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McCain to visit Port City Monday


The North Carolina Republican Party said Sen. John McCain will bring his presidential campaign to Wilmington Monday. McCain will hold a town hall meeting at Cape Fear Community College's Schwartz Center.

McCain's visit comes two days before he meets Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, in their final debate Wednesday in Hampstead, NY. One-Stop voting in North Carolina begins Thursday.

The NCGOP said free tickets to the event will be available starting at noon Saturday at the party's Wilmington office at 3145 Wrightsville Avenue. They are limited to two per person and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The party said tickets do not guarantee entry to the event Monday, which will also be on a first-come, first-served basis to ticket holders.

A McCain campaign spokesperson told NewsChannel 3 doors at the Schwartz Center will open at Noon Monday, and will close at 2pm - even if people are still standing in line. McCain will take the stage shortly after. Officials recommend getting there early!

This is McCain's first visit to Wilmington since earning the Republican nomination for president. Obama visited UNC Wilmington on May 5, a day before North Carolina's primary and one day after his primary opponent Sen. Hillary Clinton held a rally along the Wilmington Riverwalk.

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MTV President

It is amazing to me to sit here and read the comments left by some many of you who are mislead by the MTV nation. Obama is not a bad man at all but with that said neither am I but I damn sure do not deserve to be President. People have let the hate of George Bush misguide them to a man that could not run Wilmington much less run the US. He has no experience. HELLO any body out there? None!! Just because you are a great speaker does not make you fit to lead.If you take 2 seconds out of your MTV videos and Oprah Winfrey afternoon and did more research than what is being shown on the liberal press you would see the facts. Wow facts now that is a novel idea. How stupid must you be to think that taxing the people who own the companies is not going to affect the average person. HELLO people those are your employers and if money gets tight because of new taxes they are not going to stop living the lifestyle they lead just so they can pay you. Thats right your job is gone. But that is ok because you voted for chage and you got it. Good luck finding new jobs. Anyone every read the want ads? Me either because jobs are few and far in between. People thinks fo yourselves and look at the election onjectively. Bush is not running. McCain is and he is much different. I am not a Republican at all. I am a Libertarian. But I am choosing to vote for McCain because he has proven time and again that he is for America and so am I.


North Carolina wants new leadership. Look at the early state poll results. Step away McCain. Obama has a plan!

A bad plan

His plan is to raise my taxes to pay for those on welfare. Not a good plan in my book. How about getting those on welfare off and put them on the tax paying books?


Provide affordable to free education, raise the wages, provide birth control free for people, give people decent jobs with insurance and we would not need welfare. Most people on welfare do not want to be on welfare. The ones that do are probably drug addicts. Welfare was originally set up by Roosevelt after The Great Depression of 1929 to get people back on their feet. It was never meant to be the foundation it is now. DSS and the government does not pay for welfare-it comes out of working, tax paying people like myself. There is a way, but that would put alot of people in DSS across the USA out of work. It should be for the elderly and sick who cannot work. Tax Payer!

Frightened...very frightened

The fact, or mere appearance thereof that Barack Obama may become the next President of the United States makes me quiver with sheer terror. With absolutely no doubt this man is well educated and charismatic. With absolutely no doubt he is a liar and a shape shifter. His position changes depending on which group he is addressing at the moment. He is no doubt a leftist socialist. Our country deserves an administration that can keep its finger on the pulse of society and its hand out of our pockets allowing the free market to work. The first Bush maintained a strong economy but made the fatal error of leaving Iraq before the job was done in Operation Desert Storm...Sure, Bill Clinton left office with a feel good surplus, but at what cost? No one in our currently Democratic congress outlines what necessary programs were left mandated but unfunded to accomplish this ruse. His foreign and domestic policies have moved jobs out of our country, left terrorists to run wild and free (to avoid conflict and stroke the egos of the anti-war leftists) and left our teachers to deal with NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, a complete and total failure. Bush 2, while doing a great job to protect us from terrorists and continuing to cut taxes, I always felt that he came into office for one purpose only... to finish what Daddy couldn't do, getting rid of Saddam Hussien. Done. Yes folks it is time for a change but do you want to maintain your liberties? Your freedom? Do you want sit down and "talk" to terrorists and people that want ALL OF US and our way of life dead? Do you want the Government to tell you when and where you can go to the doctor, the type of treatment that the government says you need or deserve? Do you want the Government to continue extending welfare benefits to illegal immigrants and people that have spent their entire lives on the rolls? Do you want the government to tax businesses for earning a profit? Do you want the Government to mandate that you employer provide you a health plan that they canot afford so they just have to lay you off? Knowing that it is a fact that 40% of all Americans pay absolutely NO income taxes, the democrats want to cut taxes for more "middle class and poor people... Well wouldn't that mean that these people would be getting a bigger check every year under the guise of Earned income credit? Essentially, a redistribution of wealth from the rich folks, most of whom have worked very hard for what they have and from businesses that maintain and grow jobs. So if you answer yes to these questions go ahead and vote for Barack Obama. All I can say is... be careful what you wish for.

John McCain, Obama coverage , Larry Sinclair in Wilmington

Here is a copy of an email I sent to press on NC, including the Wilmington Star: Hi. Two things that are prominent in the news. I published the ODM election strategy document that Jerome Corsi will talk about on Hannity & Colmes tonight. I published it on August 20, 2008. Also, Larry Sinclair is in Wilmington for the Town Hall Meeting. I can get you an interview with Sinclair and probably Philip J Berg. Here is a brief overview of my coverage: I am Citizen Wells of the citizenwells blog. You can google my name if you like. I had over 13,000 views one day recently. I have covered many of the stories involving Barack Obama and have had contact with: Larry Sinclair (ongoing) Philip J Berg (ongoing) Robert Blackwell (Killerspin, Obama "legal retainer) Montgomery Sibley Washington insiders National Press club insider I have covered the Larry Sinclair story more than any other source. I helped break the Philip J Berg lawsuit story (It is real and eye opening) I have a copy of the Kenyan ODM party strategy document that Jerome Corsi is bringing back from Kenya. He will be on Hannity & Colmes Monday night. I published this document on August 20, 2008. I have covered many more aspects of Obama and his associations. Would you like an interview with Larry Sinclair this weekend? (I can corroborate much of his story) If you can interview Sinclair, I can probably get you one with Philip J Berg. I will throw in one with me if you want. Sincerely, Citizen Wells

Go Philip J. Berg, A Democratic Attorney

20 million+ people are watching this case. The constitution must be protected. Obama is not eligible to be president. Go to web site:


What was McCain thinking by picking Palin? Wait.. we can all answe that.. But why?? I am also republican, but I am not voting democratic.. I am just not voting at all this year... Palin is a joke and my vote will not go towards supporting ignorance.She has as much reason being in the white house as my left foot... (That is none by the way)..

I agree. But I'm voting for

I agree. But I'm voting for CHANGE. I believe in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Voting is important so I'm not just letting my vote go to waste..

One's vote is not wasted

One's vote is not wasted when refusing to choose "the lesser of two evils." You are still voting even though you may not cast a ballot. You're simply saying you support NEITHER. Bottom line is to vote your conscience!

If you really want to talk

If you really want to talk about slinging mud you need to look at obama/biden. They are telling the American people what they want to hear to get elected and will never be able to deliver. Mcain may be older than obama but I trust him more to lead our country than obama. I get so sick and tired of people blaming Bush for our problems, we need to be blaming the Senate and Congress they are the ones who have to pass things (People wake up and smell the coffee)

I think Obama/Biden are

I think Obama/Biden are providing what America needs. Not just what the rich want...

Why oh why

Will he be using a walker and dentures? Did you know Mcpain ditched his disabled wife for the milf I mean heiress he is with now..? LEFT his disabled wife for someone else.. (There goes for better or for worse...) And a heartbeat away... Painlin who went through what... four or five small colleges to get a simple degree? (I know.. Obama only has a Harvard law degree and was a professor of law.. he should have stuck to those darn maverick community colleges...) And painlin also years ago with her DUI husband, was FOR the separation of Alaska from America...???? The lady who could be our president wanted to separate Alaska from America and become independent. Palin’s views are between a ultra leftist and a guerilla.. The lady is not all there in the head yet people want to place HER… Palin in a position to run this country.. People.. Wake up! I despise Hillary but at least could have led a country,, and just hunt moose…. And now, a bipartisan committee found her guilty on unethical practices by abusing her power… WHY would anyone want someone without ethics in a position to rule I mean lead our country??? Geesh! For those people that cannot stand Obama, I sometimes wonder if it is closet racism or just uneducated viewpoints.. The man has been a superb senator, lawyer and professor.. Where did that part get left off.. You uneducated peoples should get learned before you cast those stones and talk about who is patriotic and who is not... Obama or not, we cannot afford another 4 years of failed policy and that is just what McCain or any other republican will bring us at this time.. As a registered republican I am ashamed at my parties’ decision for nominee... The old man doesn't want to govern our country.. He wants to leave his legacy and as much as I hate to confess it... every so many years we have to have a democratic president in office to straighten economic issues out, to make the rest of the world like us and to defeat the deficit... But then we have to get a republican back in the office to show some teeth, let other countries know we mean business, bring back old school and traditional values and to give corporate America breaks so we can actually afford to buy things... I hate to say it, but the next four years have to be democratic years or we are all screwed.. The man is too old to take office and we are going to end up with a moose hunting hick who doesn't know right form left to go ahead and finish off and bury what we once called America... Both parties are not a good choice, but voting for the old man would just bury the hatchet on Americans.. So go ahead and listen to his bold faced lies tomorrow because lies and negativity are all we have left before this election.. Let the mudslinging begin... All 3 weeks of it... This is the first time in my thirty eight years of being a registered republican I will be voting for a democrat because I love this country enough to vote and try and save it before it completely collapses under another four years of Bush like policies that we as Americans cannot afford!

why, oh why

If you really love your country, you won't vote Obama. His agenda is socialism. The democracy you say you love will vanish under him. There is much more at stake in this election than money, the very fiber of our Nation is at stake. The democracy that our forefathers fought and died for are on the brink of being destroyed. Is this the change you really want? Do you want to live in a country that will mandate your freedom to choose? I see the potential death of a nation. Terrorist don't have to fire a shot. We are destroying ourselves.

I agree with your words..

I agree with your words.. Man I'm going to print this out for some ignorant people around me... This is just too good..

YOU must be ignorant

This whole campaign thing has gotten out of hand in that President Bush yes I said President Bush is only one man and one vote. For the past four years of his administration we have had a democratic congress that has passed just about anything and everything it wanted. Go ahead and blame one man for all of the stupid things the democrats have done to us. Even if you didn't vote for him or even if you did vote for your President he is and will still be President Bush no matter what you think! Any man that goes to the trouble of going to Iraq to greet his fellow Americans and doesn't give the time of day deserves to go and serve as they have for about five years or so. Obama recently went there but only met with the leadership in their nice and cool headquarters but didn't have the guts to even speak to one, not one soldier. Now that's the kind of man I want running my country! One who doen't care about or is even loyal to Her. Who won't pay Her homage or it's citizens either. Wow what a man! He wants change then he needs to start within first!


Why don't all of you mud-slingers save it for the polls. Everyone has a right to cast their vote. Say something positive to your fellow man/woman! Criticizing everyone for wanting to vote for McCain/Obama is just not right. Keep your opinions to yourself-save it for the polls! American who will vote for who I want!

Why oh Why ---scary

OK, so you are very mad. I understand we have had a hard 8 years. Having said that, I think you need to reevaluate your so called Republican position. Not only should you NOT vote Republican, but all out change your party! You need to wake up! You are the brainwashed! Obama is not going to make anything better ---he will probably make it worse! You speak about Ethics, but you leave out Morality altogether! You are like these sick people screaming for health care for all (because everyone deserve the right) while abortions (the killing of human beings)continue. Obama believes it's OK to kill a baby while inside the mom up to the day before due date. SICK! And let me now rip you about what you said about Palin. So the fact that she went to several different colleges upsets you??? I wonder how many colleges you would have to attend if you had a family to look after too! There are more important things in life than attending colleges. Especially left-leaning - indoctrinating colleges such as Harvard. At least she has been married for 20 years. This says a lot. How long have you been married? And mind you I don't know if you are a man or a woman, but if you are a woman you should be ashamed for not supporting a STRONG woman candidate, that doesn't have to pretend she is a man. She is the only one with executive experience - I remind you! She would make an excellent PRESIDENT. If as you noted the very aged McCain were to die. And stop watching wackos like MSNBC. She did NOT call for any sessation of Alaska. Maybe you should try reading other sources and YOU get educated for a change!


You people better think again. You REALLY believe palin can run this country? Why? She has no education, experience outside of alaska. She talks like a fool with her blinks and stupid comments like well joe...DUH. She is unprofessional and a jerk that will never run this country. I don't like abortion but, I read in the usa today paper of a 11 year old who her father got pregnant, should she have to carry the child and risk her life? There are two sides to every story don't jump to conclusions. mccain and palin will not win and if they do kiss our military guys goodbye for good because they will have no chance of coming home.


YOU FOR REAL? You say Palin cannot run this country...HOW ABOUT A SENATOR THAT HASN'T EVEN HAD A FULL TERM YET? Out of the what, 2 years, he has been in office HOW LONG HAS HE BEEN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT...that means he has even LESS experience that other new Senators. If you don't vote for McCain because of your beliefs on by default cannot vote for Obama. As far as succession...BIDEN AS PRESIDENT...HOLY COW!!!! I am SHOCKED with how many college age students are behind Obama when they look at Biden's record with the MPAA and RIAA...Obama is only good for you if you are a lazy person that wants to reap in the benefits of people WHO WORK for a living.

re Why oh Why ---scary

When McCain dies and Palin becomes elpresidenta we can kiss goodbye all of our science programs and grants, "because god will take care of us" Palin is so full of ..nothing it hurts me to see her talk about.. nothing. At least she is a Maverick? Why do woman give support to just women, it's like a gang or something. So to the lady (probably a single non working woman) who wrote the above comment please don't vote this time, stay in your trailer and let the world tear you apart. Maybe you should donate all your free time helping children with no parents, since you support "save the babies".


First of all I'm a college-educated WOMAN with a husband of 20 years - currently studying for his PHD - and a son in college who for the first time will vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. By the way, my brick house - or trailer as you called it costs $350,000. How much is your trailer????? AND we ARE in the process of adopting an unwanted child. NOW YOU CAN CAREFULLY PULL YOUR BIG FOOT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!

Palin is not a strong woman

I bet your $350K house that you had never heard of her before McCANE (Cain) asked her to be his VP. No one had unless you live in Alaska. If she is such a strong woman tell me why her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, tell me why Palin did not have the to sense to stop having babies at her age knowing the baby could have downs syndrome (and does)? Tell me why the husband she has been married to for 20 years was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party ? She knows nothing about global warming. She illegally established a $150 bounty to airborne wolf hunters as an added incentive to increase their kills... She did in her 2006 campaign for governor, repeatedly expressed support for the "bridge to nowhere" project. One more thing..Tell me why she feels the need to "wink" at the people there to see a serious debate like she is Betty Boop???? STRONG women do not need to be cutesy winkypoo flirts do they? Palin has stated that abortion should be banned in nearly all cases, including rape and incest, except if the life of the mother is endangered. I HOPE none of your family is ever in a position like that.....Being a college educated woman it blows me away that you look down on Obama for PROTECTING a woman's right to choose while praising a redneck, gun toting soon to be grandma of an illegitimate baby that wants to tell you what to do with your body. BTW: I do not live in a trailer, none of my family members ever have. We are all registered republicans, white, upper middle class and ALL of us are voting for Obama.

Alaskan Independence?

What in the world is wrong with folks in Alaska (or anywhere for that matter) wanting to succeed? When Southern Americans realized that an oppressively large central government wished to rule States, they banded together as a new government. The North who wanted a large centralized nanny government wouldn't stand for it. This resulted in a horrible war that killed thousands upon thousands. Some of us still wish for a small Federal government that binds the States together rather than rule. The war still rages and it's over ideology. If Alaska ever breaks free, they can count on me adjusting to the cold very quickly. Also, they will never have to hand me a welfare check either.

You may as well be speaking Azeri to them

Fewer than ten percent of Americans are even remotely familiar with how the federal government was envisioned by the founders, or even what the meaning of a federal republic is. I sincerely hope that before I die I see one governor with a backbone who stands up to Washington and says, "We're not yielding to your blackmail. In this state, we know about the Ninth and Tenth Amendments." If we had had just a few governors say, "No thanks" to No Child Left Behind, the rest of the states would have jumped on the bandwagon and the law would have collapsed.

Here is my response to your ranting...

I never heard of Obama before he began running against Hillary either. Now about "PROTECTING a woman's right to choose". No, I will never stand for killing innovent babies. Call it whatever you choose to soothe your own conscience. I am in the medical profession and have counseled hundreds of women in these same circumstances. Don't believe the lies. The truth is most abortions happen because women DON'T WANT TO HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY of carying for a child. Rapes are a very small portion. And the women who have carried, delivered and raised these babies say it was the most cathartic experience and in fact helped them heal from the rape trauma. And again, OBAMA would care less if the child is healthy right up to the day he or she is born. If some silly girl says "I can't have this baby" Out it goes. By the way, go pick up a first year biology book and learn that life begins at conception. No reputable doctor disputes this. So "it isn't beyond any pay scale" to know the truth. I hope you go read and educate yourself. And, if her daughter made a wrong decision and became pregnant at least she did not commit murder by aborting her own child! But this doesn't reflect on Sarah Palin's mothering skills. At some point we are all accountable for our own actions. I guess you would have chosen murder for her and also for her downs baby. You too will have to answer some day for all your actions.


So mine was a ranting? What was yours? QUOTE: "On an issue like partial birth abortion, I strongly believe that the state can properly restrict late-term abortions. I have said so repeatedly. All I've said is we should have a provision to protect the health of the mother, and many of the bills that came before me didn't have that." Obama. SO what are you talking about? He said "restrict" not LET them all have one. Meaning if a woman is about to die due to her pregnancy she should be allowed to choose to abort late term. Are you adopting an unwanted black American baby or are you going to China or Russia like all the yuppies?

RE: Here's my response to your ranting

WOW! It sounds like the same topic of discussion that lead most folks to re-elect Bush in 2004. None of us can stand before God in judgement about what other folks do with their bodies. We'll each face that on our own. It was moral issues that caused the election in 2004. Bush was against abortion, so the folks that believed a president should have a say in how a woman handles an unwanted pregnancy voted for him. Four years later, the economy is in a complete mess and women are still and have never stopped having abortions. Deal with your moral issues privately and let others do as they wish with their bodies. Its between them and God, not Obama or McCain. Dan, I enjoyed reading your response. You spoke with such certainty and good sense.

you need to look at congrees

you need to look at congrees - not the president

Palin is not a strong woman - is a strong woman

You have it wrong Das Weibstück! Sarah Palin is a very strong woman compared to Barack Obama and experience! Palin has endured the harsh and rough State of Alaska and is the Governor of it which is the largest STate! Palin is in Command of the Alaska military troops! Palin has signed many bills, and one of those was to give each person in Alaska back some of the money made in Alaska oil! Another big bill was to get the Gas pipeline ran from Alaska down here to the lower 48 so we could have more home heating Nat. Gas! So tell me why is it that you are voting for Obama instead of McCain/Palin? What has Obama did that was so great? 20 years as friends with Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, and William Ayers...what else has Obama did? Nothing!