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Many NC drivers are taking to the roads uninsured

READ MORE: Many NC drivers are taking to the roads uninsured
With a struggling economy, many people are forced to pick and choose what bills they pay. Experts say one of the first places people are applying the brakes is on their car insurance payments. So far this year, the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office has issued more than 200 citations for uninsured driving; a pace that could exceed last year's total. New Hanover County has the highest car insurance rates in the state. “That's because there are more accidents that happen in this county, so the state sees it as a higher risk - so they charge us more rates here in this county,” explained AAA insurance agent Ed Cologgi. Surrounding counties are not much cheaper, so with expensive rates and an economy that's left many people unemployed, a lot of drivers are choosing not to pay for car insurance. But driving without insurance leaves both you and your car vulnerable if you're involved in an accident. Uninsured driving is a theme that the insurance companies seem to be well aware of. But even with ads urging uninsured drivers to stay off the roads, experts say the number of drivers without insurance will continue to increase. “Currently, we're at a 14.8% uninsured motorist rate here in North Carolina. It is predicted to rise to about 18 percent by 2010,” said Cologgi. It's important to know your insurance companies policy on late payments. Some companies will cut your coverage if you are even a day late, while others will give you a grace period before canceling the insurance. If you have to reapply for a policy, because of late payments, you could face late fees from both the state and the insurance company.

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another point to consider is

another point to consider is the uninsured/underinsured option on your insurance policy. if the risk of getting into an accident with a person with no insurance has increased, then one would want to make sure this coverage is active. i have a brother who decided decline this option, at the time about $25-$30 year, and it ended up costing him thousands in health cost and lost income and years to get back to a point he could work again. i feel that if he had this insurance coverage, even though he would still have physical problems, at least finacially he would have better off. so just look into this with your insurance company and see what it would cover if the unexpected happened.

Simple solution

$1000 fine for the first offense, and their car is impounded until the fine is paid. Why are we so helpless when it comes to dealing with criminal behavior?

One other aspect

look at the serious accidents involving illegal immigrants in our state. They do occur. Hardly one has liability insurance. If you have auto insurance; and you wonder why the costs for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages are so hefty, wonder no more. All uninsured drivers, whether here legally or not, contribute to this costly coverage. For when the accident occurs; and the negligent party has no insurance, it is the injured party's insurance which is called for to cover damages and injuries. Do Not feel sorry for someone who has no insurance, for whatever reason. They contribute to the increase in your insurance costs when they drive and are involved in an accident. If they can not afford insurance, they should park the car and take public transportation. How long will it take dissenting opinions to post irrational dribble in an attempt to excuse the actions of uninsured drivers?

A Couple of Points

If being cancelled for non-payment of premium, the Insurance Company is required to provide both the policyholder and lender (if the vehicle is financed) at least 10 days advance notice of their intent to cancel. That's a state requirement and is written in the policy declarations of any auto policy issued in North Carolina. Knowing that, one must ask: 1. On receipt of the notice, why does the lender not seek to repossess the vehicle which is their right under the terms of the finance agreement? After all, they have a financial interest in the vehicle; and if it is damaged or destroyed in an accident, the lender suffers the loss. 2. If citations are being issued for lack of insurance, why are the officers issuing the citations not pulling the license plate from the vehicle and calling a tow truck to take the vehicle to a storage lot while the vehicle owner deals with his lack of insurance issue. In our litigous society, one can almost imagine an agressive attorney, representing a party injured by or whose vehicle is damaged by an uninsured motorist. During the course of his investigation, he learns the uninsured driver was cited for lack of insurance. Had the plate been pulled from the vehicle at the time of the citation, the accident likely would not have occurred sparing the injured party or damaged vehicle. It is not beyond the reach of mind, in our society today for an attorney to look at the law officer, who failed to pull the plate from the vehicle or in some manner failed to prevent the uninsured motorist from further driving, and naming him or his department as parties in a lawsuit for damages. And since the driver had no insurance which would have paid for the damages, can you guess whose insurance policy will step up to the plate?


If you have cancel insurance the DMV will request proof of insurance and a $50 fine if you don't apply to that you will have to turn the tag in. or request a hearing for why the insurance cancel.

The NC insurance system has

The NC insurance system has a lot of flaws. It is so easy to drive without insurance. When those with insurance have to buy separate insurance to protect them against those who do not have it, something is wrong. Why not do it like this: Require Liability insurance to get a driver's license. Pay for 6 months or a year, get your license and if your insurance lapses, your license is suspended. This would work a lot better than insuring the vehicle itself. You would be covered to drive any vehicle you or anyone else owns. If you wanted other coverage such as comprehensive or collision, that would be on the vehicle of your choosing, but the liability, which protects others, would be on the individual driver.