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Mary Easley's pay raise

Mary Easley's pay raise is official. Today the University of North Carolina Board of Governors approved an 88 percent salary increase for the governor's wife. Mrs. Easley is a senior lecturer at North Carolina State University. Her salary jumps from $90,000 per year to $170,000. Representatives on the board say they approved the increase because she moved from part-time to full-time status and took on additional duties.

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Typical- Since Easley has

Typical- Since Easley has been in the Governors Mansion he has never given State Employees a decent raise and has fought giving us the tiny raise we have received since he has been in office -however an $80,000 raise for the NC queen is ok with me since we are getting them out of the Mansion once and for all.

Hello Governor McCrory

I'm not saying this is an instance of insider government corruption, but what a way for the Easleys to say Good-Bye, especially in today's economy. Let's say Hello to Governor Pat McCrory, and end the tax dollar party, and the "one party" state corruption.

Attorney General needs to investigate Easley!!!!!!!

This gigantic pay raise for Weasley Easley's wife is absolutely absurd. This is payback for the political cronies, just like the Erskine Boles appointment. The chief legal officer for the State, should launch a full scale investigation immediately. When will they ( the Easley's ) get tired of raping our state. If anyone can justify an 80% raise I'd like to hear it. And please, no ridiculous excuses like an attorney, especially one who doesn't do ANY LEGAL WORK IN THE COURT SYSTEM, could easily bill this amount. Especially a part time attorney. Things smell rotten. If there's not an investigation, everyone should file a complaint against the University. Let them start using their endowments, and give up the tax exempt status. Anyway, they think we are a bunch of suckers.

Pray the Easley's leave NC one day...

I work 45-50 hours a week just a get a little bit of overtime and do WAY more than what my job requires. I expect a raise at the end of the year, but absolutely not an 88% raise. Just hope the Easley's will one day leave NC because they are only costing us money!!!!


Mary Easleys salary increase was approved so she could financially support her family because her husband is about to be unemployed!!

Dear Mrs. Easley


2.50 per hour

I'm only 22 and i remember working my but off 2.50 an hour in a tobacco field for many years. Now i am in college, and i will be about 40k in debt when i grad next year bc i can't even get a federal pale grant, even though i make about 8k a year and my mother, who has nothing to do with me, makes about 20. Costs for me a year at uncw a year are about 15k btw. Thanks Mr. Bush! I'll be a teacher in less than a year, but i wonder if i'll even make enough to pay off my college depts by the time i'm 50...

What in the world does Bush have to do with it?

You can nail Bush for a few things, not the least of which was trusting the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan to a militarily incompetent moron (Rumsfeld) and not doing anything about his incompetence for years. Blaming Bush for your current economic woes is absolute nonsense, however. Look at the facts: The poor now pay the smallest percentage of taxes in US history. Over forty percent of wage earners in this country pay absolutely no tax at all. The rich pay far more in taxes now than they did in 2001, when Bush took office....and that's even when you consider the tax cuts he gave to those horrible, mean, rich people. Most troubling - where, oh where, did you ever get the crazy idea that the government was here to make your life easier and you more successful? Everything you accomplish in life will be from YOUR efforts. If you're waiting for the government to show you the way, you'll be a penniless failure for the rest of your life.

He Had Some Responsibility

Going into Iraq without the UN behind us wasn't too bright. This MAY have contributed to high oil prices. Being the Globalist that he (and his buddies) are, trying to bring other nations into a world economy played a major roll. Now these Nations use more energy. As for the taxes, is this JUST federal income tax you site? Or have you figured EVERY tax into your equation? Just wondering. I think we ALL are feeling a bit pinched, rich, middle and poor.


How old are you...or how bad is your memory, if you're not young? The global economy was in full swing when his daddy was president. Bill Clinton did more to foster a global and hemispheric economy than either of the Bushes. If you think that China and India are using more energy because of George Bush, you need to stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking, and start hitting the textbooks a lot more. For example, do you recall that when the Kyoto Treaty failed to go anywhere in the Senate DURING PRESIDENT CLINTON'S ADMINISTRATION, the reason was because it gave a pass to Brazil, India, and China, three booming economies and soon-to-be economic superpowers? That was long before George Bush strolled into the White House. Trust me on this one - Economics and History is where you need to be directing your efforts. George Bush is guilty of two things: Naively believing that "war lite" would work, after Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm proved that it can't, and not forcing his own party to toe the line on spending when they controlled Congress. Both contributed to our national debt, which is a big part of why the entire economy is currently bleeding, but like I said in another post on another board, the world oil market is too big for ANY president to heavily influence the price. Oil price is based entirely upon supply and perceived demand.

You have to be a liberal

You have to be a liberal idiot to blame Bush for everything-what about the DEMOCRAT controlled congress who actually does the voting...and yes lots and lots of democrats voted for the war-lets not forget that. People need to get their facts straight before the start spewing....

And You Must Have Failed Reading

Where did I spew that Bush was at fault for everything? What facts did I get incorrect? Now see if you can catch this, it may come a little too fast: Bush has SOME fault. Does he not sign these bills into law that these left and right winged quacks produce? Nope, I'm not liberal...I'm an anti-globalist. Now let's talk about the tax stuff. When you spew your tax figures, is this only Federal taxes you site or all taxes?

learn this phrase

You might want to practice this phrase... "Do you want fries with that?"

collageworker employment ideas

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if your going to be a teacher, for gods sake please go work in another state children have a hard enough time getting an education with out help from you. @ 8k per year it sounds like you are over paid and @ 20k for mom it looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree good luck see you @ wendys drive thru

To collegeandworker: You

To collegeandworker: You have a lot more problems to worry about than Gov. Easley's wife making a bundle of money. It's a federal PELL grant and you will have a bunch of DEBT (not depts) when you get out of college. Looks like you'll be going through the seven-year plan!


WOW. I wish I got an 88% pay increase where I worked!!! I got 5% and that wasn't very much since I they decided to take a mandatory 5% out of my pay to match the 5%retirement they put in!!! WHAT A DEAL!!!!! It muct be nice to be the governers wife. You know how much money I make a year???? Working for the state???? $20,000 a year and that includes benefits!!!!!!! WOW. She sure deserves $170,000 while I try to make ends meet. Thanks North Carolina!!!

This pay raise is

This pay raise is unbelievable. I work as faculty for a nc college myself and got a 3% pay raise. I understand that the budget is tight, however, 3% does not even cover the increased cost of living in this area. Practically, I have less money to live on than I did last year this time. I cannot believe, that a 88% pay raise is approved at a time where we cannot find instructors due to extremely low pay at our colleges. Classes have to be cancelled and students are turned away by the thousands, because there is no money for additional faculty.

Are you really surprised?

Guess what? The good ole' boys have done it again. An 88 percent raise? And their justification - she went from part-time to full-time and took on more responsibilities! So what? There are people out in every walk of life doing more than their actual job entails. Where are the raises? There aren't any or they are so small they are laughable. She got the raise because of who she is, not what she does. If you don't believe it, ask any person in a comparable position what their raise was this year!!!!! Who is paying for the raise? The taxpayers of NC that's who!!!! College tuition rates keep going up - it is getting where it is too expensive for the average family to send their child to college, and now this raise will probably cause it to go up more. They have to pay for it somehow. Perhaps they will open their fat cat wallets and pay it!!!!!!! Dream on!!


An NC DOT employee busting their've got to be kidding me! I can't say that I agree with Mrs. Easley's pay raise, but please! When have you ever passed a work site of the DOT where more than two of them were doing any "work" at all? Let's try not to make it about ourselves all the time.

Thats not realy fair... Do

Thats not realy fair... Do you know that most of the work done on highway construction is contracted out to local construction companys. They are not DOT workers you see on the side of the road holding 8 shovels-and no i dont work for DOT i am just well informed.

Dear guest, thanks for your

Dear guest, thanks for your input regarding the NC DOT construction sites. Apparently you belong to those that never had to work outside during cold winters or hot summers. Comments like yours disqualify the poster immediately, because they clearly show total ignorance.

Now, if only her husband...

worked full-time. I almost forgot, he has been working full-time...financially ruining our state, along with the Democrats in his stable! "Representatives on the board say they approved the increase because she moved from part-time to full-time status and took on additional duties."

how can she get 88 percent

how can she get 88 percent raise and nc dot employees is out busting their behind to do work that the public wants done and clean up debis from hanna and they only get a 2.75% raise.oh and i thought the state of nc had put a hiring and salary adjustment frezze on. but it is the governor,s wife, so i understand.


$90K a year for part time work?? Are they doing any hiring? Where do I apply? Gotta love the perks.

Pay raise

While I do think this job was (improperly)created for Mary Easley because she is the Gov's wife, $90,000 for part time work for an attorney with 30 years experience really isn't that much. Many attorneys easily bill $400 to $500 per hour for their services. If an semi-retired attorney works 20 hours per week, they will bill out $8,000 to $10,000 to their clients each week.

show me where

Please show me where she is doing legal work as an attorney. Here is the quote from the article..."Mrs. Easley is a senior lecturer at North Carolina State University. I don't see where it says she is providing legal council to the university. She is yapping.

Don't try...

to justify this obvious case of political pandering with "retired attorneys can bill at $400/hour..." This is nothing more than pure NC politics at its "finest"