Davidians beforehand. End of story. THOSE are the facts.

remember not everything is as is seems

why would the FBI go so hard after a guy who faked a couple of social security cards and drivers licenses? do they do that sort of gun-ho round'm-ups for all the mexicans doing the same thing? cole had a subversive book on Waco and a anti-government, PRO america website. now you tell me why this man was hunted down like a terrorist? wait are we really hunting terrorists? Anyone seen bin-laden? helllllllo??? viva-la first ammendment!

Yeah, your right everything

Yeah, your right everything IS not as it seems. I'm sure the Feds have some dirt on this guy that they haven't made public, he might be an information-producing "asset" to them.

Made the press didn't it?

This is just an effort to make out like the "big brother" crap really does something in this country. This poor guy was very loosely connected to what the press reported, and nothing confirmed. Why do you think bank camera's are all from the above angle, overhead. Well, they are hardly ever really that way, it would make it too easy to avoid. Most are really at eye level, but they never show that on the news. They always refer to guns as automatics, and not anything different. Dumies. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. no matter how fast you pull the trigger. He was so loosley connected to Tim MV, your high school gym teacher was as guilty. I guess the Democrats needed a Thanksgiving persecution to fuel their race for the presidency.

Out of Control

Here we go again!! Out of control law enforcement. If they have been watching his house for months, why did they make the arrest at UNCW? It looks like alot of lives were put in danger for no good reason. At the very least a portion of the campus was shut down for several hours. I expect this type of behavior for the local cowboys but I would expect better from the FBI.


I'll bet that if the truth be told, this clown never even met Timothy McVeigh.

This guy is a worse creep

This guy is a worse creep than the mid-eastern SOBs who want to kill us. Since he doesn't like this country, suspend his constitutional rights and hang the b###t#rd!


What was he picked up for? The story above just lists things they know about him not the charges. If he is a survivor of the Waco mess and handing out fliers, I don't think any of that was against the law. The Waco thing was horrible and all but those people chose to be there with that man. As for handing out fliers, and choosing to believe in that guy, the last time I looked that wasn't against the law. If they arrested him for the guns and now he is out walking around free, I don't understand what they got him for now. It was a stupid thing for them to arrest him at the college. Why not in his front yard after he got into his car to leave? The FBI just seems to like to do things BIG and that is all there is to it. Lets call as much attention to ourselves as we can. Hey IDIOTS of the FBI at least leave our college out of your WANNA be BIG ideas.