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Many Ogden eateries closing

READ MORE: Many Ogden eateries closing
Highly visible restaurants in the Ogden area of New Hanover County shutting down and many are wondering if it is cause for concern or an opportunity for the innovative? It has become a noticeable change driving on Market Street in Odgen, businesses have been dwindling, especially restaurants. “They say one of the hardest things to run is a restaurant, in any kind of economy,” said Aleta Young of Ogden. Hamburger Joes and the Naked Kingfish have both recently announced they're closing their doors. One can't help but wonder what's to blame, is it the economy, the location, or both? “Too many places in one area, maybe spread them out a bit. You know, maybe spread them out a little bit. It's hard to say,” said Ogden resident Nick Sabella. Keith Rhodes has served as head chef at Wilmington’s Deluxe, and four years ago opened Catch in downtown. He says in order to stay afloat in this economy, restaurants have to work hard to stand out. “I think that if you're not really doing anything to set yourself away from what everybody else is doing, then you tend to get lost in the mix of everybody else.” Rhodes said owners need to be flexible with the economy, even if it means pitching in. “Wash some dishes, clean some walls, take out the trash, be the last one to sweep and clean up. This is what I do now, whereas maybe a year or two ago I wasn't doing it as much; now I do.” In fact, Rhodes is planning to open up a new location for Catch in the Ogden area and thinks that with adjusted goals and a fresh mindset, he'll be able to succeed. “I am not looking to meet the same goals as I was a year or two ago; these goals have changed. They've been lowered, they've been adjusted.” And it's this approach that could put Ogden back in business Owner C.M. Rogers of the Naked Kingfish says he thinks the area is more suited for fast food restaurants, which have been booming while higher price range establishments suffered.

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while the economy is pretty bad, there's no excuse for bad service...ppl are more careful w/their hard earned money & want good food & pleasant service. its not rocket science.

Not worth the price

Why would anyone go to a place that was over priced and the food wasn't very good. Hamburger Joes may have stayed in business because there wasn't anything else in to Odgen area. But as time went on others opened up.. So if you wanted to grab something fast and not head into Wilmington you had a choice. You have PT's and a number of others in Porters Neck.. So why would anyone pay Hamburger Joes prices when you get more for your money and BETTER food.. As for Naked Kingfish, we went 4 times years back and all the time is was dirty and the food was terrible. So, with the economy the way it is when you go out to eat you don't want to pay for terrible food. Now, to Mr. Rogers comment regarding the area is more suited for fast food.. Take a look at Marc's on Market. Good food and a very clean restaurant to eat in. Maybe Mr. Rogers could learn from them .. or maybe not...

My same thoughts exactly

My same thoughts exactly about the same places. I liked the Naked Kingfish until I started getting crappy service. I was brought what looked like a fish stick and was told it was flounder. Turned out I was right, after the server argued with me. He has served me cod. Hamburger Joes was 11.00 for a small burger, fry and drink. Why would I pay that? I went once and never returned....

Many Ogden eateries closing

I sure wished Rogers would open Middle of the Isle in one of those locations.

Hamburger Joe's was probably

Hamburger Joe's was probably the worst hamburger i have ever eaten, i mean cafeteria burgers in elementary school were better, 5 Guys are still a little pricey but at least i walk out satisfied and not ready to vomit

Restaurants were nothing special...bye...

Hamburger Joes...another overpriced flatgrilled burger. That, a fry and a coke was 8 clams plus tip. Hardees has a better burger. Gotta do better than that to stay in business. Naked Kingfish was higher end pricing for lower end entrees and service. 5 dollar sharing fee, less than acceptable cleanliness and hit 'er miss food quality kept me away. I won't miss either one of them.

Market St Eateries

Although I hate to see this happen, location is still the #1 priority. The Market St corridor, between I40 & Mil Cutoff, is not ideal for a mid to upscale restaurant. If you want to charge higher than normal prices, you need to pay higher than normal rent. Military Cutoff/Mayfaire put the lid on Market.

Naked Kingfish

Naked Kingfish didn't lose customers just to a bad economy. Last time I visited the place was filthy. Cobwebs and dust on the windows and seating areas. This is why you lost customers.

Bad Business

maybe its because of the bad business you get from the Naked Fish. I was a frequent guess there until last year. I had payed for my food with $100 bill, I got all except $20 back, when I called it to the attention of the manager, he took my info and said he would call me when they closed, after 2-3 days and no call from them, I called the restaurant and spoke with this same manager, he had given the waitress my number (so he said) and told her to call me back..After this I got C. M.Rogers number from co-workers who know him and his ex- wife, I left messages on his phone for about a month, (he never answers the phone no matter what day or time you call). He has yet to return a call to me.I guess I am no-one that matters to him, I told all my friends about this BAD BUSINESS, so you see, we are small ppl but we can make a difference.

Both Places Were Doomed

When I first tried Hamburger Joe's, I was expecting a first rate burger like PT's or Dockside offers. What I got, tasted like a frozen patty, double the price of Wendy's. The only other times I went there was when they offered their prime rib special, I think on Wednesday's. That was good but they didn't keep the special going. As for Naked Kingfish, they irritated me for charging a $5 fee for sharing. That's a Northeast practice that should not be tolerated in the Southland. Plus, they were not quite the restaurant that our first rate seafood places around here are. But, they charged first rate prices. Remember the crowd that took over Market Street Dining? They ruined a perfectly good business and drove everyone away. Look at Wahoo Willie's, doomed to start. Most everything on the menu was trendy Southwest spicy seafood. And, look what happened when the Jones boys brought in a traditional Calabash style.

Ogden eats

True. Those Ogden rednecks love them some Calabash style!