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May soon be against the law to use your cell phone in the car

Are you willing to give up your cell phone in the name of safety? If you talk on a cell phone while you drive, a government watchdog group says you are being driven to distraction. Now the group wants to make sure you keep your eyes, and your ears, on the road. It is a fairly common sight; someone talking on a cell phone in the driver's seat. But it may soon be against the law. Janet Froetscher, president and CEO of the National Safety Council said, "It is a highly risky activity. Very, very risky, but most people don't understand that." Currently, 6 states require motorists to use hands-free phones while driving, but the National Safety Council is calling for a nationwide ban on the use of all cell phones while driving. That sort of restriction doesn't exist in any city or state. Advocates of the ban argue that, hands-free or not, using a cell phone behind the wheel is a distraction comparable to driving drunk and increases the risk of getting into an accident by four-hundred percent. "They think if they're just careful it won't be as big a risk. The research is saying, no, for everybody, it is an enormous distraction if you're on the phone," said Froetscher. The safety group is also calling on businesses to prohibit employees from using cell phones while driving on the job.

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By profession I am a technology security specialist. One of my largest complaints in technology is how dependent we as a society have become on technology and continously being connected. Besides safer drivers, it would finally give people a break from being constantly connected throughout the workday. Too much connectivity and dangerous drivers.. Fifteen years ago we all did just fine without HAVING to have a cell phone on continously and attached to our ears. I would be willing to bet we'd all be just fine without it for a few minutes here and there. While you are at it.. bring back the Blue Laws in NC and close everything down on Sundays.. That way people would have to take a break and enjoy life... Seems like no one does anymore... Prolly would increase health and family time as well...

Woman Driver Is more dangerous

One woman driver is more dangerous than all the cell phone drivers combined!

They will just Text

If there is a ban on talking on the cellphone while driving, even if you have a hands freeas the article says that will be banned also. So More people will text while driving becuse you cant see them doing it, and that is much more dangerous!

While we're at it...

Why not ban talking to passengers in the car while driving? And those car radios? Surely those witty, whacky, morning DJs are distracting their fair share of drivers. After all, getting your attention IS their job. Other distractions to ban: Fuzzy dice Chrome accessories Roadside advertising Sports cars (I know I'm distracted every time a car I've long lusted for but can never hope to afford passes me by)

cell phone ban

I agree that cell phones can be distracting, but if you're going to make them illegal, then I guess the next step is to ban children from cars. In my experience there is NOTHING more distracting than having children in the car. Perhaps we shouldn't be allowed to have passengers in our cars at all!

great idea

i think this is a great idea. I don't know how many times I have been driving and seen people just talking away on their phones some even texting. Then they cut you off and get mad if you beep at them because they are not paying attention. If they don't make it illegal for all they should defenitly make it illegal for people just starting to drive the worse thing you could have is a new young driver on a cellphone. If there is really a need to be on your phone then pull over and then call whoever it is you need to call. I really hope they pass this law.

No kidding!

"...but the National Safety Council is calling for a nationwide ban on the use of all cell phones while driving. That sort of restriction doesn't exist in any city or state." Uh....exactly how could a NATIONWIDE ban exist only within a city or state? Bad writing aside, perhaps the National Safety Council should take the time to read the Tenth Amendment. I freely admit that talking on a cellphone while driving is extremly dangerous, but how is this a federal matter? Unless governors start standing up to Washington's consistent ignoring of the Tenth Amendment, life is only going to get worse. We are a federation of fifty independent, sovereign states, and if the Constituion doesn't restrict a right to the federal government or specifically prohibit the states from exercising that right, it is reserved for THE STATES.

Don't knock it 'til you read it!

Don't just look for context clues when you're going to bash someone's writing, make sure you're clear what exactly was written! What the article said was that currently six states require hands-free devices if you're going to use your cell phone. And what they are calling for is a nationwide ban on ANY use of cell phones, hands-free or not, and it is THIS all-inclusive ban that does not currently exist in any city or state. My advice: stick to offering your opinion, not criticizing details when you're not even sure of what was intended.

It's about time

It's about time

this is not fair.

there should be a condicion that you dont use it for work. I have a driveing service.the phone is how i make money. I get call's all the time when in route. its all part of the job. how abought the police, fire,rescue,taxi,driver services ect. we all use our phone for work. so are you going to make it against the law for us? it would not be fair for one if not the other. who is going to deside wich one is most important? I feel we are all important, and we need our right to use our phones when in route.

Ban cell Phone use?

Banning cell phone use with hand held should be banned. Hands free, NO!!! I see no difference with talking on a hands free and talking with a passenger in the car. I have seen police officers on hand held phones, and ALSO using lap top computers mounted by the center console while about dangerous...that is more dangerous than talking on a phone. Maybe that is why there are more accidents with police cruisers lately. Common sense is most important in any driving situation.

Common sense

your quick to point your finger at law enforcement...did you stop to think maybe the officer is using his laptop to run the vehicle tag number ahead of him to find out if its current or stolen? or maybe he is has is GPS pulled up on the laptop to find his way to location of a call? I don't think the officers are using the laptops to play solitare while driving down the road. Officers also use thier phone frequently for their job, they sometimes answer dispatched calls with the phone.....

I agree with your first

I agree with your first point...using handheld cell phones being disallowed while hands free being legal. There have been a few studies on some of those areas that have banned handheld phone coversations and all of them have proven that using your handheld cellphone increases your risk of getting into an accident. Since there are no areas that prohibit the complete use of cell phones, there is no way to prove that hands-free usage is a distraction or could lead to an increase in accidents