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Many teachers are looking for summer jobs

READ MORE: Many teachers are looking for summer jobs
Searching for a summer job is no longer just for teens. With soaring gas prices and a sluggish economy, a lot of teachers are looking for summer jobs to make ends meet. One teacher from Myrtle Grove Middle School says this summer she is working more than 40 hours a week. Ten months out of the year, Blair Struble is a full-time teacher. In the summer she becomes a full time nanny. "As a second year teacher I do not make enough money to supplement the two months off, because time off is more expensive than time teaching," said Struble. So instead of spending time at the beach with friends she is hanging out with 7-year-old Amaya. "Basically Monday through Friday I'll pick her up, and we'll go to the beach, the pool, the museum," said Struble. Struble said she has never had to work this many hours at a summer job. "I'm definitely working as much as I can during the week with her, and I'm making more than I would a month as a teacher," said Struble. "The extra money definitely helps with me being able to save money. It helps with gas prices being so high. It helps with me being able to enjoy my summer more because I have the extra cash to be able to pay off credit card bills that everybody racks up while they're in college." Until the cost of living goes down and her teaching salary goes up, she will continue her role as a full time teacher and summer time nanny. Holding down a second many other educators... Having a summer time job seems to be a growing trend among teachers. When WWAY looked on Craig's List we found dozens of teachers looking for employment, hoping to make money doing things like tutoring, or babysitting.

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Teachers looking for summer jobs

We have openings and teachers are the best. Please email me at Check it out. It may the extra income you are looking for. Have a terrific day.


I look at this two ways...first not many people get the WHOLE summer off with pay...which really they don't get it off with pay...they just keep their jobs. Even firefighters have to work on their off days during the week to supplement their salary. So having to work really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. The other way is that...TEACHERS MAKE WAY to little compared to other government employees that make WAY TOO MUCH for what they do.


I am a teacher. First, we do not get the whole summer off with pay. I choose to extend my ten month pay checks over 12 months. It irritates me to no end that some people actually believe this. The "whole" summer is from June 12-August 18. That is 2 months, not the whole summer. Also most of us seldom leave when the 3:25 bell rings, but that is when my pay is finished for the day. We are constantly bringing home papers to grade and lessons to plan. Don't forget coming back to school for PTA meetings, festivals, and ball games. I think it is a shame that we have to seek employment during our "free summer" to make ends meet! I know of no other job that you have to do this. After all we did not go into teaching for the money! That is painfully obvious. As the saying goes: TEACHING MAKES ALL OTHER PROFESSIONS POSSIBLE. Hopefully, before I retire this will show in our paychecks! Thanks for letting me vent.

Not to mention, don't most

Not to mention, don't most other professions have a paid vacation time which you can earn and save up to use whenever you like. If our job is such a cake job, like the responder is saying, why can't we earn vacation time and let someone else handle the class for five or six weeks of earned paid vacation time. Ahhh... there is absolutely no respect for our profession. Also, if it so simple why are we required to constantly pay for more classes to be better at our profession. All we are asking for is a little consideration and understanding. And maybe a little more pay so we can make it through the summer. I know I spend about 1/5 of my check each month on my classroom supplies. Pencils, paper, and even printer paper is no longer always supplied!


I chose to extend my pay for the 12 months also... mainly because I was worried about not having money coming in for 2 months. I am a single teacher who lives alone in a house she owns. I have a dog who I rarely see because I spend 75% of my time at the school. I've even been up at the school at 11pm finishing up things for the next day. Teachers not only teach. They have many other responsibilities and tons of people to answer to... prinicipals, their bosses, board of educators, superintendents, students and parents. We get stomped on by students, yelled at by parents and lectured by administrators constantly. I work in a rough school which adds to the stress of teaching. Most teachers in my school spend 70% of classtime punishing and 30% teaching. One tiny mistake or thing not completed comes back on the teacher. People put their children in our hands. Children spend majority of their time awake with us. What we do and what we teach them influences them for the rest of their life. But somehow, we are some of the lowest paid employees (next to fast food restaurant workers). So many people think that summer is teacher's freetime but most people don't realize that teachers sometimes work 50 hour weeks or all weekend long after 12 hour days at school... And if we're not physically at the school, it's in the back of our minds... what's tomorrow going to be like? What kind of activity can I come up with to keep the students engaged while teaching this? There are so many things to consider. But instead of spending our summers relaxing and recooperating, we spend it searching for work to make money to pay back all of the bills that have piled up during the school year. I've had friends say, "Why don't you get a second job during the school year?" My first thought is, when will I sleep? So to all of you who think teaching is a piece of cake, think about having the lives of 100 kids in your hands while people look over your shoulders as you work 50-60 hour weeks, sometimes 7 days a week. THEN, complain that teachers get 2 months off from teaching.

i look at it one way, the

i look at it one way, the teachers have gotten a higher percentage raise than any other state employees. maybe you should go to work in the court system, or play highway patrolman and stop a car on i-40, or go to work at the prison and be shut up in domitory with convicted felons, or hold up a sign in 100 degree heat on i-95, or be a probation officer looking for a probation violater, or a social worker who has to take children out of their home. most of these are working a second job 365 days a year, not just the summer. the governor wanted to give the teachers a 7% raise and state employees a 1.5% raise. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR YOUR MONEY?

First of all the teachers

First of all the teachers are not getting a raise. Their longevity pay is being taken and given in the form of a raise. Plus, this is only a pacifier for this year. GET ALL THE FACTS.

Perhaps we should take into

Perhaps we should take into consideration the type of education required for the aforementioned positions. I know I was required to have a bachelor's degree, a teaching certificate, and if I wanted to make ends meet as a teacher, a master's degree. I'm pretty certain the person holding up the sign on I-95 isn't paying off college tuition with his salary. I think a 7% raise is exactly what is needed to keep good teachers from finiding work elsewhere. Lastly, where do you think those felons start out before they get to prison?

AMEN! Well said!!

AMEN! Well said!!


To State employee--How much money do you make and what kind of state job do you have? if, the parents for one would get involved with their children there wouldn't be state jobs for the probation workers, social workers and prison workers. I bet THEY make more money than the teachers who are with your children for 6 or more hours a day are. I think teachers are very underpaid for what they do and how they try to help children get ahead in life. My husband is a state employee and we feel very sorry for the teachers who have to extend their 10 month pay to 12 month pay. They shouldn't have to do this. You talk about the meer 7% raise,that isn't crap in my book. Have you actually seen some of the mess these teachers have to put up with in the schools in Wilmington? Especially the middle and high schools? So, my question to you sir or madam is a WHAT DO YOU DO FOR YOUR MONEY AND HOW MUCH DO YOU MAKE FOR DOING IT? Are you one of the ones standing on the side of the road holding the pitch fork and watching the others work?

parents could help teachers

you are so right if these parents would be involved in their children's life then maybe we wouldn't have so many criminals! Right now teachers have to be the parent and the teacher. A lot of these kids do not even value their education because well their parents do not work and do just fine. They get all that well fair money and still seem to have the money to buy all the expensive name brand clothing. Things that these teachers do not have money for. Soon no one will even want to teach. Teachers do make all other professions possible!! 7% pay increase might give teachers just enough to say they make a extra 100.00 a month but all they will do will raise health insurance and copay's even more!!