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ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Man says police busted into wrong home; wants them to pay for damage

READ MORE: Man says police busted into wrong home; wants them to pay for damage

4/16 UPDATE: We talked with Wilmington Police Deputy Chief David Conklin today, who adamantly contends the department did not make a mistake serving a search warrant at Raymond Davis's house.

He says the department took out two warrants for the two addresses and served them at the same time.

He also said that when search warrants are requested, it's based on what they're looking for, not necessarily for who lives there.

When we asked why they were so sure they would find drugs at Davis's house - but had requested the warrant thinking David Alston lived there, he said he didn't want to argue that point.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Imagine this: you come home and find a broken door and police inside. Well that happened to Raymond Davis, who lives on 13th Street in Wilmington.

The search warrant police were serving March 17 had Davis's address, but listed another man's name. That man was 68-year-old David Benjamin Alston, who lived just a block away on 12th Street. Police searched that home as well and found Alston, but Davis says the search was only done after they first entered his home.

"When this had happened I even went to the head lieutenant of narcotics and reported this," Davis said, "and as the lieutenant that was here called him and told him yes they had hit the wrong house, the house was on the next block over at 712 12th Street not 724 13th Street."

We called the Wilmington Police Department to find out more. A spokesperson said she could not comment on camera, because Davis has a pending drug charge from the search in question. Davis says that's the other problem he'll challenge in court.

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Why do people keep saying

Why do people keep saying the police searched the wrong house??? They police did a raid on a house where the address was listed. Does it really matter which name is on the search warrant??? They are searching a house, not a person so the name on the warrant makes no difference.

The funny thing in all this, this LOSER is complaining that the police broke into his home and searched the wrong house, yet they found exactly what they were looking for


I have read all the comments on this post and all I can say is WOW!!
From 'If I don't get caught I didn't do it' to 'It could happen to you'.
People, are you not using your brains or is just everyone posting on this story druggies that don't have much of a brain left??
If the police broke into my home because they suspected that I had drugs and they FOUND THEM then I WOULD BE AT FAULT for having them.
Why is this so hard for people to understand...or has the Mary Jane burned the little bit of brain cells that you had to start with?????

Real Socialism - Publicize Law Enforcement

Another problem with a real socialism agency. People yell and scream socialism, but cant see real socialism in front of their face. We keep adding more and more police and just have more and more crime. 100 years ago there was few police and a lot less crime.

Yeah, back when the Mafia

Yeah, back when the Mafia controlled everything

Or they prepared the

Or they prepared the document after the fact to cover their mistake. I think they got the wrong house, lucked up by finding something illegal, and said "oh yeah, we meant to do that".

Got to love the conspiracy

Got to love the conspiracy theory.... so basically what you are saying is that this conspiracy goes all the way to the top...indcluding the Superior Court Judges

So WPD had two search

So WPD had two search warrants (issued by a judge) for a bad guy and drugs - they found TWO bad guys and drugs! Sounds like us taxpayers got our money's worth.

my thoughts excatly

These were my thoughts exactly. Davis says that they had the wrong house...but they found drugs in his house. They apparently had a reason to check your house in the first place.
I think it was just a paper mistake...anotherwords the wrong papers were taken to the first home. However, they were previously drawn up.
Davis is just trying to get out of trouble, just like every other person out there that does wrong. They think "Me, I didn't do anything! Even if you have proof, it's your fault not mine!" GIMME A BREAK!!!!!

Admit your mistake

Wilmington Police should just admit their mistake, fix the door and sheetrock. So everyone can move on. They are making matters worse by not saying they are sorry.. Man up WPD !!!

Go to the court house and

Go to the court house and look at the search warrants, they are public record. You will see that they were signed hours before the police entered the house. It is sad that you are quick to trust a drug deal over the police. SAD

2 Points

Seems reasonable they should pay to repair damages to the structure.

Seems likely the drug charge could be thrown out of court if not dropped by the DA due to the warrant errors.

Egg on Face

This appears to be another example of the police making a mistake and not owning up to it. We as citizens have to start making sure they are held accountable for everything they do. Forget about the drugs that were found in the house for a moment. Any property owner would want damages repair when the police broken down the wrong door. As for the drugs found, I am sure any defense attorney worth anything will get those charges thrown out of court. I don't agree with Mr. Davis having the drugs but the police would have never found it they did not enter the wrong house.

so it's OK?

So it's Ok to have drugs as long as you don't get caught???
Does the same go for Murder, Rape, Abuse?!?!?!?

Wrong is wrong whether this was a error on WPD's part or not. (Which I don't think it was)

Hope nobody ever Rapes your mom, daughter, sister, etc...cuz as long as they don't get caught they weren't in the wrong.


There is a difference

You people keep comparing rape,murder and robbing with a person in his own home with drugs. To rape,murder and rob someone you must have a VICTIM. When a man is in his own home doing whatever drugs he may wish he is only CHOOSING to harm himself. That should be HIS choice. NO ONE else is a victim. Therefore what he was participating in was a VICTIMLESS crime. We need to stop playing Mommy and Daddy to grown people. We must not however stop people from harming others. So quit comparing apples to oranges.

There is STILL a victim. He

There is STILL a victim. He is a victim of his own doing.

Do you want to legalize prostitution as well? You say stop playing mommy and daddy, but then who is going to watch mommy and daddy sell or give these drugs to your kids???

Wrong house?

So the cops raided the wrong house and still found drugs? I guess they all look alike after awhile.




drug users...duh!


So police accidently searched his house and found drugs. Definitely not the cleanest bust ever and questionably legally viable....but still the point of this story has me lost.

Do we really want our taxes going to fix a drug user's property after police accidentally caught him red handed?

Yes we do! Two wrongs don't

Yes we do! Two wrongs don't make a right. It's about the principle. If we don't stand on principle, we just end up "throwing the baby (our rights/freedom) out with the bathwater". Or is the concept "it can happen to you" lost on you?

Can happen to me????

No it can't happen to me!!! Because if the police busted down my door they WOULDN"T find drugs.
So no the concept is not lost, it just isn't.

Apparently, it can happen to you Mark D. Guess they need to search your house next.



Yes, we do. We expect our

Yes, we do. We expect our law enforcement to follow rules. When they break those rules, they should be held accountable.

But, this is the new America. Law enforcement does what they want, when they want, with no regard for the actual law they are hired to enforce.

new america?

Are you saying that this only happens in the colored neighborhoods?

By saying "this is the new america"

Is this where you are saying that the abomination Obama in the White House has caused all the LEO's to disregard the law. It sounds about right, big government doing what ever it likes and damning the consequenses.

Elect trusted leaders, not only of the country, but of the state and local as well. We don't need the liberal injustices like these.

No Problem 3-5-7 years ago

Now your screaming, but ignored everything Bush did.


now you have cops doing b&e so dont worry at least you can tell who is breaking into homes and leaving the damages to the owner of the house