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Experts: Marijuana now more addictive than ever

READ MORE: Experts: Marijuana now more addictive than ever

Some people think smoking pot is not addictive, but in fact it is just the opposite. Experts say marijuana is now more addictive than ever before.

Substance abuse counselors say marijuana growers and sellers are making the drug stronger, so people will keep coming back for more. Pam Morrison sees first hand what the increase in THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, does to users.

Coastal Horizons Program Director, Pam Morrison, says "We have youth as well as adults that are seeking substance abuse treatment because their lives are completely unmanageable as a result to an addiction to marijuana alone."

Morrison says marijuana users spend a lot of time trying to find the drug and even more time dealing with its effects.

She says some of the effects are "hangovers, not being able to go to work or school in the morning, dropping out of school, quitting their job, getting in trouble with the law, getting involved with gangs." Morrison goes on to say many people believe only hard drugs like heroin and cocaine can impact their life, but that is not the case.

Morrison says, "marijuana is a very addictive drug and people's lives have been destroyed because of marijuana.” Smoking marijuana even a few times can lead to a downward spiral. "Smoking something on the weekends or using occasionally is still a warning sign because that indicates that someone's choices and lifestyle is harmful,” says Morrison.

She recommends never trying the drug, but if you are already addicted, there is help. The program director says "there is treatment available and there is recovery available.

"There is hope, people don't have to be addicted."

One place to find treatment is at the Coastal Horizon Center.

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what are these people on about?

ok lets see: tobacco: has killed countless people, is full of inorganic chemical compounds, cancer-causing carcinogens, and tar. It grows from the earth originally, but is so diluted with chemicals that it is basically a man made drug. Now lets take the other plant. Grows from the earth, naturally, is only chemically enhanced prior to harvest, if it is at all, and that is only to achieve more growth. It has killed 0 people. 0. everytime i see a story about kids running off the road, they are always drunk and high. never once do i remember them being like, todd macphearson, on his way to wendys after a severe case of the munchies, ran his car off of a cliff because he was so smashed on marijuana. who wasd the last person to contract emphezema, liver failure, or any other such condition from the use of cannabis. people will abuse anything, no matter how harmless it is. to have tobacco and alcohol legal, and to criminalize an herb which has been used medicinally and recreationally for thousands of years of human culture is absolutely illogical. "I recommend never trying the drug, and getting help if you are addicted." i recommend not being a propaganda machine. read up about it. there are 60,000 minor cannabis offenders in jail who cost the american taxpayers 1.2 billion dollars per year. what a ridiculous facade to keep up.