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Mayor Saffo says Hammerheads' return is likely


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Word on the street is the Hammerheads are headed back to Wilmington. What was Wilmington's first and only professional soccer team is probably making it back here in a matter of months.

There's been no official word from the Hammerheads, but Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says there's been a lot of talk of their return.

Mayor Saffo told WWAY by phone Thursday there's been numerous discussions about the Hammerheads returning to Wilmington. Saffo says people from Chicago, Florida and even Wilmington have made contact with Legion Stadium about their return.

Other media outlets say soccer sources confirmed the professional soccer team's return.

WWAY also spoke with the team's former head coach David Irving. Irving says the news is "pure speculation," but he would not be surprised if the United Soccer League makes an announcement early next week about their return.

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I hope saffo won't screw this deal up. He should stay out of it and go sit at his convention center.

Oh Happy Day!!! This will be

Oh Happy Day!!! This will be just another reason that New Hanover High School will not be able to use Legion Field for their athletic programs!!! We are the only school that has to fight for use of their home athletic fields. Just make sure that before you bring the Hammerheads back you find them a field to use. So thank you Bill Saffo, thank you Legion Commission, and a big THANK YOU to Jason Thompson. Oh and by the way Jason, we are coming for you in 2012. You have made it abundantly clear that you are no friend to New Hanover High School.

NHHS should have built a

NHHS should have built a field near their school. Its horrible the kids have to travel for all home games and don't even get to use the fields all the time.

In 1746 (by the looks of that school I'm assuming it was built then) there was plenty of land to build a football stadium there. Though I guess the concept of a football field at the high school's location was baffling.

This along with the LHS landfill(or high school depending on what you what to call that debacle), puts the blame soley on the county school system over the years.

School Board

This sounds like a problem the school board should handle. I wouldn't blame Saffo, Thompson or the Legion Commission.

Well the school board has

Well the school board has been notified and nothing was done. Because the school board as to work with the Legion Commission However, Jason Thompson is on the Legion Commission which is responsible for scheduling the use of Legion Stadium. He has refused several times to all NHHS sports to access that field. Even though we have made repeated attempts to reason with him (though web sites, photographic evidence, meetings and petitions) and the Legion Commission. As I indicated and let me reiterate Jason Thompson does not think these kids should get to use the field as he is a HUGE supporter of the Hammerheads and that they should get priority number one.

It amazes me that we are the ONLY school in New Hanover County that has to fight to use their home field. There is something very wrong with that.

Build a high school

Build a high school exclusive home field like most schools in the country do. It's obviously not just your home field, it's THEIR home field too. It makes sense that a professional (albeit just minor league) sports team would take precedence over high school sports.