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Marine charged with making bomb threat at ILM

One Camp Lejeune Marine may be facing federal charges after making a bomb threat at ILM last night. Private First Class Nicholas Hanke was traveling home to Charlotte for nine days on a US Airways flight out of Wilmington. Officials say he boarded the flight and started threatening the passengers, screaming "this aircraft is going to blow up." When flight attendants and the pilot tried to remove him from the plane, he assaulted them, as well as law enforcement officers. Officials say he appeared intoxicated. "Our warning is, as it's always been, with the current state of the world regarding terrorism, these are serious matters, these jokes are taken seriously by the airport, by the department of homeland security, and TSA, so our warning is, don't joke around,” said Gary Broughton of ILM Airport. The airport rescanned all the baggage on the flight as a precaution, delaying passengers by a little more than an hour. Hanke is being held at New Hanover County Jail under $5,000 secured bond.

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Living in Jacksonville and

Living in Jacksonville and being a former employee of Camp Lejuene, I can vouch for the fact that the majority of the young Marines here stay obliterated on alcohol and as a result often say and do very stupid things. Unfortunately, after 911, an airplane is the wrong place to do it. I don't know this young man but I'm sure he was no real threat. I hope the authorities take that into consideration for his sake.

The true story of PFC Nicholas Hanke

I personally know pfc hanke as a friend and a roommate. he graduated from mos school that same day and had around 5 hours to kill until his plane left. of course he was planning on drinking the whole time until he left. he has never been to iraq he hasnt even been in the corps for a year. it is sad that he did the things he did but he was drunk.

He may have been drunk

He may have been drunk, but that is still NO EXCUSE for this kind of stupidity. The "he was drunk so let him slide" excuse just doesn't fly. By that logic, anyone struck and killed by a drunkard is just out of luck, I guess, because the driver was just drunk.


HES IN BIG TROUBLE...however...something isn't excuse for it, but he wasn't in his right mind to do something SO STUPID...he still is going to pay for it though.

And then he said..

And the next thing PFC Hanke said was "D'OH!" Poor drunk simpleton may have just ruined his life.

Did thes boot just come back?

Did he just get back from Iraq? It is not an excuse, but young men subjected to the rigors of the suk depending on what may have happeded on their tour have come back with P.T.S.D., flashbacks etc... Alcohol only compounds and exagerates thos issues. Or maybe he was about to go and this was his out? This Marine did something entirely stupid, but I hope if it was the cause of the suk he gets the help he needs. I have met Marines who have had incidents with IED's and some of them will never be right in the head, ever again and alcohol sets them off worse. I am not making excuses.. I just hope if it was the first cause he gets the psychological help he needs... If he had not gone over and was just this dumb, the feds should let the military deal with him and serve his time in the brig. (Worse than prison.. I assure you...)

dumb kid

this kid just got outta boot camp i went to boot camp with him i hope he rotts in jail for making marines look bad......

you're a marine but obviously you're NOT "Always Faithful"!

until it happens to you moron! Signed "a Marine Officer who's known Hanke most of his life"

He still made marines look

He still made marines look bad


He made Marines look bad and made himself look like a total dolt in the process. I have had longer than 5 hours to wait on a plane and never touched a drop. He should not have been allowed to board the plane to start with.