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McCain visit Monday put strain on CFCC students parking

John McCain's visit to Cape Fear Community College Monday put a strain on downtown Wilmington's already limited parking. Some Cape Fear Community College students complained about not having a place to park. The Secret Service asked the college to close its lot behind the Schwartz Center. The lot beside the Schwartz Center was filled with people attending the McCain rally. Students were allowed to park in CFCC's other lots, as well as the county parking deck on Second Street for free. CFCC spokesperson, David Hardin said, "Parking is always a challenge, so we attempted to work out those challenges providing alternative parking for our students and emailing them as soon as we knew there was going to be a problem." Hardin said working with the Secret Service and national media was a new experience, but being part of the event this close to the election was a great opportunity for the school.

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Be Proud CFCC

CFCC should be proud and honored to host a Presidential candidate, don't you think. This was great recognition for the college, which usually is overshadowed by the huge presence, and ego, of UNCW. Think beyond your parking space, and be proud. By the way, my tax dollars are paying the lion's share of your education, and that includes parking, son.


WWAY, why run this pointless article right above one outlining how Obama is "the man" on his campaign trail? I agree with the people commenting that it was a CFCC event, and something tells me there was *a bit* of warning the event was taking place. stop griping and start welding.


I would bet if it was Obama very few of the dummend down students of today would not complain but would be rejoicing.

people attending the rally?

the parking lot beside the building was for people attending the rally, why? i pay to park there as a student what in the world did these people pay? did they contribute anything to the care of the lot? or what about the grass all them people stomped all over?

Guess what...

MY TAX DOLLARS which most likely amount to be a HUGE amount more than you pay get put in that school every year..stick a sock in it and stop being a brat!


Typical, It's all about them and their self importance!!!!!! Maybe if Obama is elected he'll send you a check, pay for your education, healthcare and then try to talk you into taking a job that pays less rather than you trying to get the highest pay you can.


You have taken "whining about totally inconsequential nonsense" to a new level. Did you have to walk an extra five-hundred feet? Trust me - if that's the worst thing that happens to you this year, you're life is truly blessed.

What a dope

There was a presidential candidate in town. The college was hosting the event. Try to grasp the idea that your 2pm Basket Weaving 101 class was slightly below a presidential candidate's speech on the list of important things going on at campus that day.

The gimmie attitude again

jessie j shows the perfect obama "gimmie gimmie" attitude of his voters. jessie j appears to be looking to be paid for the inconvenience of a presidential candidate stopping in Wilmington. Go check your mailbox and see if the monthly check has arrived yet. Did you go back the next day and fix what was damaged?

Sorry Jessie, You don't

Sorry Jessie, You don't specifically pay for parking. It is part of the student fees that you pay even if you don't have a placard. If you get FA or grants, you're not paying at all. Please someone tell me when the last time an event like this was held at CFCC? I wish I was able to go, regardless of which candidate it had been this was a big deal for our school.


What is it with you and your "gimme gimme" slam? I know a ton of folks voting for Obama who have never and will never be on any government assistance. And get this, they are white.

To back up guesty

Here is a quote from obama that I found on It sounds pretty much "gimmie gimmie" to me. "I think that when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody," Obama told Wurzelbacher. obama and joe the plumber

Just shows das

That just shows ignorance crosses all color lines! Anyway, I never made a statement about race, you did. What has obama said, wealth redistribution?? The government knows how to spend my money better than I do. Free health care, free school, free housing... all part of the dimocrat platform. Nothing in life is free, there is a cost and that tab will be picked up by the taxpayer.


BUNCH OF WHINERS...this is the FUTURE of our country...bunch of spoon fed ME ME ME ME WHINERS...they should feel HONORED that ANY individual running for President of the UNITED STATES would use their facility for a speech. Maybe next time they can go to UNCW and leave the spoiled brats to their school!

That's funny.

I don't remember this subject being on here when Obama was in Wilmington and caused student parking problems. Maybe I'm wrong. A presidential candidate visiting is reason enough for students to have problems for a day. The campaign is a little more important. This is true for both sides.