Mayoral candidates visit UNCW

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington's mayoral candidates met with students, faculty and staff at UNCW Thursday. A campaign election class hosted the event and invited faculty and staff to get to know Mayor Bill Saffo, Justin LaNasa and Harper Peterson, all running for Wilmington's mayor. Those who attended had the opportunity to ask the candidates questions and find out more about their backgrounds in a relaxed atmosphere. UNCW junior Kandis Weeks said, "We're really trying to give the staff here on UNCW's campus, it's for faculty and staff, and also we're trying to get students more involved to get them involved in the political process and get them involved about voting this year." You'll have another chance to question the mayoral and city council candidates next Friday night. NewsChannel 3 will co-sponsor a forum at the Scottish Rite Temple.

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You have been very quiet here Justin. No answers to the questions skippy jones asked? I'm curious myself as to what you have to say.
Can you imagine what it's going to be like to work for this guy once he wakes up and realizes how much time and money he's spent destroying his reputation and credibility? Talk about bitter.
Apparently some "English as a Second Language" courses could benefit Mr. La Nasa. (Just because Nasa is in the last name, does not make one a rocket scientist)
Being in law enforcement,prior to what i do now I've learn, a little about attention to detail, as every one can notice, it's the same person who scared to use there real name, messing up the spelling of my name, (lanasaa) (lanassa) an trying to discredit me, You Folks be the Judge Respectfully Justin LaNasa
Mr. LaNasa, when you can learn to speak in public forum without snickering at every single comment both Mr. Peterson and Mayor Saffo say, or refrain from using words like 'ain't', then I might take you into consideration when choosing a leader for this community. Present yourself with some dignity, I know very little about the local state of politics here in New Hanover County but you have gone out of your way to come across as a imbecile with no credibility whatsoever.
Does that attention to detail that you've learn include using capital letters where appropriate? How about your statement here ...what i do now I've learn, a little about attention ... And this little jewel's the same person who scared to use there real name, messing.... And you want to LEAD the city?!? Not a single period in your rambling run on statement.
This is an amazing site,to see people who use to work with me, that get fired for messing up, who are trying to slander me. That's why I've been nothing but a role model for all shops to follow ,call New Hanover health Dept. an check with Mr. Stick (910) 798-6666 I keep people around me with integrity,when they lose their's they are now longer my friends,For the record i have no tattoos with 666 in them, anyone can check or ask to see
The problems you started when the shop was behind Valinos? Breaking their fence, stealing their materials when they tried to build a better fence? How about the breaking and entering at Inkkeepers? We could ask Randy G. about that incident.
What a joy to click on wwaytv3 ans see Lanassas face. I think my monitor just cracked. I can say these things honestly. I worked for Jussiepoo... When I was working, there were two fantastic artists whom I will just mention by first name..
Oh Mr. Justin was just busted. You better hope for your sake that your supporters and the stupid ones don't go reading this posting about you. I know the girl who you are with now and man you are a jerk for sure. I also know a girl who used to work for you and man I would never ever go and get a tatoo from your shop no matter who you had working for you. I think this is a joke that you think you can help run this town. Get out before your rep. is totally destroyed and you end up with nothing at all. Even the hummer you troll around in. Always thinking you are better than the rest of us. You can't even treat the girl you are with right. Always hurting her feelings on everything and making her feel stupid and low. People of Wilmington you need to place your votes with someone who really cares about you and all of these guys don't.