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Marines arrested for crime ring


ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Investigators in Onslow County say they've busted three Marines responsible for a crime ring. Deangelo Gearing, Aaron Lee and Joshua Mathis made their first appearances in court today. They're accused of breaking into cars and homes.

So far investigators have recovered five stolen vehicles, including two stolen from Jacksonville and recovered in Arkansas. Three more were stolen from Camp Lejeune, two from Onslow County and one from Pitt County.

Other stolen items include guns and computers. More arrests are expected.

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I had a feeling

WOW, I served with all three of these "Marines" and had a feeling that gearing and lee wouldn't make it past two years. I got out only a few months ago and Gearing was in the brig for the third time in the year and a half he was stationed in NC. Its sad to say but I dont think anyone could of done anything to help them. The Corps changes those who want to be changed, it takes people away from a bad life and gives the the OPPORTNITY for a better one. Its "Marines" like this who will return home saying "man,f*** the Corps, they f***** me!" when in reality you did all the f'ing yourself. I say good riddens!

These Marines are not guilty

These Marines are not guilty until proven guilty!! Aaron never thought I would see your picture like this. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My god I hope all this is not true.


AARON JACOB LEE!! I am soooo dissapointed in you. I thought you were my homie...
I knew you werent necessarily the deff of "good guy"
didnt know you were a criminal..


That is pretty sad. Use to think men in uniform could be trusted. BUMS.

Don't blame all of them

You can't throw out the whole batch because of a few mental midgets. Just like when a cop breaks the law, not all are dirty. Remember when that was a choice a judge would give a petty thug, jail or enlist. Many took the enlist choice.


I know Guesty, I should have worded that differently. My husband was in the military for 21 years.

My Gear

They stole my gear....I am an Active Duty Gunny.
I do not hate the Marine Corps because of a few bad alpples.
10% should not taint our Glorious Corps...They will get what they deserve and serve hard time I am sure.
Semper Fidelis