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Many Columbus County students absent following deadly shooting

READ MORE: Many Columbus County students absent following deadly shooting
COLUMBUS COUNTY -- Many students in Columbus County didn't show up for school Monday. Rumors of retaliation in the schools come after a murder Friday night following the East Columbus-Whiteville football game. Police say about 200 people were gathered in the parking lot of Sam's Pit Stop in Lake Waccamaw when a silver Ford Taurus drove up and someone in it opened fire. Twenty-two-year-old Darnell Frink was killed. Two others were shot in the leg. East and West Columbus and Whiteville High Schools had hardly any students in class Monday because of rumors of retaliation for Frink's murder. Gina Smith got her son Samuel out of East Columbus High School early Monday after hearing the rumors. Samuel said, "There's really no one in class. They're all being checked out." Gina Smith said, "With all the shootings going on in other places like Virginia Tech you just want to take precaution." Students at West Columbus High School say only about four or five kids were in each class there. At Whiteville High School only a third of the student population showed up, many of whom left early throughout the day. The low attendance rates come after rumors of violence in all three schools. Whiteville High School Principal John Westbrook said, "Apparently this is a spillover from incidents that occurred over the weekend. As a precaution we decided to implement a crisis plan." Whiteville Police Chief Jerry Britt said, "We've had rumors of violence that will take place in the county, we've had rumors of violence possibly violence taking place at Whiteville High School. We've been here since seven o'clock this morning, to our knowledge there has been no violence there have not even been threats of violence." Whiteville High School went into lockdown, using extra officers and metal detectors on campus. East and West Columbus also had extra law enforcement on hand. Even so, some parents were still worried. Parent Virginia Smith said, "I went and picked my son up because I felt as though he was in danger. Look at Columbine and Virginia Tech -- things happen. Children are not even safe in schools Monday." A number of people called the newsroom Monday saying they heard there were shots fired at some of the county's schools. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office says that is not true. Some students say the threats of gunfire on campus and Friday night's murder are possibly gang related. Police have not confirmed that. So far there have been no arrests.

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Marksmanship training for gang-bangers

If we train gang members to be accurate shots, it eliminates the danger of innocent bystanders being shot. They can then be free to shoot each other until doomsday. No one cares if they knock each other off by the thousands. Heck, let's give them free ammunition once we insure they're going to hit a fellow gang-banger.

Are U Crazy?

Give free ammunition to those hoodlums? The main problem in Columbus County and the rest of the U.S. is that the cops are busting their butts arresting folks only to watch them plea and get probation. Read the News Reporter...every week its the same names with records longer than your arm...yet they still roam the streets of Whiteville and Chadbourn looking for trouble. Those wanna-be gansters are bred that way. What we need is to call their bluff. Eye for an eye. If they catch the ones that did the shooting at the Lake they shouldn't be allowed to roam free. Unfortunately they probably won't be caught and if they are, just be prepared for one of our fine Judges to turn 'em loose...the America we grew up is gone forever...if you can't see that you're blind. Take a stand and insist that your towns be cleaned up.

Did you read the whole sarcastic comment?

Give them free ammo AFTER we give them marksmanship training to ensure they are hitting only each other. The only people we need to worry about are innocent bystanders. Self-extinguishing gang-bangers who render themselves extinct is a GOOD thing.... ...but don't worry about it. It's not going to happen, anyway. Have you been tested for the "excessively serious" gene?

Yes, I did

Yes I read the comment and I understand your point. No, I haven't been tested for the "excessively serious" gene, I just don't see anything funny at all when discussing gang-bangers, drive-bys, and murder.

I totally without a doubt

I totally without a doubt agree with you..

I grew up in Whiteville and

I grew up in Whiteville and Lake Waccamaw and this incident is a prime reason I doubt that I ever go back to live there. Read the details...a Lake Police officer was in the store when this group of 150-200 people started gathering. Why wasn't that broken up? Why weren't they ordered to leave...if you've ever been to that store you can only imagine how crowded it must have been. The officer should have gone outside, called backup and ordered them to leave. If no one responded do something to get their attention. This situation is just another reason why Columbus county and surrounding areas continue to go down the toilet. Drugs and wanna-be gangsters have gotten worse every year. That area needs a good cleaning out. Good luck and God Bless.

I am sure you live in

I am sure you live in Pleasantville and no crime ever occurs there


No, I don't live in Pleasantville. I don't even live in the U.S. anymore, and yes where I'm at, crime is almost non-existent...the sad this is the other Americans here are worse than the local citizens...get out and see the rest of the're probably like 99.9% of Columbus county and have never been any further than Raleigh or Myrtle Beach and don't know any different...

The last time I checked it

The last time I checked it wasn't against the law to be at a store, no matter how many people are there. Furthermore the last time I checked Columbus County is one of the safest counties in NC, and Lake Waccamaw has the lowest crime rate in the whole state.


Yes, you're right, there is no law against being in a store, but if you've been to that store, I'm sure you'd agree that it is not designed to withstand a mob of 150-200 unruly people. Although no law exists to "run people off", with the potential for something bad to happen (which did) things should have been at least closely monitored. When's the last time you've seen a mob that large converge on a convenient store in Columbus County? My advice would be that if you think it's no big deal, go get right in the middle of it and see for yourself. I'm sure you'd be completely safe around such a group of saints. Good luck and God bless.

If you think it is that

If you think it is that easy, strap a badge and a gun on and go to work for little money. Of you can't afford to do that just go do a ride along on a Friday or a Saturday night and see how it is. Let me know how it is

Lake Waccamaw Shooting and Whiteville High School threat

I agree the shooting that happened Friday night didn't have anything to do with the school. The shooting took place at a gas station at Lake Waccamaw and the person that was targeted and killed was a man (emphases on man) from Chadbourn, not from Lake Waccamaw nor Whiteville, but Chadbourn. The shooter must have known that this man was at the gas station and from what I have heard it sounds like the man knew the shooter was after him. Rumor or not I don't blame the Whiteville High School kids for not showing up for school on Monday. It was dangerous for anyone to be at that school after having such a threat. People are so cruel these days for some reason. People seem to be more violent this day and time than they were in the past. With violent people in the world you are no safer being in your school parking lot during school hours as you are in a store parking lot at night. I don’t think anyone should be afraid to go to school or anywhere for that matter. I do pray though that everyone gets to know Jesus Christ so that they can experience life to the fullest. God bless everyone and remember God does love you!!!!

school safety

I am a Criminal Justice Student at Southeastern. I live 5 minutes down the road from where all this shooting has been taking place in Chadbourn. Im worried about the security issues that we have. Whiteville PD has very few officers that patrol this city. If they are all at the highschool and in Whiteville watching whats going on there, who is going to keep an eye on SCC? We have two sworn officers that work at that school and a few campus security guards. What is going to stop these gang members from coming on our campus and looking for the family or friends of the ones who shot their family member or friend?

Just to let you know

Just to let you know whiteville police have no jurisdiction over SCC.

"Whiteville PD has very few

"Whiteville PD has very few officers that patrol this city. If they are all at the highschool and in Whiteville watching whats going on there, who is going to keep an eye on SCC?" That would be the Columbus County Sheriff's Department job, however I'm sure that Whiteville Police Department would be more then happy to take on the responiblity of protecting SCC.

Get a Grip

You know if all of theses people who think it's cool to be in a gang would GROW Up, than there would be nothing to worry about. In high school its was the so called hip hop(rap) music that these people believed in. If they would just stop being immature, get a job, and stop tring to be the dominate person over everyone the world would be a better place. But the shooters in this crime are more than likely perfect examples of the people i just described. It is a terrible thing that people can't live a correct life. No, they have to kill and try to act like they can't be hurt. Well Ive got news for them. You will be judged!

Columbus County Shootings

It is important to point out that schools have no connection to these two crimes, at least as we understand them. Doing news stories about this with buses in the background teeters on the brink of sensational journalism. The schools were merely responding to rumors and taking precautions. It has nothing to do with school violence. If someone is killed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant should we stop going to the mall? There is no proven connection. The students in CC schools are as safe-- and probably safer-- than the vast majority of schools in this country- including those in new hanover county.

Columbus County Murder

Nothing to do with the schools ??? It says after a football game so I think it does. "a murder Friday night following the East Columbus-Whiteville football game." The school may be safe but there are most likely kids in the school that are related to the gang. Hopefully the school has an on-site police officer. It helps allot. The officer acts also as a counselor and can get much information that can prevent brewing problems.

"Nothing to do with the

"Nothing to do with the schools ??? It says after a football game so I think it does. "a murder Friday night following the East Columbus-Whiteville football game." Where in "after the game" does it say that it had anything to do with the schools?

"nothing to do with the schools"

I agree with the fact that it does not have anything to do with the schools. The statement in the newspaper " a murder Friday night following the East Columbus-Whiteville football game" is only setting a time of when the offense occurred, not implying that the schools were tied in with any part of the crime.

Football team is a school team.

Then why is the game even mentioned at all ??? Believe me . It has to do with the school. The school did not cause anything but people involved were from school. The thug who murdered needs to be in school that is for sure. Maybe learn something rather than violence. And all you people preaching about the bible... you are talking to deaf ears. The person is a crininal with a sick mind


I am a very concerned parent of a Columbus County student and I think that something needs to be done about all this gang activity. These gang members are ignorant people who don't care about there lives or the lives of others. Since they are so bad and they are not scared of death - why don't they just kill themselves. There are too many innocent people dying because of gang ignorance. Columbus County authorities need to get the (gang members) one by one and send them off to the military to fight, since death means nothing to them and bring our loved ones home. I don't wish death on anyone because the word of God clearly states "Thou Shall Not Kill". But I do beleive if they want to live by the gun then they should die by the gun.

Gang soldiers?

The military doesn't need any gang trash.

and trash is what they are.

and trash is what they are. Trash that has been raised by trash. All at the expense of tax payers.


If they are indeed "gang members" they should be dealt with as domestic terrorist. Any known gang representations ie. "gang signs" "colors" should be considered a terroristic threat.


All students will learn more about succesful living... at home with their parents and a Bible anyway.