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Masonboro Island trash up for discussion Thursday night

Rowdiness and trash has long been a problem at Masonboro Island. Thursday night you have the chance to voice your concerns and ideas about how to deal with it. On popular summer holidays, partiers leave beer cans and garbage on the island. Site manager Hope Sutton said visitors are well-intentioned for the most part, but may not know how to enjoy the natural resource responsibly. Thursday night's public meeting is intended to educate. “We've come to understand that people don't really realize or understand the purpose of the reserve and what kinds of things happen there,” said Sutton. “This is a way for us to get to start talking to people about that.” The public meeting is at 6:00 p.m. at UNCW's Center for Marine Science. It is at 5600 Marvin Moss Lane off of Masonboro Loop Road.

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two options

I have witnessed the large crowds that assemble at Masonboro and my family and I avoid this place.All it takes is a few to penalize the majority of the citizens of a privilege! There are two options available .Heavy law enforcement presence at the island.Cite underaged drinkers and boaters under the influence as often as possible .Make it become known as haven for legal ramifications for the young , immature people that convene on the island.This may not be the most economically feasible option. Or the second option is to shut it down and the only one's that can gain access is through a permit. If people holding a permit , trash the island you can hold them accountable by issuing a civil citation.

Close the island. You abused

Close the island. You abused it now you lose it. For the most part, a lot of people probably cleaned up their stuff,but others didn't, so close the island.

Simple solution

Close the island, make it a wildlife refuge, and then allow entry by permit only. The birds, turtles, raccoons, possums and deer won't trash the place. The drunks-n-druggies, and that's ALL there are out there on any weekend, can go someplace else. (It's ironic how they're all so "green" in their politics, but think nothing of leaving a few cases of empty cans or bottles lying in the sand.)


permits and tickets.

My Beach

Yea thats a good idea. Punish everyone for the problem of a few. What we need is more beach closures in our state. Better yet, sell lots on the island and make it private, then make the beaches in front of every house on the entire NC coast private for the homeowners only. (We)strive hard everyday for free and open access to our public resource only to have it turned over to and managed by special intrest groups all over the NC coasts. Keep our beachs free and open! Manage our resources with good sound data!

A few??!!!

Hahahaha! I've been there, pal. It's not "a few." It's like the last night of Mardi Gras every weekend in the Summer....only with drunks puking in the sand dunes instead of in the gutter. The worst part is that they're spreading out. Masonboro is getting too seedy for many of the "higher class trash people." They're moving on and trashing Lee, Hutaff, and the small island just North of Green Channel. I've personally carried away trash bags filled with other people's empties. No barrier island beach is safe once low tide arrives. If there's only fifteen feet of free beach, there will be a beer can, ziplock bag, or empty cigarette pack for every foot. Give it back to the animals with fur. They won't destroy it. The drunks-n-druggies can practice their hobby downtown.